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Halo Reach: Campaign

We're Just Getting Started achievement in Halo MCC

We're Just Getting Started

Halo: Reach: Complete Winter Contingency.

We're Just Getting Started0
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How to unlock the We're Just Getting Started achievement

  • SilverScorpion4SilverScorpion4
    04 Dec 2019 23 Dec 2019
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  • FrizzyDude32FrizzyDude32
    18 Mar 2020 18 Mar 2020 18 Mar 2020
    Winter Contingency

    Noble Team

    No enemies are encountered in the first area (unless playing on legendary) so head south to the closest buildings, follow Carter and Kat to reach the road near the farmers and enter inside the building with the 2 dead marines, Carter will have a little talk just wait until he stops talking. Keep moving forward through the buildings (notice the red dot on your radar) until you reach the main building with the windows. Is it Rebels, is it a animal no it's the GOD DAMN COVENANT DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN
    Here are some helpful tips for the first battle if you're playing on legendary stay inside the top floor of the building and pick of the grunts with your magnum. Aim for headshots as the grunts and skirmishers will die in 1 shot (besides the ultra white grunts) due to the magnum being a headshot capability weapon. Once all the grunts and skirmishers are dead outsides head down the stairs. There should be a few frag grenades you can use for the skirmishers that run off down there. Pick up a plasma pistol and swap it for the Assault rifle (noob combo works well soon)

    Go outside and down the hill to see a drop ship bringing more grunts. Cross the steel bridge above the river and take cover behind the large rock near another dropship that drops grunts and Ultra (white) elites. Just keep picking them off using your NOOB combo and fall back if absolutely necessary. Try to be hyperactive or they will easily kill you, never go for melee on them just some headshots. Now go ahead refill your health (some health packs in the building where the frag grenades were) stock up on ammo and grenades and get in the Warthog baby. Be advised this is the point where Kat and Emile leave you to head to the satellite to get comms back online. Bloody Carter is a puppet and not a spartan.

    Rebels Don't Leave Plasma Burns

    Continue with your warthog, it's not mandatory to kill the skirmishers in the fields just drive at them to kill them or avoid them entirely. Sure you can run over enemies whenever you can but don't risk your life on it. Continue alongside the valley to the Upon reaching the lake area you'll see a drop ship firing
    at allies so get off warthog, George and Carter will attack them, better you
    stay away from them. Kill enemies from distance to lighten their density then
    head to the building. there's a health pack on the silo but don't use it until either the fight is over or when your almost dead. Now you'll be warned by your Noble team that another covenant dropship is coming. Grab the DMR (to swap for the magnum) behind you in the little shed/house and aim for headshots for grunts and use noob combo against elites. If you don't know what noob combo is what you do is overcharge your plasma pistol to take away the elite's shield than use a headshot capability weapon like a magnum, sniper or DMR to kill them in 1 shot. At last two Falcons will land one for your Noble team and one for the marines you have just rescued, or not if they all died hehe. Enjoy the wonderful scenery of planet Reach till the next area. Now you're heading to your other noble crew Kat and Emile. Both of them which are behind a door taking heavy enemy fire in a courtyard from grunts, elites, skirmishers and a new enemy Jackals. Personally I don't waste my
    bullets on Jackals so just melee them but if you don't like this way try
    shooting their hand (the hand where there gun is visible) then they will most likely flinch exposing their head for the one crucial headshot. In the courtyard satellite building Kat is trying to shut the damn door and your job is to hold the covenant off until she closes the door. This is perhaps the first real tough battle in Reach, for a SPECIAL TIP head inside the outpost next to Kat pop up shoot and back off when your shield lowers, and repeat, simple as that. When the objective changes to "Fall back into the outpost" head inside the outpost asap (if your not already).
    you so try to stay out of its sight. You can find some health packs and DMR ammo inside the outpost
    Just try to head shot elites when they're shield lowers and throw grenades at
    GROUPS of grunts and jackals.
    In the dark area follow the group and when Kat says to search the body for
    ID wait for a lovely cutscene that I won't spoil. Now follow George, he lights up the area with a flare so you can see all the enemies. There are DMR's on the left side of the door you cam through pick one up and swap it for your magnum (your loadout restarts to the assault ruffle and magnum). In the first room some enemies will attack you aggressively just stay right behind George and shoot enemies occasionally. Pick up a plasma pistol from any dead grunt or jackal and swap it for your assault rifle.
    In the hallway just throw grenades as the enemies are only grunts and jackals. In the last room head down the dip in the middle of the room and pick up the shotgun. Kill the remaining elites (Zealot class) using said shotgun (be wary of the energy sword wielding elite and activate the switch that puppet Carter told you. And that;s it hopefull this helps and give feedback.
    Thanks guys and let's get it.
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    MagmaticNevada8Too long, don't read.
    Posted by MagmaticNevada8 On 31 Jul at 19:24
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