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Data Collector

Scan all enemy types

Data Collector-0.2
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How to unlock the Data Collector achievement

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    Here's a list in case you're missing any, most of these locations are after finishing the story unless statedotherwise (SPOILERS OBVIOUSLY) :

    Scout Trooper(common enemy w/ baton)
    Scout Commander (same as above with more health and brown shoulder strap)
    Stormtrooper (common enemy w/ blaster)
    Stormtrooper Commander (same as above but with more health and brown shoulder strap.
    AT-ST (Boss fight at the end of Zeffo, first visit)
    Security Droid (on Zeffo. Ilum also has a handy one in a cave best to the second meditation spot.)
    Flametrooper (on Kashyyyk, in the room [Imperial Refinery] before the Albino Wyyyschokk
    Heavy Assault Trooper (has shielded laser minigun, on Kashyyyk and Zeffo)
    Probe Droid (Zeffo, Crash site)
    Rocket Launcher Trooper (can be found on Kashyyyk, village area after Purge Trooper Commander. Zeffo, follow right most path from ship down the slide with gears you have to stop with the force, he'll be there as soon as you land.)
    Electrobaton Purge Trooper (Zeffo, after the Rocket Trooper in the Ice Caves, go past the elevator and you'll find a path that leads to several wall runs and platforms, at the end is a Scout Trooper and this guy [can also take elevator down from Windswept Ruins/Ancient Catacombs] ). Ilum, first visit.)
    Electrostaff Purge Trooper (Kashyyyk, take the long sty to the Imperial Refinery from the c first trench, after fighting quite a few Scout Troopers,
    he'll be just down the hall. Zeffo and Ilum, first visit)
    Purge Trooper Commander (Zeffo. Kashyyk, Kyyyalstaad Falls right after taking the elevator down or the slide, he's just down n the hallway before going outside again.)
    Electrohammer Purge Trooper (Ilum on first visit only, I think. Kashyyk, beginning of Deserted Village.)
    The Ninth Sister (boss fight on second visit to Kashyyyk)
    The Second Sister (boss fight on second visit to Zeffo)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Bogano (all of these enemies you'll definitely run into)
    Bog Rat
    Oggdo Bogdo (Bogdo Sinkholes, required for Legendary Beasts)

    Scazz (very common)
    Phillak (you'll run into one, definitely one in Ice Caves, a couple at the Crash Site, too.)
    Jotaz (In Ice Caves, also two at three Crash Site.)
    Skungus (You'll find it in the tomb for sure.)
    Tomb Guardian (In the tomb, duh)
    Rabid Jotaz (found in Broken Wing next to the Crash Site, one of the Legendary Beasts)

    Dathomir (you'll run into most of these w/o trying)
    Bane Back Spider
    Lesser Nydak
    Nightbrother Warrior
    Nightbrother Archer
    Undead Nightsister
    Nydak Alpha (From Infinity Gore's guide for Legendary Beasts, credit to them: In the Nightmare Ruins/Strangled Cliffs area, to the right of the big main door of the temple is a path leading into a wall run, the monster resides here.)
    Gorgara (boss fight second visit)
    Taron Malicos (boss fight third visit)

    Kashyyyk You'll run into all of these, save maybe one)
    Flame Beetle
    Jaw Plant
    Saava (this once is tricky because you can't kill them, there is a dead one as soon as you enter the shadowlands, instead in diving in the pool to the left, go right and it should be right there.)
    Mykal (there's one right across the bridge [the one you force pull down] in the Overgrown Pass, the are also three near the top of the Origin Tree right before you climb up the long vine to the Shyyyo Bird's nest.)
    Albino Wyyyschokk (in the Imperial Refinery you'll come upon a fight between Stormtroopers, Flame Troopers and regular wyyyschokk, behind them is a cave where the albino resides)

    UPDATE: Several people have confirmed that meditating near an area that has previously spawned a bounty hunter can sometimes respawn them.

    Haxion Brood (you'll run into these guys as you revisit planets)
    Haxion Brood Bounty Hunter (jetpack)
    Haxion Brood Commando (riot shield)
    Haxion Brood Bounty Droid (Pretty sure this guy is a boss fight at some point)

    EDIT: Apparently, there's at least one report of the bounty hunters not spawning in the game AT ALL I'll update if we can confirm this happens in others' games as well, please let me know in the comments if you've also experienced this. In my experience they became fairly plentiful AFTER finishing the main story.

    UPDATE: People have reported not being able to scan enemies, from the comments it seems that you can simply save at a nearby meditation spot and restart the game and the bug should fix itself

    Let me know if you guys are having trouble locating enemies and I'll get more precise descriptions, pictures or video as needed. Happy hunting!
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    Solobrus22 Bounty hunter spawning locations:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    Posted by Solobrus22 on 15 Jan at 14:57
    rickwh I think i have a bug too. All i have left timo scan for this achievement is the jetpack bounty hunter. Went to the room with the boss fight in Bogano (holes in the roof room). And lucky me. Two jetpacked bounty hunters spawned. Killed em both and couldnt scan either one... now i cant seem to make them respawn at all.
    Posted by rickwh on 19 Jan at 15:05
    NoHeroes94 Managed to get Scum and Villainy - however, it won't let me scan them. Fortunately, the story-related bounty hunter scanned. They have spawned 2-3 times for now, so spawning isn't the issue, more that they come in pairs and I after killing them both they disappear. The only enemy I'm struggling to scan.
    Posted by NoHeroes94 on 29 Jan at 23:02
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