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No Survivors take damage after contacting the rescue vehicle.

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How to unlock the Untouchables achievement

  • ShadowedIceShadowedIce183,936
    30 Dec 2008 12 Jan 2009
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    There is also a glitch you can use to get this achievement. What you do is have your friend play the last level. Right before he calls the emergency vehicle have him invite you and then join the game. As soon as the game tells you are joining have him call the emergency vehicle. Then just spectate till the end when the rescue vehicle arrives.Then as soon it is there join the survivors and simply walk in and the achievement is yours!

    Also do not worry if any of the AI take damage while you are waiting in the vehicle. I had one go off and try to solo the horde but I still got it in the end.

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    IXII SLICK IIXIStill works June 28, 2016
    Posted by IXII SLICK IIXI on 28 Jun 16 at 22:38
    Dr MartyHA! I tried to double-box this by myself. So, I set up the glitch as described and remained as a spectator with my primary account. I then played through the 2 waves and ran to the helicopter with my second account and wanted to quickly grab my primary account's controller to press RT, but unfortunately the AI had already jumped onto the copter as well. Therefore, the cut scene started, before I could spawn in with my primary account.
    However, I did receive the achievement without ever having actually spawned in.

    Unless I was just really lucky, this means you can get the achievement by simply being a spectator.
    Posted by Dr Marty on 25 Oct 18 at 20:47
    Diamondtger071Still works as of 06/27/2019!
    Posted by Diamondtger071 on 28 Jun 19 at 03:36
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    Death Toll: At the boat house go out the front door and take a right. Keep going until you find a rock out in the water that you can jump on. There is one right before it that you can jump on that is fairly tall, don't get on it as the as you have the chance to take more damage on it. If you go to the flat rock a little farther on, that will be the one you want to jump on. Very few infected come at you while you are on it, and most of the time the Tank music goes off and then shortly goes away. Mainly keep a eye out for smokers. Once you get to the part where the boat comes, run through the water throw pipebombs to keep the infected away for the short period you need to get to the boat. I suggest one right after you get off the rock and one when you get near the dock.

    Two pipebombs can be found in the second story of the boat house, and sometimes a couple will spawn outside by the turret. Make sure you grab these before starting the contact with the radio.
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    Ginn0rzThis solution worked a treat. If you're playing through on easy with bots they usually cut through the tanks before they get anywhere near you. +1
    Posted by Ginn0rz on 15 May 12 at 15:10
    Eric FiltroSo this means the AI can get hit and you still get the achievement? By the way, the rock trick still works.
    Posted by Eric Filtro on 20 Apr 14 at 12:59
    The SCHWARTZ 002020 the God Rock still works.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 21 May at 05:44
  • WJUKWJUK30,445
    06 Jan 2009 13 Mar 2009
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    The way I did this was start easy on DT5 and stand on the pier with the bots after calling it. The bots will pick off all the special infected before you can see them, and since the pier is a bottle-neck all the zombies practically come one way. You just make sure to watch the AIs back since they can be very stupid sometimes.

    The main thing to worry about while doing this is the tanks rocks, but I find if you have a shotgun you kill the tank before he reaches the pier. Rocks can also be shot out of the air.
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    PrimeBigTimeThis is hands down the best solution. I tried the Jesus rock and Dead Air and NOTHING would work. I would make some suggestions however:
    1. Clear out the area around the pier and house first.
    2. Grab a pipe bomb behind the house and save it for when the boat comes. If you throw it on the final horde, then the infected will chase the pipe bomb and allow the AI to jump on the boat immediately, not wasting time shooting and potentially getting stuck.
    3. Make sure the AI are not stuck in the house when you approach the pier in the beginning. Best thing to do is run outside first and make sure they follow you before you make the second call.
    4. Finally, the M60 works fine against the tank's rocks. Since it fires faster than the shotgun it makes up for poor aiming.
    Posted by PrimeBigTime on 28 Aug 12 at 05:14
    DemonDuffehthis was great solution only thing i did different was play in versus with a guest so there were no special infected and when my second controller became a tank i brought him to pier to be killed. Made it so much easier thanx for the help.
    Posted by DemonDuffeh on 03 Dec 12 at 12:03
    vetteindreams77thanks for the guide - it took a few attempts because the 'Director' was a biatch
    the locations of the pipe bombs, especially were a godsend
    Posted by vetteindreams77 on 19 Apr 14 at 02:37
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