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  • VinasErgothVinasErgoth232,006
    04 Aug 2010 08 Aug 2010 08 Aug 2010
    32 1 3
    As has been mentioned many times before, the best mode for getting this on is Cops and Robbers. However there's a twist to this new method, that makes boosting with a party much easier.

    So long as you can end the game in a tie then it counts as a win for both teams. This is especially helpful if you manage to have a boosting party of 8 people as you don't have to take turns winning matches.

    Solution confirmed by myself, Fox1278, Callumpy, xX F0RD MAN Xx,, STREIGHTSHOOTER and CrossbonesX99

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    Dropkick Hope86DRAWS DO NOT COUNT AS A WIN !! you have to win the race or game to get this
    Posted by Dropkick Hope86 on 07 Jan 11 at 20:14
    DcupsOfJusticeAs long as you score, a draw counts. Just found that out.
    Posted by DcupsOfJustice on 14 Mar 11 at 21:33
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  • roy1751roy1751152,970
    08 Dec 2008 14 Dec 2008
    23 1 2
    Play some ranked Cops and Robbers, which also counts for this achievement. Because your team win counts as a first place finish, you have a 50/50 chance of winning compared to having to be first in a Point-to-point/Circuit race. To increase your win ratio, work with your team so that while one person is hauling the cash home, another teammate is already waiting out where the cash usually spawns again.
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    RandomnuttaGreat advice! Thank you.
    Posted by Randomnutta on 09 Feb 09 at 03:31
    Mr J1mBig help. Thanks.

    Had done about 30 single player races and hardly won any. Over 50% success rate with C&R games.
    Posted by Mr J1m on 08 May 09 at 13:32
  • BulgyDragonZordBulgyDragonZord544,209
    06 Aug 2013 06 Aug 2013 03 Apr 2019
    8 1 4
    When you start the game for the first time, you will have to pass through a certain part of the game, before you can access the XBox Live feature. Once you have done the straight race, and then watch the cutscene, that gives the title screen, you'll be taken to a hillside with a Nissan Car. This is where you can now access the XBox Live function.

    There is a much easier way, in getting this achievement and it won't take a very long time to do.

    And the best part about it is that you don't actually need a lot of players to do it. The minimum you'll need is 2, so I suggest you find a boosting partner, or if you have another console with a Dummy Account, that can work as well.


    Press cn_start, and then select XBox Live. Then select Find Match. There are 3 options you can choose from... Cops & Robbers, Race Modes & All Modes. The difference is that Cops & Robbers only gives you that event. Race Modes gives you Circuit & Sprint, and All Modes gives you all 3 Game Modes together. You will not be able to do a Cops & Robbers Event, since the minimum amount of players you will need is 4. However Race Modes & All Modes can be accessed since 2 is the minimum amount of players you need to start them up. Select one of these 2 modes, and then wait and see if you get a lobby.
    If you get a lobby on your own, then you'll need to start speeding yourself up. Invite your partner to join the same lobby as yourself. This will allow you to start up your game.
    If a random is in the lobby already, or if a random joins your current lobby, then you'll need to back out to the Career Mode, and then restart searching by pressing cn_start, and then selecting XBox Live, and finding another match.

    Once you have yourself and your partner in the lobby only, then you'll both need to Veto (Vote), so that you can speed up the lobby process. The trick here is that if you Veto, then you'll make the game decide a new map, and proceed onto the next step, since originally if no one votes you will have to wait around 1 - 2 minutes before the game takes you to the next phase.
    Once that's done, both of you will need to press cn_X again to start the game. If you don't do anything, then you'll have to wait 2 minutes before the game will start. If both of you press cn_X, then the game will launch in 20 seconds. This will also lock the lobby, preventing any newcomers or randoms joining your game.

    Boosting Method

    If you have chosen the "Race Mode", then you'll either get a Circuit, or a Sprint Race. The vote may change the game mode your going to play, but this isn't a big worry.

    Circuit: This is simply a 2 or 3 lap race around a track. Decide between the two of you who is going to take the win. Once decided that person just simply needs to complete the race. The other player can just stay idle and do nothing.

    Sprint: In a sprint race, you will need to race from Point A to Point B. Decide between the two of you who is going to take the win. Once decided that person just simply needs to complete the race. The other player can just stay idle and do nothing.

    If you have chosen "All Modes". Interestingly you will get Circuit & Sprint Races, but you will also be able to do Cops & Robbers, despite the game originally wanting you to have 4 players to start Cops & Robbers. And now you can do it with 2 players... nice trick eh?

    Cops & Robbers: If you get this game mode, consider this as a treat. You will both be placed on different teams, but there is an advantage. If both teams manage to get the same score, the game will end in a tie, but will give you a "win!"

    When the match starts, 1 of you will be on the Robbers Side and the other 1 will be on the Cops Side. The Cops do nothing. The Robbers on the other hand, will want to complete 1 capture, just so that the achievement has a guaranteed chance in unlocking.
    The goal for the Robbers is to find the Money, which is a money symbol located on your radar, and then once one member grabs the money, they will need to take it to the house to score. They will be timed though so if they fail to deliver the money within the time limit, they will loose the money and you'll have to try again. You have 3 minutes to try and complete a capture.

    A successful capture is 150 Points. Once you've done a capture, stop everything and let the time run out. Once the round is over, you will swap over roles. The new robbers need to do the same, and capture some money and score 150 Points. Once that's done, they need to stop and let the time run out.

    As soon as the time runs out, you should have a message saying "You Have Tied", since both teams have scored 150 Points. Now even though it'll say it's a tie, it'll count as a win.

    Note: It may be possible that you will both be awarded a "Tie" if you both decide to sit idle in both rounds for the full duration

    Returning To Lobby After A Race

    Once the race has completed, you will both be returned to the lobby menu. The game will give another chance for randoms to join, but there is a way in which you can prevent this from happening. As soon as the lobby screen appears, press cn_X to Veto (Vote). Once that's done, then both of you press cn_X again to start the game. The lobby will be locked, and you will only need to wait another 20 seconds before the game launches.

    Handy Tips

    You cannot earn this achievement in a Private Match! It must be done in a Ranked Match.

    If you are having a hard-time getting the capture on the Robbers team, you can alternatively do a bust. To do this, you just need to get 1 person on the Robbers Team to grab the money, and then they need to find a Cop. Get them to go close to the cop, and they will get busted after the meter goes red. They will drop the money and give the Cops 50 Points. Repeat this alternative method when you swap roles give yourselves a tie.

    If your not winning a race. You do not have to do anything, as if you stay idle throughout the entire race, you will get a DNF. Despite you have not taken part, the race will count towards the "Notorious" achievement. Just make sure you don't quit the match, otherwise it will not count towards "Notorious"

    You can check and see, how many races you have completed and won, in the lobby menu. I recommend you check this after you have Vetoed, and pressed cn_X to lock the lobby. Select Player List, and then click the profile you want to check (yourself, or your partner). Select Player Profile, and then you'll be given a list of your stats. It should also show you how many races you have done, and how many online Ranked Wins you have achieved.

    Be-aware that the original website where the data is sent doesn't exist anymore, so your stats screen may be screwed up if you played the game around it's launch time, or a couple years later. The achievement will still unlock though, but it could be a question of when?

    I hope my discovery and tips will be useful for you.

    Good Luck!
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    BulgyDragonZordYes, anything counts. Unless you have started the game around now, the leaderboards for yourself might be a little screwed up. But this is no big deal, as the achievement will still pop.
    Posted by BulgyDragonZord on 30 Aug 13 at 17:11
    Brett Evans15Did you think private match worked to get this achievement or should I say ranked match you mean like find a match. Is that right? I don’t know for how it works for me.
    Posted by Brett Evans15 on 22 Mar at 15:51
    Brett Evans15Never mind. I got it now. Only use ranked matches. Whew!
    Posted by Brett Evans15 on 22 Mar at 16:35
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