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Negative, Ghostrider achievement in Halo MCC

Negative, Ghostrider

Halo: Reach: Get a Skullamanjaro in a matchmade Headhunter game.

Negative, Ghostrider0
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How to unlock the Negative, Ghostrider achievement

  • Flame SamaFlame Sama214,363
    04 Dec 2019 04 Dec 2019 20 Oct 2020
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    Got this one legit because TEAM Headhunter makes it almost trivial. I remember the OG achievement being a pain because it had to be done in 8 player FFA. This time around, just queue in social games for Asset Denial and only have Halo Reach selected. Got it in my first game because 4v4 Headhunter makes it considerably easier. As long as someone on your team hits it, you get the achievement. Stay with your team if you have a lot of skulls or protect the guy on your team who does.

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    peeveenVERY buggy, but in a good way. I played about half a dozen headhunter matches, never had more than 4 skulls in my hand at any one time. Skullamanjaro medal and announcement just appeared mid-game for no particular reason, and achievement unlocked. In intermediate games, I saw messages telling me that other players (on my team and the other team) were getting Skullamanjaro's, but the match score didn't seem to agree, and nothing happened achievement-wise. Just seems random to me.
    Posted by peeveen on 01 Nov 20 at 18:06
    maliciousmike24I've gotten the medal many times, but achievement will not pop. Only have 2 achievements left and this is one of them. Someone help.
    Posted by maliciousmike24 on 30 Jan at 17:09
    Squirtle0verMeLooking to boost this. Message on Xbox.
    Posted by Squirtle0verMe on 03 Apr at 23:58
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    04 Dec 2019 26 Nov 2019 13 Dec 2019
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    Skullamanjaro is a specific Medal of Headhunter mode.
    External image

    For get the skullamanjaro you need to capture 10 skulls at once or[*]in a specific zone,
    the zone(like a hill) moves his location every 15/30/60 s.
    Natively this achievement was born for Halo CE Anniversary DLC only but now you can get it on any halo reach map and just scoring, [*]now you can earn it just having 10 skulls(without score in 4v4,it doesn't work in ffa).

    how the game type works:
    it s a 4v4, everyone has an inventory where can fill skulls on, the inventory is visible as a number displayed over the head of the player just if the player has 1 or 10 skulls and this number is visible to everyone.
    Killing a player with 0 skulls it drops 1 skull.
    killing a player with 1 skull it drops 2 skulls
    // 2 //3
    // 3 //4
    // ... //...
    // 9 //10
    you can grab the skull and it will be added to your inventory,without press x or anything.
    The base game end scoring was 25 points but now it s 50.
    You can get 4 medals for both team so 8 players can get the achievement in one match.
    We need to test if it's possible to do in custom map.[ it's not.]
    It s possible to do in free for all and BTB but the rules are different
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    KiRRAYNEWhat's funny is now that I think of it, the achievement didn't pop when I delivered 11 skulls. It popped randomly later in the game when the Skullamanjaro medal finally showed up on my screen. Definitely something a little weird going on with this one.
    Posted by KiRRAYNE on 05 Dec 19 at 15:20
    EtherionNatsui got a skullamanjaro after i had teamkilled a guy who took my skull, only had 1 in my inventory at that point but had scored 5 before I did that wave
    Posted by EtherionNatsu on 10 Dec 19 at 03:16
    AGNT ThrasherIt's definitely glitched. I accumulated 10 skulls over the course of the match and it gave me the achievement without even returning them to the capture point. MUCH easier than the original achievement back on the 360. Grab it while you can!
    Posted by AGNT Thrasher on 07 Apr 20 at 01:30
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