Aficionado achievement in NFS Undercover


Purchase or win any 5 cars for your garage.

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How to unlock the Aficionado achievement

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    Whilst the other guide is a decent way to get the achievement you can also do it this way

    You can just purchase any of these 5 cheap cars, to help you along the way.
    Nissian 240SX (S13) - $20,000 (Japanese)
    Mazda RX-8 - $22,000 (Japanese)
    Pontiac Solstice GXP - $25,000 (American)
    Nissian Silvia (S15) - $28,000 (Japanese)
    Pontiac GTO - $32,000 (American)
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    Just by playing through the game you accumulate money, this money can be used for buying new cars from the car tier shops, throughout the storymode there are at least Pink slips available which count towards the 5 as well so if yiu play enough event you can buy them or win them - Also check xbox live marketplace for packetd that help in gettin this as NFS always offer additional content to help people out.
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    This achievement doesn't pop with a combination of purchases and wins, it has to be 5 wins or 5 purchases specifically. Confirm?
    Posted on 02 Aug 11 at 09:29
  • Warboy925Warboy925377,264
    18 Mar 2014 18 Mar 2014
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    I played though the game and not had to actually BUY one single car for this cheevo, it might be bc I got the car for at least doing 30 races off the challenge series.......

    Edit: I didn't have to buy any cars at all, and the 240 SX (car I received by finishing 30 races in the Challenge Series) was number 6, or didn't count

    1) First race picked the Lotus Elise (T4)
    2) got the Audi TT (T3)
    3) picked the Toyota Supra (for no good reason) (T3)
    4) picked the Lambo Gallardo (T2)
    5) unlocked cheevo when I was given the BMW M6 (T2) after/during the mission "Meet Carmen"

    As you can see, the game GIVES you 5 cars, so save your money for a good Tier 1 car and the "ultimate parts"
  • iTz Canada EhhiTz Canada Ehh805,142
    22 Dec 2017 23 Dec 2017
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    For this achievement, you need to purchase OR win any five cars for your garage.

    There is emphasis on the "or" because while I was playing through, I found that a combination of purchased and won cars do not count.

    Here is my car history for the game. I got the starting car (240 SX i think, but got rid of it), then got the Lotus Elise as my second car. I then purchased an Audi TT, but then won an Audi TT through career, so sold the one I purchased. I then won a Toyota Supra through career and won a Lamborghini Gallardo through career as well. I then purchased a Pagani Zonda, which would have been my 5th car but alas, no achievement.

    It wasn't until I got the BMW M6 at the end of the game as part of career progression that this unlocked for me. So I've come to the conclusion that you can unlock this achievement by either purchasing 5 cars, or waiting to win all 5 cars through career mode. Regardless, you'll earn this through natural career progression it seems.
  • LuckyKantLuckyKant545,998
    13 Mar 2019 13 Mar 2019
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    You will get this as you progress through the story but if you want to get it quickly (UHH,
    Community Event, streak) then there is a way to get it without losing any money.

    1. Make sure you have $127,000.
    2. Press cn_start > Options > Save & Load > Autosave > Off > cn_A (this is just a precaution as it should unlock before it saves).
    3. Scroll up to Cars in the main menu to be taken to the garage.
    4. Shop > American > Pontiac Solstice GXP > cn_A > cn_A.
    5. Shop > American > Pontiac GTO > cn_A > cn_A.
    6. Shop > Japanese > Mazda RX-8 > cn_A > cn_A.
    7. Shop > Japanese > Nissan 240 SX (S13) > cn_A > cn_A.
    8. Shop > Japanese > Nissan Silva (S15) > cn_A > cn_A.

    It should now unlock. If it doesn't, either buy another car or quit to free roam. Once it has unlocked, dashboard and reload the game. Don't forget to turn autosave back on.

    It may unlock early. The achievement can pop when you win 5 cars, buy 5 cars or a mixture of both. Mine unlocked after 3 purchases and 3 wins.
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