Jiggillionaire! achievement in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts


Bank 131 Jiggies in Showdown Town

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How to unlock the Jiggillionaire! achievement

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    To unlock bank all 131 Jiggies at the bank, which are obtained by beating any challenge, getting 96 T.T. Trophies, buy all 5 from Jolly Dodger, and from 5 Tamper Switches

    If you need help beating a challenge look at the leaderboards for that challenge. The top ten have replays of how they did it and sometimes you can download the blueprint of the vehicle they used.

    It costs 375 notes for all of Jolly Dodger's Jiggies.

    Tamper Switches Locations -
    * Underneath the big lighthouse.
    * On top of L.O.G. Factory
    * Underwater below Klungo's Arcade.
    * On a balcony on the outside of Uptown.
    * Behind the L.O.G. Factory is a tunnel you can enter (requires Scuba Gear).

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    Brawler rocksIf you get the L.O.G.'s Lost Challenges DLC, do those jiggies count toward Jiggillionaire or not.
    Posted by Brawler rocks on 29 Apr 10 at 10:10
    BWchief117@Brawler rocks: the L.O.G.'s Lost Challenges jiggies (or TT trophies) DO NOT count towards the regular game jiggie count
    Posted by BWchief117 on 21 Jul 10 at 01:50
    HEYOOOHow do you access the tamper switch under Logs factory? The opening has a gate with red lights.
    Posted by HEYOOO on 27 Jan at 22:44
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  • AV8OR ACEAV8OR ACE81,275
    20 Aug 2012 18 Sep 2012
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    To receive all 131 Jiggies you will need to do the following:

    Complete all 97 challenges with at least a Jiggy rating. (97)
    Complete 96/97 challenges with a T.T. rating. (24)
    Buy all of Jolly Dodger's Jiggies. (5)
    Find all the Tampered Switches. (5)
    Jiggy Ratings: If you're having trouble on a mission, pause the game and select "View Leaderboards" under the second section, then find and select the mission name and hit Y to view one of the top 10 replays. Some of them will even have their blueprints there to download so you can use their same vehicle. If you don't have all the parts, fill in the missing sections with whatever you can. If you're missing something important like the weapons, try to return more crates in Showdown Town or complete more missions to either get bonuses from Mumbo or unlock more parts to buy from Humba.

    T.T. Ratings: The most common challenges that people can't manage a T.T. on are either "Saucer of Peril Returns" or "Flower Shower Power" in the Terranium of Terror so aim to complete one of those and ignore the other. Again, watch replays and download blueprints if you're having trouble.

    Jolly Dodger: He can be found either underneath Klungo's Arcade or somewhere on the beach to the left or right. You will need 375 notes total to buy all five of his Jiggies.

    Tampered Switches: The five switches are found in the following locations:

    Underneath the big lighthouse. Find one of the big alcoves, the location is on the right side of it, only big enough for Banjo to walk through.
    On top of L.O.G. Factory, next to the pole you climb for the "Head for Heights" achievement.
    Underwater below Klungo's Arcade.
    On a balcony on the outside of Uptown. Directly to the right of the Uptown entrance is a drainpipe to climb to reach the roofs. Find where the balcony is and drop off the side onto it.
    Behind the L.O.G. Factory is a tunnel you can enter (requires Scube Gear). Once inside, take a path off to the right and up onto dry land, then exit your vehicle and walk up a small tunnel similar to the first switch in the back of the lighthouse.

    This solution from another sight helped me immensely. The biggest help was finding out that you can modify L.O.G.'s vehicles for the challenges where your forced to use a specific vehicle. At the beginning just hop out and tap red to reconfigure the parts.
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    SkinstakovicFor those struggling with Flower Shower Power a helicopter design with 3 clockwork kaz and 2 torpidiles will see you done well under the requirements for TT. Hope that helps, nice guide.
    Posted by Skinstakovic on 19 May 13 at 23:53
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    While this may take alot of tries and practise, it will be rewarding in the end. Some challenges can get tough, especially if you dont have enough of the right parts to make the best vehicle you can. I suggest finding parts in Showdown Town before attempting hard missions, therefore it will make you able to build better vehicles for better results. There are a total of 131 jiggies to be won and collected in the game. I forgot to mention that some challenges force you to use certain vehicles, therefore you cannot create your own. Although, you can make this easier. When starting a mission where you cannot pick your own vehicle, jump out of it right when the mission starts and rearange parts to make the performance of it better. Then do the mission with this new vehicle. While this may not always work, it helps ALOT in some cases. Good luck :D
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