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We'll Be Back achievement in Halo MCC

We'll Be Back

Halo: Reach: Beat the par score on every Halo: Reach level.

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How to unlock the We'll Be Back achievement

  • WabaliciousWabalicious537,347
    26 Dec 2019 24 Dec 2019 27 May 2020
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    For Xbox players...

    Notes for par scores on all levels:
    Par scores are heavily influenced by par time.
    Note: Competitive Score shows the time multiplier bonus; Regular Score does not. The time multiplier bonus still exists in Regular Score, it only shows up at the end of the mission. With Regular Score, you may not see the time bonus, especially on longer missions (credit: EaseAndInspire)

    During "par time" all scoring is tripled.

    After "par time", you have 10 minutes where your multiplier goes from 3.00x down to 1.00x. For example, if you kill an elite for a pop up of "+200", the score will show 600 during par time, but then will trickle back down to 200 when the multiplier goes down to 1.00x (and will be 400 if the multiplier is at 2.00x).

    After the "ten minute down to 1.00x" period, one of two things happen:
    1. You get a 2nd grace period, of about 10 more minutes. Multiplier is already at 1.00x so nothing else happens with it.
    2. All positive scoring is done. All kills show up as red "0", but you will still lose points for dying, team kills, or checkpoint resets.

    After that (Par time + 10-minutes + possible grace period), all positive scoring is done no matter what. Negative scoring is still active.
    If you've already achieved the par score, you'll still have to beat the level while making sure you don't have enough negative scoring (deaths) to go below it.

    Most missions I went with the following:
    Difficulty: Heroic, due to the added multiplier

    Skulls: Catch (extra grenades all throughout - although you will get stuck from time to time), Famine (there's still plenty of ammo), Fog (no radar - but enemies are easy to spot without), Thunderstorm (all silver elites DO NOT upgrade to gold so this skull isn't as bad as it would seem), Tilt (Per TheOdd101, plasma weapons are more effective vs shields and most UNSC weapons are less effective vs shields), and Cowbell (non-scoring but accelerates explosions)

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    WabaliciousThanks - I added that to the solution
    Posted by Wabalicious on 26 Dec 19 at 18:25
    Homunculus FuryDoes it still start removing score after the 40 mins expires?
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 28 Jan 20 at 06:31
    WabaliciousYes - score will still be removed after 40 minutes. I've had some longer play times while on Legendary and continued to lose points for dying while being 2+ hours into a level (and lost a ridiculous amount of points because of it).
    Posted by Wabalicious on 28 Jan 20 at 14:12
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  • SilverScorpion4SilverScorpion4119,797
    10 Dec 2019 31 Dec 2019
  • ARamletARamlet96,208
    13 Oct 2021 13 Oct 2021 13 Oct 2021
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    After my 35th time failing to get through Tip of the Spear on Heroic with 17 skulls on, I decided enough was enough. I did some modifying of my own and testing things, and I think I have the best solution, that works even better than some of the other guides in here.

    As others have mentioned, the par score is heavily reliant on the par time. As you pass the par time, your score multiplier of 3x slowly drops to 1x, and then after enough time, gives you no points for kills. This is why it's essential to beat the level in par time, or at least very close to it. I had a few levels where I was about 1 minute over par, and still managed to get it ok.

    The first thing I'll say is that you need to be familiar with the level. Run it through a few times on normal difficulty to see where dangerous enemies are. Fuel Rod Grunts, Energy Sword Elites, Gravity Hammer Brutes... Find them and be on the lookout when you see them, because not only does dying decrease your score, but the clock keeps ticking, and some of those checkpoints are kinda wacky.

    You're going to want to play through the levels on Normal Difficulty, with Tilt, Famine, Cloud, Catch, and Thunderstorm. A lot of the other guides suggest Heroic, but I am not that good at the game. If you are good enough, feel free to bump it up to Heroic and turn off Catch or Tilt or whatever you'd like to make it a little easier.

    Now here's the catch. All the other guides have how to get scoring, and how it works, but I'm going to tell you the secret to getting through the levels quickly and easily: DMR and Plasma Pistol.

    I may not be the first to say this, and if someone else has mentioned it in a video or another guide, I do apologize. But the Plasma Pistol, especially with Tilt, is arguably the best weapon in the game. Tilt makes Elites weaker to plasma weapons and stronger to assault weapons. Spraying them with 3 clips of an assault rifle barely breaks their shield (and with Catch on, they've likely stuck you in that time), but 10-15 shots from a Plasma Pistol takes it down incredibly easily. If you're close enough, you can melee them, otherwise zoom in and headshot with the DMR. I will mention that you should be rapid firing the pistol, never charge it as it takes too much energy to do so and if it misses, you're out of luck. Only use the charge shot if you need to disable a vehicle.

    This works on other enemies as well. Grunts? 4 or so plasma shots and they're down. (It takes 2 headshots from a DMR to kill the special ones otherwise.) Jackals? Just hit them and they go down eventually, and a plus is they usually drop more Plasma Pistols. Surely Brutes take more than a handful of plasma shots to die, right? Wrong. Just keep hitting them and they go down faster than Elites. Head doesn't even matter, they take flat damage so as long as you keep blasting them they'll die. Hunters are trickier, but dodge and weave their slam attacks and spray them in the back, and they will go down as well, sooner or later. The only thing you really will want a DMR for is headshotting the Elites and then taking out the Engineers that you see occasionally.

    With your DMR and Plasma Pistol, make your way through the levels, trying to grab more ammo from Spartan drop points when you can or grabbing new pistols. It also helps immensely to figure out what the beginning of the different points are (Exodus, for example, has 3: Alpha is running through the city and waiting for the elevator, Bravo is jetpacking across the sky tram station, and Charlie is turning on the missile launchers). This lets you gauge time and figure out how ahead or behind you are. Some missions, like The Package, have incredibly uneven sections, though, so it will take a bit of working with it to figure out how much time you need for each.

    If you're finding yourself having trouble managing to make the score even in the time for the level, you can always turn on Iron, which gives you a nice score bonus. The only downside is that if you die, you have to restart the level. For 10-minute par time missions, this isn't awful, but it's still incredibly frustrating and I'd first look and see if there's any high priority enemies you can destroy in the mission first.

    For vehicle missions, it's usually best to use the vehicle given to you. Rocket Warthog on Tip of the Spear and Scorpion on The Package will do much more damage and get you many more points than a plasma pistol ever will.

    Hopefully this helps people who are struggling to figure out how to make it through the missions, either in time or by getting past the hard parts. I personally had a lot of trouble with getting through missions on Heroic without dying or passing time, so I figured I would just share the solution I finally figured out.

    Let me know if you have any questions or if this is still not working for you. I also recommend you check out the individual achievements you're looking for, as they have specialized guides for those specific levels that may help you more than a blanket loadout.
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