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Roid Rage

Train Banjo once in the Showdown Town gym

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Achievement Guide for Roid Rage

  • DakotaThriceDakotaThrice299,633
    05 Oct 2011 05 Oct 2011 05 Oct 2011
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    In order to earn this achievement you first need to earn the High Grip Wheels by completing the Grunty Challenge in Nutty Acres Act 3.

    Once you have the High Grip wheels return to Showdown Town and head down the slope into the Theatre District (immediately to the right of Nutty Acres Act 3), continue onto the warp point and turn right and continue to follow this path around and up the grassy slope (hence the need for the High Grip Wheels), at the top of the grassy slope and head straight forward onto the ice. Get out of the Trolley and speak to Boggy the Polar Bear to spend your notes on your first upgrade. The cheapest upgrade available is Stamina for 20 notes which you should be more than capable of paying for by this point.

    If you've already spent your notes on parts or blueprints then simply go through the alley directly opposite Boggy and either drive through the fences or hit them with your wrench in order to get to a bunch of notes.
  • Vermin360Vermin360502,312
    28 Nov 2008 28 Nov 2008
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    Look for Boggy the polar bear standing outside near the Jiggosseum plinth, beyond the theatre district. "Training" is simply spending Notes to increase Banjo's speed, strength, or stamina. There is no gameplay involved, just buying stats. Once you purchase your first upgrade (requiring from 20-40 Notes), the Achievement will unlock.
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