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Did You Major in Marine Bio? achievement in Halo MCC

Did You Major in Marine Bio?

Halo: Reach: Encounter the hidden marines on Exodus.

Did You Major in Marine Bio?+0.2
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How to unlock the Did You Major in Marine Bio? achievement

  • SilverScorpion4SilverScorpion4102,829
    08 Dec 2019
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    DaChiefOfOwnageCannot for the life of me get this achievement. Marines are never there (which apparently does not affect it) but tried it on normal, on legendary, in solo, in coop, nothing. Well and truly f'd right in the a.
    Posted by DaChiefOfOwnage on 17 Mar at 06:02
    TheFlaminBean@DaChiefOfOwnage me too. I seem to be following the guide to the letter to no avail. Anyone got any advice....?
    Posted by TheFlaminBean on 24 May at 10:34
    DesPawsDidn't unlock for me either. Was doing it on a Legendary run (so had played the entire mission, not just loaded waypoint Charlie), MCC on PC. Will go back later and try it on easier difficulties to try and get there sooner and try and save some marines when gunning from the falcon flight so there are marines still alive there, see if that makes a difference on MCC PC.

    -Edit- So, very weird. Decided to immediately try it again. Loaded up waypoint Charlie on Normal difficulty, all sculls off, all scoring off. Made a point of trying to keep those marines alive while shooting Covenant on the Falcon flight. When I landed, ignored everything, grabbed a Mongoose and drove over to the cliff. Made the first cliff jump. Then on the second cliff jump (across the water), landed in the water just short of the cliff. Let my jetpack finish cooldown, and started boosting up the cliff - at which point, the achievement popped, half the map away from the marine's location. Not sure if it was delayed from the first attempt on Legendary, or something bugged by loading it up twice in a row. Either way, just posting it here for others.
    Posted by DesPaws on 30 Aug at 12:34
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  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,457,652
    04 Dec 2019 19 Dec 2019 18 Feb 2020
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    Make sure to get a Jetpack and keep it until the end of the mission. After you fly in the Falcon and land on the beach, go left along the shore until you reach the cliffs at the far end.

    A user below states you can simply start from rally point Charlie.

    Avoid the two Wraiths or destroy them if you wish. You can activate the missile battery nearest to the far end of the beach for a checkpoint before attempting this.

    At the far end of the beach, jetpack up over where the cliffs meet the water and keep jetpacking forward until the 10-second kill timer goes away. From here, just hug the cliffs and continue further around the edge of the map until you reach a large horseshoe-shaped bay. Fly up to the walkway of the buildings, using the cliffs to regenerate your Jetpack if need be. You should find the hidden marine up on these walkways. The achievement popped for me without ever actually seeing him/them.

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    Smoky BrennethYou can start from checkpoint Charlie
    Posted by Smoky Brenneth on 18 Feb at 17:42
  • jordan macitjordan macit245,114
    19 Apr 2020 26 Apr 2020 26 Apr 2020
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    Simply load up the mission 'Exodus' from Rally Point Charlie and after exiting the falcon simply follow the path I take in the video and you will find your way to the marines (who funnily enough, are not there) and you will get your achievement!

    I created this video to help:

    Hope this helps.
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