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Green Thumb

Have a fully grown terrarium

Green Thumb-0.9
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How to unlock the Green Thumb achievement

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    PS4 trophies made an excellent video listing all the plants and its locations; just remember that you need to plant each seed you find to make them grow. After all of them are full grown, you'll get the achievement.

    Edit 2: As more people have unlocked the achievement (on Xbox and other platforms), it's been clear that the only requirement to make the seeds grow is time, either leaving the game running without doing anything or just traveling through the different planets, killing enemies and/or trying to unlock other achievements.

    For the people who are still doing the main missions, here's the time stamp from the "Ideal" order to gather all the seeds:

    0:27 Kalpi
    1:07 Featherfern
    1:28 Royal Fluzz
    2:44 Gillypod
    3:44 Dreamwort
    4:56 Bonshyyyk
    6:09 Milk Grass
    6:52 Mushbloom
    7:32 Bleeding Cut
    8:00 Mushling

    For those who already completed the missions, the order to gather the seeds is not important, but the timestamps can help you identify which plants are missing on your terrarium (that's the actual order they're planted in the game, even if you missed some of them in your first run).

    Edit: as some players commented, the distance between the player and the ship, while a plant is left "growing", may be a factor for it to grow faster. It doesn't matter if it's while playing the regular story or post-story while trying to get other achievements (which was my case). I made grow at least 4 plants while traveling to Zeffo and Bogano, moving a little far from the ship, kill some troopers and going back to the ship to check (for me, Bogano has the least "complicated" route to return to the ship if you stray to far from it).

    Edit 3: As of 12/17/2019, the people at Respawn released a patch to fix problems with the growth of the plants, so for everyone who have played the game before the patch can try again if you find problems making them grow. They didn't specified anything related to time spent to make them grow, but some people got the plants progress bugged, so maybe this fixed that problem. Ref:
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    PhillyCh3zSt3ak I don't know why, but sometimes when I play in bursts and shut the game down after returning to the ship with a seed, the next time it appears larger. I'll have to verify next time I boot the game. When I hop on tomorrow I'll see if I'm just imagining things or if this is true, because if it is that it is the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

    EDIT: Yeah, couldn't confirm exactly. But planting the last seed before doing the return mission on Dathomir and after returning had it fully grown. I wasn't playing for more than an hour.
    Posted by PhillyCh3zSt3ak on 07 Jan at 06:20
    Sol76 It looks like you can do it very quickly without idling. I planted a seed , travelled to another planet and ran to an other area as the starting one , returned to the ship ( all in 2 minutes ) and it turned into a small plant. Travelled to another planet , ran outside , same two minutes run to another area , returned to the ship and plant fully grown. All done in 10 minutes with traveling to other planets.
    Posted by Sol76 on 25 Jan at 13:46
    TataAntoniny Sol76 Your sollution works perfect. 5min after bring last seed to ship achievement pop.
    Posted by TataAntoniny on 30 Jan at 18:10
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