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Malian Victory

Win a game playing as the Malians.

Malian Victory-2.2
17 November 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for Malian Victory

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    15 Nov 2019 17 Nov 2019
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    The easiest way to do this is by creating a custom map / scenario. Build a ton of archers and 1 enemy villager.

    Then go into players select the civilization you want to cross off and then Test the scenario. Your archers will kill the villager and you'll win the match.
    Including loading times this takes about 15 seconds per civ. The previously selected Civ will remain selected and be in a red font.

    External image

    I also tried converting monks and collecting 20 sheep in the Dark Age but to no avail. I think the Civ wins are just unlocked by ANY gamemode
    15 Nov 2019 15 Nov 2019
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    If you are looking for a quick way to win with all civilizations, then select a standard game and adjust the options below:

    Civilization: : Any you need for the achievement
    Game Mode: Wonder Race
    AI Difficulty: Easiest
    Resources: Infinite
    Reveal Map: All Visible

    The minute the game begins, click on one villager and select him to build 5-6 houses
    The rest select to build a wonder
    Click on your town Center to built non stop villagers so you can add them on building the wonder.

    Once the wonder is finished you win the game and the achievement with the desired civilization.

    Dont start late on building your wonder as your opponent is also starting buliding the wonder too.

    Also if you havent done it already will net you:

    Good luck
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