No Royal Hair Touched achievement in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (Win 10)

No Royal Hair Touched

Reach the King before 10 minutes have elapsed in the second Gajah Mada mission.

No Royal Hair Touched-1.0
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How to unlock the No Royal Hair Touched achievement

  • FlymyprettiesFlymypretties513,886
    18 Nov 2019 18 Nov 2019
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    This achievement is for reaching the king located in the middle of the map before 10 minutes has elapsed.
    Upon reaching the king the player gets control over him and his units, unlocking the achievement.
    Luckily this is easy because of 1 unit, the Siege Tower.

    Step 1) Once the game starts quickly move units to the top corner of the map to meet the purple ally

    Step 2) Build a siege workshop (I built mine northwest of the spawn slightly)

    Step 3) Build a siege tower in the siege workshop

    Step 4) Load 10 troops (you can use starter troops) into the siege tower

    Step 5) Get ready to send your siege tower to throw troops over the wall - best to wait until purple ally sends some distraction troops.

    Step 6) Rush the main wall (I did the eastern wall in line with the central bridge), throw your 10 troops over, and run them right into the middle being careful not to stop. Only 1 has to make it to unlock the king.

    This took me ~5 minutes.

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    jrod39Excellent solution! Two additional notes to add:
    1. You'll also need to build four houses because when the scenario starts you're over the pop limit. I had three villagers on houses and two on the siege workshop and they roughly finished their builds at the same time.
    2. To give yourself an even better chance, build a Barracks and research Squires (infantry move 10% faster). With this I was able to get eight of my 10 troops to the King--they simply outran everyone.
    Posted by jrod39 on 01 Jan 20 at 18:19
    x1c1cleadditional comments.
    - you can finish this solution in 5 minutes. so, dont rush it. get a good place for your barracks and seige workshop.
    - don't build houses. instead, use your 2 scouts and discover the 10 or so houses from the other villages. also, quickly find the 12 or so elephants waiting to be discovered in the Southeast.
    - this is a good strategy to finish the scenario as well. keep the king in the castle. use the castle to regen the troops. upgrade the elephant, archers and towers. put pressure on blue & orange from the inside as your outside forces take out the rebels.
    - it's a long scenario so protect those towers.
    Posted by x1c1cle on 08 Sep 20 at 13:46
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  • HealttiHealtti2,532,073
    18 Nov 2019 18 Nov 2019 18 Nov 2019
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    One of the easier timed challenges.

    As always scout the map by using "marco" & "polo" cheats, or by selecting pause menu > resign > return to map.
    Visit the Purple ally in the NW corner. He'll can take out the Teal outpost and distract the Orange at the main gate. (Try typing 106 in chat to instruct him, not sure if it registers though.)

    Build a Siege Workshop and pump out Mangonels. You don't need Rams for this one. Get a Stable as well and train a few Scout Cav. That's all you need.

    When you see the Purple ally bring in their siege equipment, that's your cue to attack. You'll want to break a 1x1 Stone wall section slightly to the north west of the middle gate.

    When the wall is breached your scout cav can slip through and make break for the Yellow Castle. You should finish with plenty of time to spare.
  • Alexjb17Alexjb1790,824
    22 Aug 2020 22 Aug 2020 22 Aug 2020
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    Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition (PC) - Achievement - No Royal Hair Touched

    Reach the King before 10 minutes have elapsed in the second Gajah Mada mission "Unconditional Loyalty".

    Time is of the essence again with this achievement and it's not the easiest thing in the world to reach the king with time to spare. Firstly, it should be noted that you have an ally to the top left of the map who will help you, but you will need to find him first, so it's best to send one of your scouts over there. It says in hints that you can command your ally which gate you would like them to attack using chat commands. I use '106' to instruct him to attack the middle gate in this video.
    Secondly, there are local villagers and buildings that will join you when you find them scattered around which are crucial to have the economy you need early on. I miss a couple in the video, but get the essentials. If you want to get them all, you should resign at the start of the game and familiarise yourself with where everything is on the map - This brings me to the third starting tip. There is a decent sized army that will join you around the middle right of the map, so it's best to send your other starting scout towards them as soon as you can - especially as the army consists of elephants, so it takes a while for them to get back to your base.
    I found elephants the best unit to produce to breach the outer gates of the wall quickly and get to the king, so if you choose to do this as well, it's best to build a few Stables, to pump them out quickly and focus on food and gold in the beginning. You can find a few houses around the map that will become yours when you find them, but you can also build a few yourself just to be safe and then you can focus less on wood and more on food and gold.
    Once the gate is breached, the units in the city tend to push forward to you and spread out a little bit, which can give you an opportunity to send a few units in towards the king. Be careful if any Bombard Towers are still up though as you may need to dodge the cannonballs on the way there.

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