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Wake Up Buttercup achievement in Halo MCC

Wake Up Buttercup

Halo: Reach: Destroy the Corvette's engines & escort in under 3 minutes during Long Night of Solace

Wake Up Buttercup0
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This achievement will only unlock if the difficulty is set on Heroic or Higher.

How to unlock the Wake Up Buttercup achievement

  • netstrykernetstryker540,810
    31 Dec 2019 07 Jan 2020 07 Jan 2020
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    This is a complement for the great solution from LifeExpectancy and what to do if the achievement doesn't unlock even if you did everything right.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


    1) Pause the game and choose "Save/Quit". Keep pressing cn_B until the main menu of Halo: TMCC appears and finally close the game from the dashboard:
    Press cn_guide, select the game, press cn_start and choose "QUIT". You'll return to main screen of console dashboard.

    2) With game totally closed, delete your local save (just the local save, NEVER CHOOSE "Delete everywhere"):
    Select the game, press cn_start and select the option "Manage game & add-ons". Go to "Saved data", on the right side, choose your save (it will have your gamerpicture and gamertag). With your save selected, press cn_A and choose the option "Delete from console", just the local save will be deleted.

    3) Go back to main screen of console dashboard pressing cn_B. From here, you must became offline:
    Press cn_guide, go to "Settings" » "General" » "Network settings" and choose "Go offline".

    4) Play offline again until you complete the achievement requirements exactly as it was explained above in "THE ACHIEVEMENT:".

    5) After the cutscene, you land on the corvette’s deck and you regain the control, pause the game, choose "Save/Quit", go to Halo: TMCC main menu and quit the game from the dashboard.

    6) Repeat the step "2)", deleting your local save again.

    7) Now, repeat the step "3)", but this time you must select "Go online".

    If you done everything right, the achievement must unlock when you are online, still on the dashboard. If this doesn't happen, just start the game normally, wait until the game loads the main menu. Press cn_start on main menu and wait a couple minutes. During the wait process, you can play any mission solo or any kind of multiplayer game, just keep the game running while you wait.

    My friend rafa1000house helped me with this solution of deleting the local save. I did everything this way and I unlocked the achievement on my first try. Good luck!

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    arcticpenguin91Can anyone help me? I did this achievement coop with 2 others and it popped for them but not for me, which makes no sense. I also did a hard reset after and still hasn't popped and its not showing that I unlocked it anywhere. What should I do? I also tried playing it offline and that didn't work either and followed the steps in the description.
    Posted by arcticpenguin91 on 18 Sep 20 at 17:58
    netstrykerHi arcticpenguin91, how are you? I hope that fine. My situation was very similar to yours, I was playing co-op with two friends, but the achievement did unlock just for one of us, my friend guif87 and didn't unlock for me and my other friend rafa1000house. Me and my friend rafa1000house did exactly each step of my solution and the achievement did unlock for us. Keep in your mind one important thing, after this bug happened, the achievement will not unlock for you retroactively. My solution explain exactly this. Read each step with attention. You must do the requirements for achievement again playing solo and offline. If you are doing this way and the achievement didn't unlocking, probably you aren't reaching the requirements for the achievement. Remember, you must be very quick, the time is very tight and you must play at least on Heroic difficulty. I hope I was helpfull. Good luck!
    Posted by netstryker on 18 Sep 20 at 20:54
    Mike99BuckleJuly 4, 2021 can confirm you can die and reload checkpoint and also you do not need to land on the carrier, my achievement popped 2 seconds after I killed the last enemy and before I was told to land on the carrier
    Posted by Mike99Buckle on 04 Jul at 15:19
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    04 Dec 2019 28 Dec 2019
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  • daylightEXdaylightEX359,345
    09 Dec 2019 09 Dec 2019 09 Dec 2019
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    Just in case anybody doesn't know, (which is TOTALLY understandable since it doesn't tell you lmao) this has to be done on HEROIC OR HIGHER.

    There's not really much to say for this except, as soon as you regain control of the Sabre after the cutscene, line yourself up with the engines and shoot at them all until they're destroyed.

    For the escort part, just try and stay away from the Super Carrier because their turrets will tear you apart. Stay on the outside of the play area and try and take the Seraphs out first because that will make mopping up the Banshees a lot easier.
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    CrocsxI just did this in Legendary, to be honest HOPEFULLY this part is easier than the rest of the mission in Sabre...

    What I did is really just rush for the engines, then after you blow the engines, turn left, you will have a bunch (around 7) of banshee spawning. you can quickly kill all 7 then just hide close to your Frigate and let her do most of the job while you take out lone wolf Banshee and Seraph.

    I died multiple times, but the achievement still pop, so it does reset to the checkpoint timer when you die
    Posted by Crocsx on 17 Dec 19 at 12:54
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