Pizza Party! achievement in Civ 6

Pizza Party!

Activate Leonardo in New York City with a sewer and art from Michaelango and Donatello.

Pizza Party!+2.7
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How to unlock the Pizza Party! achievement

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    This can be obtained in Multiplayer - Hot Seat Mode.

    Set the game up as follows:
    Ancient Era
    No Barbarians
    No Tribal Villages
    No Turn Limit
    Any Map
    0 City States
    Duel Map Size
    Online Game Speed

    Choose America (Teddy Roosevelt) as you leader and anyone as the opponent. Be sure your opponent is a human and that you only have the 2 Civilazations overall.

    Opponents turns:
    Put your opponents settler to sleep (cresent moon option) immediatly. Do not settle them. The opponents turns will be able to be skipped imstantly everytime it is their turn. Do the same with the warrior unit (shield option).

    Your Turns:
    In the game, start building up America so that you settle enough cities to have New York, focus on builiding up the Commercial and Holy Districts early, in all cities, as you will need Faith and Gold to buy Michelangelo and Donetello from the Great Persons Menu. They are Great Artists. You will need to buy the ones before them first.
    Next, in New York, you want to have a Theatre District with an Art Museum (unlocked in civics - Humanism)
    Then, build a Sewer in New York (unlocked in technology - Sanitisation)
    Once you have Mikey and Donnie, activate them once each in the theatre district of New York.
    Following this, you will just need an Industrial District, as this is when you need to settle our Last great Person.
    From here, you want to buy Great Engineers until you get Leonardo Da Vinci. Provided youve done the above with the other 2 great people, and the sewers, you can now settle Leo in New York, which will give you this awesome achievement.

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    StanleyCup CAPSThis solution did not work for me. I followed it perfectly, received Michaelango and Donatello... then started buying great engineers. Leonardo was never offered and then it said I was out of great engineers. I had built all the required buildings and done every step in time, just no Leonardo Da Vinci in this game?

    Edit: Yes, I was on a dual map, I followed every direction. No worries, I started a second game and had all 3 great people before turn 100. But, in the new game I had to build 28 cities to get New York. facepalm Anyway, achievement unlocked!
    Posted by StanleyCup CAPS on 21 Nov 20 at 08:47
    XtowersWere you on a duel sized map? If there's fewer players not all great people will be available.
    Posted by Xtowers on 21 Nov 20 at 19:33
    pokbunI actually forgot about the sewer and it popped anyways. I was 13 turns off completing sanitation.
    Posted by pokbun on 17 Dec 20 at 04:24
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    The two guides here do not mention one vital mechanic: purchasing Great People via Faith.
    The issue with the guides here is that you may miss acquiring Leonardo, as if two AI players gather enough Great Engineer Points to claim a Great Engineer on the same turn then you will miss out - and there is no way to stop this.

    If you choose to play "normally", Great People will be skipped as players advance through the tech tree; i.e. when a player enters the Industrial era, Renaissance era Great People will no longer appear. As Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo are all Renaissance era Great People, it is very easy to miss out on one, entering the Industrial era before they are purchased.

    This achievement is far less stressful when playing against yourself and amassing so much faith that you simply purchase every Great Person.

    You may wish to attempt to get the Man on the Moon achievement as well, since we will be setting up a game where we get EVERY Great Person.
    Sid Meier's Civilization VIMan on the MoonThe Man on the Moon achievement in Sid Meier's Civilization VI worth 183 pointsWin a Science victory with a captured Egyptian city after activating Newton and Darwin

    If you wish to do this, then set up your 2 player Hot Seat game with you as America, and your opponent as Egypt.
    If you want to create an online save file for others to use to unlock the achievement, you can do this in an Internet game, where the other player plays as Egypt, puts their settler to sleep, and simply ends their turn every turn.

    The Guide
    If you are getting this for yourself and don't need to worry about making a save file for others to boost this achievement with, create a local Hot Seat game. This will allow us to play as both Civs, stopping any pesky AI from getting in the way.

    Play as America (Teddy Roosevelt), with P2 as Egypt (Cleopatra).

    Activate the advanced set up options.
    Difficulty: Settler
    Game speed: Quick
    Map type: Pangea
    Map size: Small
    If you have the option for disasters, just turn them off (0).

    For the advanced options, leave them as default EXCEPT:
    City states: 0
    Sea level: Low (means more land for settling and less useless sea)
    Victory conditions: Science ONLY (turn all others off)
    Turn limit: No Turn Limit
    Barbarians Off
    Tribal Villages Off

    Avoid getting Science and Culture, as this will progress you through the eras, and we don't want to go past the Renaissance era before obtaining the Great People that we need.
    Get as much Faith as possible in order to purchase every great person.
    Build the Oracle Wonder that gives us a 25% discount on purchasing Great People with Faith.

    When settling America's first city, make sure that you receive a +6 housing bonus for settling alongside a river (or other source of fresh water). When you select your settler, the Settler Overlay activates, showing you the housing bonus of each tile. Dark green tiles grant the +6 fresh water bonus.

    For your Technology tree, pick Astrology (in order to unlock the Holy Site district).
    For your Civic tree, go for Mysticism (in order to unlock the Oracle Wonder). Beyond this, pick whatever.

    Set your scouts and warriors to auto-explore (may need to click the small left arrow on the unit to see the option for it).

    When it's time to play as Egypt, put all their units to sleep and end turn. Every time it's Egypt's turn, end turn.

    As America, you want to build a Scout first, then a Builder, then a Holy Site once you have it unlocked via the Astrology tech. If the holy site and all buildings in it are done, alternate between settlers and builders, as we want to use the settlers to create new cities until we have at least 6 and New York. The builders should be used to improve the tiles in your cities with farms (+food) and mines (+production).

    In every city, build a Holy Site and grow it's population.

    Once Mysticism unlocks, you can not build the Oracle on a hilly tile. Pick your best city to build it in and go for it. Once it is built, you simply wait until you have enough faith to purchase a Great Engineer or Great Artist, and continue to do so until you have Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo.

    Once you have all three, simply have an industrial zone and a theatre square in New York, activate the Artists in the theatre square once each before activating Leonardo in the industrial zone.

    You may want to continue on with this save, purchasing Newton and Darwin, capturing Egypt's 2nd city (not their capital) and winning a science victory from that city via a spaceport and the space race projects.
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    Pizza Party! | 95 GS | Est. Time 3.5 Hour
    The Setup
    LEADER: Mvemba a Nzinga (Kongo) (you can play as anyone)
    GAME SPEED: Standard
    MAP TYPE: Terra
    SIZE: Huge
    OPPONENTS: Replace all the AI with Teddy Roosevelt's (you must allow duplicate leaders)
    ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: No Tribal Villages, No Barbarians, No Turn Limit
    Technologies Rush Apprenticeship for access to Workshops
    Civics Rush Humanism for access to Art Museums

    Why All the Teddy's
    1. It will guarantee that New York is founded.
    2. The number of possible great people depends on the total number of players at the beginning of the game.

    Once you have research Workshops build one in each city to start getting Great Engineer points, YOU MUST GET Leonardo.

    After workshops rush Great Artist points, as long as Michaelangelo and Donatello are spawned into the game you are good. If a AI gets either one, just trade them for the Great Works.

    Now you just need to find and capture New York, build a museum and a sewer. Once the sewer is constructed double check that you have a work of art from both artist and than activate Leonardo.

    --- Happy Hunting ---
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