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Fast Fall achievement in Halo MCC

Fast Fall

Halo: Reach: Beat par time on all Halo: Reach levels.

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How to unlock the Fast Fall achievement

  • BabyishDuckBabyishDuck598,133
    07 Dec 2019 07 Dec 2019 05 Jan 2020
    29 1 5
    The missions such as Noble Actual, Epilogue and Lone Wolf are not required for this achievement.

    Halo Reach Par Times Easy Difficulty

    Winter Contingency – Time Required 00:15:00 / My Time 00:10:55
    This mission is pretty easy to get the par time even on Legendary for that matter. The key to this mission is to completely run past the enemies at the start of the mission until you get to the civilian vehicle you can get in. Follow the road by sticking to the right sided path until you see a destroyed Warthog in the middle of the road where your teammates are located. Take care of all the enemies in the area and board the Falcon.

    Once you’ve landed take care of all the enemies until Kat has finished with the door. After the cutscene quickly kill all the enemies and move to the next room. All that’s left is 3 Grunts and 1-2 Zealot Elites. Really easy this mission is.

    MCC - Halo Reach: Par Time Winter Contingency Easy Difficulty

    ONI Sword Base – Time Required 00:10:00 / My Time 00:08:03
    Another easy mission, at the start completely ignore the enemies and go to the Target Locator. Use one shot of the target locator on the enemies you ran past as it will clear out a lot of them. Then head outside and use the last shot on one of the Wraiths. Then head right and you will see the Rocket Launcher on the floor, use it to deal with the last Wraith.

    Then board the Warthog and follow the right path to activate the defence turret. Once it’s activated jump back in the Warthog and keep following the path until you see two buildings with a dip. Jump out the Warthog and activate the two switches. Then head back to Sword Base ignoring all enemies on route. Once inside take care of the two Hunters, then head up the lift. Once up the lift run past all the enemies until you get to the top where you have to destroy the Phantoms and Banshees with the Rocket Launcher.

    MCC - Halo Reach: ONI Sword Base Par Time Easy Difficulty

    Nightfall - Time Required 00:10:00 / My Time 00:04:24
    Really easy this one, just run past all the enemies at the start until you get to the area where you find what the source of the dark zone is. Once here you need to stealth kill the elite that’s on the bridge along with the grunts. Then get in the forklift and park it next to the door on you left. You need to park it directly in the middle where basically when you turn the camera you spartan is aligned with the middle of the door. Then jump out of the forklift and you will have clipped through the door meaning that there are no enemies, so you are free to run to the end.

    MCC - Halo Reach: Nightfall Par Time Easy Difficulty

    Tip of The Spear – Time Required 00:15:00 / My Time 00:08:44
    Another easy mission, at the start kill the enemies quickly as you can and board the Rocket Warthog. When you can see the first AA Turret, get out and kill the marine in the gunner seat. Get in the gunner seat and shoot the AA Turret with the Rocket Warthog. Once it’s destroyed follow the right path to the Pelican and go over the bridge. When you get to the area, where the enemies are blocking the path stick to the right side and jump over the rocks to avoid them. Once you are up the stairs jump down onto the beam beneath you and jump on the cliffside. Follow the path along until you see some stairs and get in the Revenant.

    After you jump down from a small ledge whilst using the Revenant you will see and Warthog that’s on top of a structure. Jump up there by jumping onto the Revenant and shoot the second AA Turret with the Warthog, then clear the rest of the enemies with the Revenant. Board the Falcon afterwards and shoot all the enemies that you encounter.

    After the cutscene pick up the Jetpack and bear right and follow the path up and you’ll see a vehicle you can use. Drive to the spire, use the lift to go up and kill all the enemies up there.

    MCC - Halo Reach: Tip of the Spear Par Time Easy Difficulty

    Long Night of Solace – Time Required – 00:25:00 / My Time 00:17:54
    Another easy mission, at the start kill all the enemies as quickly as possible. When you first head on inside a Marine will be carrying a Rocket Launcher, be sure to pick this up along with the Energy Sword that’s on the floor as these are quite useful for the next section.

    Space section, not much to say here, take care of all the vehicles as quickly as you can. Once you board the Covenant ship take care of the enemies in the first room and move forward to the next room. Once all enemies are cleared activate the switch so the Pelican can land.

    After this, make your way to the room where you have to activate the refuelling sequence. Head back to the Pelican and defend it from the Covenant.

    MCC - Halo Reach: Long Night of Solace Par Time Easy Difficulty

    Exodus – Time Required 00:20:00 / My Time 00:13:42
    Another easy mission play through the mission until you get to the Jetpack section. Just before the jetpack an ODST will be holding a Rocket Launcher, I would recommend picking this up. Pick up the jet pack and follow the path until you see a small ledge that hugs the next series of buildings. Use the jetpack to jump down there and follow the path around until you see a small ledge all on its own. Jump up to the ledge and jump up again and you will be at the end of this section having skipped all the enemies.

    Head to the next area and you will see 3-4 grunts kill them and you’ll notice two flags on the right side of the building in front of you. Use the jet pack and jump up and fly to the next section. Take care of the shade turrets, enemies and the Brute Chieftain and board the Falcon. Once out the Falcon jump in the Warthog and activate the two SAM turrets, then head into the main building and press the switch.

    MCC - Halo Reach: Exodus Par Time Easy Difficulty

    New Alexandria – Time Required 00:20:00 / My Time 00:13:20
    This mission is pretty easy the key to this mission is listening to Kat as she will not always give you the same objectives in the same order when you play through this mission. There are three consistent objectives she will give you and they are:

    Destroy Covenant Jammer at the Hospital
    Not much to say about this objective, just run past all the enemies destroy the Jammer and leave the hospital.

    Destroy Covenant Jammer at the Tower
    Head on inside the building once the shade turrets are destroyed. Head up the stairs and destroy the Jammer on the other side of the room.

    Destroy Covenant Jammer at Sinoveit
    When flying to this place fly under the building from the back and you will see a big enough gap for the Falcon to fit through, this will allow you to skip the enemies in this area. Use the lift and destroy the Jammer and run back out.

    In between these three main objectives Kat will give an objective relating to the Falcon whether that be Escorting Gunnery Sergeant Buck, destroy enemies on a rooftop or destroy additional Jammers on the roof etc.

    Once its all completed you will need to go to the ONI Building. Shoot all the Shade Turrets that the Phantoms place down and that’s this mission over.

    MCC - Halo Reach: New Alexandria Par Time Easy Difficulty

    The Package – Time Required 00:20:00 / My Time 00:14:22
    At the start of this mission completely ignore the enemies and Jump in the Scorpion Tank. Whilst on route to Sword Base take care of the enemies and AA Turrets. Once you’ve regrouped with your fellow Spartans head on inside and take care of the enemies and press the switch to initiate the underground section.

    The next section doesn’t need explaining much as it involves defending the Lab from the Covenant. I would suggest sticking to ground combat and take care of all the enemies.

    MCC - Halo Reach: The Package Par Time Easy Difficulty

    The Pillar of Autumn – Time Required 00:20:00 / My Time 00:13:14
    At the start ignore all the enemies and head into the small building on the right side and pick up the DMR and Rocket Launcher, then board the Mongoose. Follow the Mongoose path until you get to the bridge jump. Once over the bridge you’ll see a building on your left side. Jump onto the small ledge of the building and you will be able to skip past all the enemies.

    After the cutscene completely ignore and run past all the enemies until you get to the Hunter section. Take out the two Hunters with the Rocket Launcher and head into the building. Kill all the enemies inside to progress. Next part involves you defending Emilie, not much to say here kill all the enemies quickly as you can.

    After the cutscene head on inside the building where the MAC Cannon is located, Take care of all the Elites and grunts in this area and board the MAC Cannon. Use the MAC Cannon to destroy incoming Phantoms and Banshees and shoot the Covenant ship when prompted.

    MCC - Halo Reach: Pillar of Autumn Par Time Easy Difficulty

    I hope this helped you out,

    If you are still struggling, feel free to use my videos as a reference.

    Thank you.

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    KanchanaburiDo par times all have to be on the same difficulty? I have all the achievements for par but not this one, but i have done them on different difficulties.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 07 Feb 20 at 21:47
    BabyishDuckThey can be done on different difficulties. I got some of them on Legendary and got the rest on Easy.
    Posted by BabyishDuck on 08 Feb 20 at 21:56
    SoppiestSquash8This was very helpful! Thank you for all of this.
    Posted by SoppiestSquash8 on 31 Dec 21 at 15:34
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  • IFreeMzIFreeMz202,099
    22 Dec 2019 25 Dec 2019
    5 0 0
    Here's my guide that has all of the par times on Legendary difficulty (you don't have to play on legendary to get the achievement but this can be used to get under 3 hour legendary completion as well). Hope it helps some of you out :).

  • DarkWingSpartanDarkWingSpartan305,577
    14 Dec 2019 14 Dec 2019 04 Jan 2020
    7 2 5
    For PC players, there is a sneaky workaround to make each of these achievements muuuch easier, one very similar to the workaround for the LASO and Legendary Speedrun achievements. For each level, do the following:

    *Enable whatever mods or cheats you want by launching the game with Anti-Cheat enabled (or "mod mode," as I call it). You can't earn achievements in mod mode, but it will still save your mission checkpoints.
    *Start the given level on whatever difficulty level you want (I went with Legendary because I was also going for the "Legendary in under 3 hours" achievement). Be sure to turn scoring or time on.
    *Run through the level as quickly as you can only killing what you really need to.
    **The mod I was using gave me infinite shields, ammo, and let me kill most enemies instantaneously, so it was not difficult in the slightest. I won't link to the mod here, so all I'll say is that google is your friend.
    *During the ending cutscene, press cn_start to bring up the menu (this will pause the cutscene, you don't want to skip it), and select Save/Quit.
    *Close the game and relaunch it with anti-cheat enabled (which will let you earn achievements).
    *Select "Resume"
    *Once the level loads, you should be taken to the postgame carnage report (which is why you need time enabled), and the achievement for that level should unlock here.

    Do this for all nine levels (Noble Actual, Epilogue, and Lone Wolf don't count towards this) and the achievement is yours. If you take some extra time to kill extra enemies, you can easily get the Par Score achievements as well. It really is as simple as that.

    This is very much an exploit with the way "mod mode" works on the PC version, but given that you still have to play through the levels and do them quickly, it is still well within the site's rules (and Microsoft's ToS). Mind you, a similar solution regarding the LASO achievement was vetted by the site mods. If you want to do these the traditional way, go for it, this is primarily for those of us who don't have the time or patience for grinding these out one at a time.

    Edit: Alright people, you've worn me down. Here's what I recommend using:
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    KanchanaburiDo the par times all have to be in the same difficulty? I have some on easy and a few on legendary during my 3 hour run, but I have all the par time achievements and this has not unlocked.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 07 Feb 20 at 21:42
    DarkWingSpartan@Kanchanaburi That's not supposed to be a requirement. I assume you completed Lone Wolf and both cutscene missions?
    Posted by DarkWingSpartan on 08 Feb 20 at 01:53
    KanchanaburiYeah. I had several achievements glitch on me but finally unlocked after clearing my save and re doing the requirements. FInally got it after redoing a par score on New Alex with a better time. Thanks.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 10 Feb 20 at 22:08
  • SilverScorpion4SilverScorpion4122,560
    13 Dec 2019 21 Dec 2019
  • SmoolanderSmoolander242,387
    18 Jun 2021 18 Jun 2021 18 Jun 2021
    2 0 1
    Accidentally stumbled on a much easier and quicker solution for all the par time achievements. I don't know if this method is bugged, requires you to complete each level on Legendary or something else, but this is what I did and the par time achievements have popped.

    From the menu go into the Reach campaign, select your mission and choose rally point Charlie where you can. I put the difficulty on easy, and after simply completing the third segment of the level in as short a time as possible the achievement popped during the end level cut scene.

    This worked for all levels where you can choose the rally point. Saves you running through the whole level.
  • NarsoronNarsoron110,511
    23 Aug 2021 06 Oct 2021 06 Oct 2021
    1 0 0
    For anyone looking to get par times, whether on many levels or just a few stragglers left behind from some playthroughs, this method worked for me on the games where you have rally points for each level (3, ODST, Reach, 4).

    Select the mission for which you're trying to get the par time, load up the final rally point of the mission, and speed to the end on an easy difficulty. If you are specifically targeting the par time achievements and not trying to get them in combination with anything else, this is the fastest way to do it. The achievement will still pop if you get under the par time for the level even though you are starting at the final rally point. I was able to knock out the final 20 or so par time achievements I needed in about an hour and a half.

    I discovered this by happy accident while going after a level-specific achievement in ODST. Hooray for happy accidents.
    Hope this helps!
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