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We're Gonna Need a Bigger Ship achievement in Halo MCC

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Ship

Halo: Reach: Fly both the Pelican and Phantom on New Alexandria.

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How to unlock the We're Gonna Need a Bigger Ship achievement

  • x1001x Puppysx1001x Puppys997,740
    07 Dec 2019 07 Dec 2019 09 Dec 2019
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    I didn't really want to play this entire level with two controllers, so I spent a few minutes trying this solo and figured out the best way to do it.

    First of all, this achievement is on New Alexandria. Load up the mission on any difficulty. Theoretically you most likely can go for this achievement after clearing the hospital, but I highly recommend waiting until you at least get the objective to head to Club Errara so you can get a nice checkpoint right near the location. You must play the entire mission and destroy all three jammers before the switch shows up. In the hospital, behind the generator you must destroy, is a jetpack. You need this for the achievement! The building you are looking for is due west of Club Errara, off in the distance. Around the right side of it will be a button on the ceiling about 80% of the way up the building. You must first hit this button, and then fly both a Banshee and a Falcon through a ring-like structure that will spawn both of these silly vehicles. Keep in mind that when you hit this button, the "call for evac" button breaks and does not work, so you cannot lose your Falcon. After numerous attempts to hop out, hit the button, and hop back in before my Falcon falls into oblivion, I thought outside of the box. Please see the video below, I'll go step by step.

    1. Locate the building in question due west of Club Errara.

    2. Fly your Falcon to the top of this building and park it nice and safe. Hope off the side and jetpack yourself to the button. While jetpacking, you will need to hold your use button at the same time so the switch flips.

    3. Now comes a tricky part. You see me walking back and forth on the skinny ledge. What I am doing is waiting until I see a Banshee appear on my radar. You need to jetpack around the corner and hold your use button to hijack it. It comes down to a bit of luck here, but I managed it after a few tries.

    4. Now fly off to the ring-like structure mentioned earlier. I can't describe it's location well with words, so check the video. The structure is due south of Club Errara and the switch building. After hovering in between for a while, your Banshee should turn into a Phantom (1/2). If it doesn't, try changing your altitude in between the structure a bit.

    5. Pilot the Phantom back to the building you just came from, and head to the roof where you parked your Falcon. carefully hop out of the Phantom (it will disappear) and jetpack yourself so you don't take fall damage like me.

    6. Now fly your Falcon over to the same ring-like structure, and repeat step 4. It will turn into a Pelican! If you did all this on the same checkpoint (or somehow got a checkpoint in between vehicles) the achievement should unlock.

    Let me know if you have any questions and if this was helpful. If it was not, please leave a comment below addressing the situation before downvoting. I'm just trying to help :)

    Edit 1: Added important info about when the switch spawns, as well as clarified location of building a bit better (thank you XBFALCON)

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    UNSC REX GTNoice. 🤟🏻 Got it on my third attempt, solo.
    Posted by UNSC REX GT on 01 Jul 21 at 04:03
    Daelus1What an absolutely stupid Achievement. Guide was perfect though.
    Posted by Daelus1 on 14 Aug 21 at 13:02
    SoppiestSquash8Very well written guide and great video - thanks!
    Posted by SoppiestSquash8 on 01 Jan at 18:46
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  • SilverScorpion4SilverScorpion4122,614
    06 Dec 2019 08 Dec 2019
    45 8 2

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    dodgerofjamTo avoid downvotes, probably mention at the beginning that you NEED the jetpack ability and that one can be found behind the jammer in the hospital.
    Also, the closer to the Banshee that you are (jump and then jetpack before shooting), the better chance of disabling it.
    Finally, I would just say that the controls for the Pelican might be slightly different (cn_A for my controller layout).
    Thanks for the solution!
    Posted by dodgerofjam on 18 Dec 19 at 17:11
    Homunculus FuryI have to say this is better explained as far as building locations, but the other solution was easier to follow. I got the falcon to stay on the ledge once but ended up dying before getting the phantom. Then couldn't get it to stay. Still +1 from me because you do say you need the jet pack and if I'm not mistaken even say where it is. Keep up the guides thanks
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 27 Jan 20 at 01:16
  • Noodles JrNoodles Jr1,307,148
    04 Dec 2019 27 Nov 2019 07 Dec 2019
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    Load up New Alexandria on Easy with preferably two players. Once you have the objective of shooting down the anti-air turrets at ONI Tower, head to the large building with the red strip around it near the top, to the west of Club Errera. Your friend should be in the side of your falcon.

    Land on top of the building and have your friend stand on top of your falcon. Carefully fly down to the back of the building, and there will be a switch on the roof of an overhang just above the red strip. Fly up to the switch carefully and have your friend hit the switch. They will then fall to their death.

    From here, fly straight up to the top of the building and land on the top. Your friend should respawn and get back in the falcon. Facing directly opposite the direction of the overhang, head straight forward from this building, and you should see a large ring-like building, with a giant diamond-shaped hole in the middle of it that you can fly through. Fly through this building at height ~950 and your passenger should be teleported into a pelican. Fly through it again and you should be teleported into one as well. This should get you each the achievement.

    Now, land the pelicans somewhere flat, and have each player take turns getting into and firing the other pelican's turret. This should unlock another achievement for both of you:
    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionJorge Can't Have All the Big GunsThe Jorge Can't Have All the Big Guns achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 18 pointsHalo: Reach: Use a Pelican turret.

    For the phantom, you're going to need to fly through the ring building with a banshee. To get one, fly a falcon overtop an airborne banshee and try to "park" yourself on one of it's wings. Get out of the falcon so you're above the center of the banshee and hijack it. It may take a few attempts to get right, so try and get a checkpoint shortly before attempting the hijack. Once you have it, simply fly through the ring and you'll have yourself a phantom

    For those who prefer a video guide:

    Edit: Since people are having trouble, yes this just be done in one playthrough. What this means is that if you get into the pelican for example, then die and get reverted back to before you were in the pelican, then the game will think you never got into the pelican, meaning you should either try to get a checkpoint after getting the first vehicle done, OR die and use your friend as a respawn buddy. For this reason, I'd recommend starting with the phantom, as it is harder, then simply call for evac to get a falcon which you can then turn into a pelican. Hope this helps
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    count023why isn't the button appearing in my playthroughs? I go to the area and it's not there.
    Posted by count023 on 08 Dec 19 at 09:05
    SeitzzYou need the last objective to be up before it appears
    Posted by Seitzz on 08 Dec 19 at 11:29
    Noodles JrYou need to make it to ONI objective first. The guide says that. The comment above yours says that.
    Posted by Noodles Jr on 09 Dec 19 at 00:26
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,655,678
    04 Dec 2019 19 Dec 2019
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    Load up the mission on Normal difficulty with a co-op partner. Play through the level as normal until you reach the hospital area (the one with the Ranger Elites that jump around everywhere). While inside the building, be sure to grab the Jetpack at the end of the long hall where you fight those Elites.

    Now you need to hijack a Banshee. When you have a chrckpoint on the roof of a buulding, stand near the ledge and either wait for Banshees to fly by or have the non-jetpack partner lure them over with the Falcon. The partner with the Jetpack needs to jump off thr roof, timing it so they have enough jetpack fuel to get to the nearest Banshee and hijack it. Alternatively if you have a good pilot and a jetpack user with good reflexes you can ride on top if the Falcon to get closer to the Banshees to hijack one. Keep the Banshee with you until the end of the mission.

    Continue through the mission until Kat tells you to come to the Oni base (this is the very end of the mission, after destroying the turrets around it).

    Have the co-op partner without the Jetpack flying the Falcon and the person with Jetpack riding on the wing. Now head to the building to the left of Club Errera. Go around to the rear of the building to an inset area with a small ledge along it. Have the pilot fly into this area and hover up near the ceiling. The Jetpack user should jetpack up and activate the green switch on the ceiling.

    The Jetpack user should hop off the Falcon and fly over to that ledge, then use the Jetpack to fly up and hit a green switch located on the ceiling. If the switch hitter falls to his death, just have the pilot land on the building’s roof to spawn them and pick them back up.

    Now fly your Falcon and Banshee over to the right to a building that forms a sort of large ring (or upside-down teardrop really) and fly them both through the opening. You will spawn into a Pelican/Phantom respectively (the Falcon and Banshee will just fall into the fog below). If it doesn’t, just keep hovering back and forth through the opening at different heights until it does.

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