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Helping Hand

Revive 50 incapacitated Survivors.

Helping Hand+0.5
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  • ITS 0vER 9000ITS 0vER 9000141,768
    27 Nov 2008 27 Nov 2008 18 Dec 2009
    61 4 4
    A Better way is to play no mercy with a human player walk off the ledge and he/she will be incapcitated and pull him/her up this also counts as a revive.
    another way is to play and campaign on expert with cpu players and kill all of them quickly and revive (if you dont do it quick enough they will heal each other)

    This also works in L4D2 with another achievement for reviving in-capped players.
  • Gizmo2kGizmo2k937,661
    15 Feb 2009 15 Feb 2009
    42 1 1
    On Expert, with CPU players, stay in the safe room, pick a shotgun, then if you stand with the CPU players lined up in front of you, you can fire one round and it'll take down all three, then you should easily be able to heal 2 of the downed 3, rinse repeat. Takes all of about 10minutes max to get the full 50, if you're in a rush to get easy points that is, otherwise, just play it normally ;)
  • SanadaSanada660,427
    29 Aug 2014 29 Aug 2014
    3 0 0
    Host a session on Expert difficult on the "Blood Harvest" stage. While in the safe room, grab the shotgun and down your teammates. Revive the ones you can by holding x while making sure the AI steal as few of them as possible. After you've eliminated all of them, simply go outside of the door and jump off the ledge to the right and repeat until you have your achievement.
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