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Truly Countless Bodies achievement in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (Win 10)

Truly Countless Bodies

Defeat all opponents before 30 minutes have elapsed in the fifth Attila the Hun mission.

Truly Countless Bodies+0.1
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How to unlock the Truly Countless Bodies achievement

  • ClassierPompanoClassierPompano248,673
    19 Dec 2019 19 Dec 2019
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    IGNORE THE VISGOTHS (GREEN) AT THE START. The game will trigger your ally to attack an enemy after a certain time (15-20 minutes I think) and if you still have Holy Roman Empire (blue) around then they will go to them and get absolutely slaughtered. They will send over knights, two hand swordsmans and trebuchets at the same time as you are preparing to attack green. Even if they get castles up you will still easily be able to be able to destroy them. Blue are the real problem in this scenario because if you give them an inch they will take 100000000 miles and then this becomes impossible.

    The following need to be done at the same time:

    1) Move sheep in-between where the gold and stone is on your right with your scout cavalry to stop them being taken by other team's passing units.

    2) Send most of your Tarkans to Alans (turquoise) base straight to their town centre with two to Holy Roman Empire (blue) base to harass any villagers trying to build castles. Send them straight over to blue when done.

    3) Set up your villagers to build 5 or 6 stables. As each new one is complete immediately put lots of knights in the production queue set the way point to just outside blue's base. until they are all complete. When you have 3 stables send one villagers to start on the town centre for resources (focus on creating villagers for food and gold with a few on wood for farms). When the stables are complete build a blacksmiths for cavalry upgrades.

    4) keep an eye on the Tarkans and make sure they are destroying town centre and mopping up villagers.

    5) Keep building those knights up at blue, sending a few at a time to kill villagers trying to build castles. Once you have a reasonable number (20ish) there send the whole lot in and move the waypoint right in their base.

    If blue get a castle up at any point, restart.

    Now all is left is green. Send your knights back to base and start building a castle whilst producing knights with the way point just outside your base. Research the unique tech so you can produce tarkans at stables and also set some for production in the castle, waypoint same as knights.

    As you are doing this check on red's movement. Once you see them moving units AND the trebuchets you are ready for the final attack:

    1) Separate your knights and tarkans (double click on one to select all of the same unit type).

    2) Once the red trebuchets are near you send the tarkans towards a town centre and your knights to kill their military units and more importantly to protect red's trebuchets. Green usually has battering ram's waiting: make sure these don't get to the trebuchets.

    3) Move castle and stables waypoints right into their base.

    4) When all the battering rams are destroyed and their military thinned out, set the knights on castles and town centres. They have an attack bonus against Huskrals.

    Whilst all this is going on red's trebuchets will be targeting castles, military buildings and town centres, with their other units helping to distract.

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    LockieGreat guide. Very hectic achievement to get!

    Red never attacked green for me but luckily I built my castle across the bridge from green's base so when I attacked around the 25min mark I could pull most of his army into the fire of my castle then easily knocked over his TC's and castles with mass knights & tarkans.
    Posted by Lockie on 02 Jan at 14:19
    jrod39ClassierPompano's guide is great, and I also used information from and the Clever Fool's video at The two tips I would highlight are:
    1. Use your scout to lure the Western Roman (blue) defenders away and then hit the northeast town center with your tarkans and then as your knights arrive, send them around the other town center to snipe villagers.
    2. Slow the game down with the - key on the numpad.

    After watching the video and reading the guide, and using the two tips above, I was able to complete the scenario in 15:29. And I am truly terrible at micro--if I can get this achievement, it's well within reach of everyone else!
    Posted by jrod39 on 23 Jan at 01:43
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  • QuadrusQuadrus25,799
    21 Nov 2019 19 Feb 2020
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    It helps to think of this scenario as a deathmatch game and act fast rather than building up your base and economy.

    I am trying to follow this strat:
    but Romans either get a castle or cavaliers by the time my knight ball reaches their base. However sniping the Alan's (teal) TC and few military buildings is the same. Be sure to save wood for a blacksmith and a market to upgrade and trade for resources for your knight ball. For the Visigoths (green) send some of your knight ball over with your remaining tarkans to kill them off, try to be fast with the Alans so you can reach green before they get a castle up and spam huskarls. Be careful as green mainly train pikes and longswords. Like in the video you can lure their army away or harass vils building castles with your scout and a few knights as you are building up your force.

    You want to kill or cripple the Visigoths and Romans before they get a castle up or upgrade their units. Visigoths start in castle age while the Romans start in imperial. If blue upgrades to cavaliers unless you strongly outnumber them it's probably gg.

    Alternatively, send your scout to the roman base, attack a TC and lure their army towards your ally. Rally about half your stables outside blue and the other towards the green base. After killing the Alans, send your tarkans in the direction of the Romans and your 1st knight ball and snipe their 2nd TC in the north, castle foundations and builders before the Romans can get a castle up. It's important to keep LOS with a knight in their base to find these.

    While this is happening keep half your stables piling knights towards the Visigoths, raiding their eco and preventing them from castling up their base.
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    HealttiHoly Roman crap.

    I sniped Teal and Green handily in under 7 minutes, goes quick if you steer clear from their Castles and clear their TCs and Villagers. But then I had to fight the Romans inch by inch in a frontline meat grinder between two sets of Castles for the rest of the match. Finally got them to quit at 28:55. Phew!

    I won, it was fun, but I definitely wouldn't recommend that for an optimal strat! smile

    Truly countless bodies
    Posted by Healtti on 21 Nov 19 at 20:06
    Apache117XThanks for the guide. I will only add that the AI will surrender if you neck all their vils, I was able to snipe blues Vils rather than defeat them in open combat.
    Great guide 1+
    Posted by Apache117X on 22 Dec 19 at 02:27
    FalihaxI really did not have the skills to do this in real time, so I paused the game (using F3) a lot and executed my orders when paused (I played it almost like a turn-based strategy game!). I also hit F11 to bring the clock up so I could track the 30 minutes time limit.

    I basically ignored green, sent my starter horsemen up to the top and ran around sniping villagers when possible, but mainly stopping the castles from being built. I criss-crossed from one side of each base to the other and whenever I saw a building being constructed paused, clicked on the villager to attack and then unpaused until it was attacked. As soon as the villager was hit the building collapsed and I paused and saved the game at that point.

    I spammed stable units to a way-point just above the river and between the two bases and used them to replenish the ones that got killed that were sniping - maybe a dozen replacements were needed in total.

    I also had a TC, blacksmith, market, lumber-camp, mine and mill in my home based and so so tried to create enough villagers to make sure I was at least topping up my resources for the end game.

    By the time I had 60 knights assembled I had managed to avoid any castles going up and so ran in and killed the TC and villagers for the Romans and then moved onto the Alans. I also then reset my way-point to the bridge by the goths and sold my stone, wood to make enough food/gold to top up my horses.

    By the time I had killed the top two bases I was at 20 minutes and had 60 knights to wade into greens. They had a couple of castles and a couple of TCs but 60 was more than enough to be able to kill them in the time left.

    I had all the upgrades from my base buildings, but had not advanced age. Overall it took around 90 minutes of slow methodical moving around to manage it in 27 minutes of game-clock time.

    Hopefully this is of some use to anyone else who is struggling at doing it in real-time.
    Posted by Falihax on 09 Jan at 00:12
  • Alexjb17Alexjb1787,026
    12 Jun 2020 13 Jun 2020 13 Jun 2020
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    Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (PC) - Achievement - Truly Countless Bodies

    Defeat all opponents before 30 minutes have elapsed in the fifth Attila the Hun mission "The Catalaunian Fields".

    Start by constructing a few Town Centres with your initial Villagers. I build 3 in this video, but maybe a fourth wouldn't be out of the question. This just gets your economy in check earlier and you start with enough resources to do this as well. Following your Town Centres, build a Castle so you can advance to the next age. Avoid building / researching anything unnecessary. Your weapon of choice this mission will be the Elite Tarkan. They decimate buildings with ease, making them ideal for quickly ridding yourself of your enemies. Build a few Stables and simply pump them out after researching the technology at your castle to make it so you can build them at the Stable. Only research technologies applicable to the Tarkan. Build a few Trebuchets to accompany your army and use them to make quicker work of Castles that stand in your way. Begin systematically eliminating your enemies and just remember to replenish your forces.

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