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Skunked achievement in Halo MCC


Halo: Reach: Won a matchmade game of Invasion in the 1st phase.

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How to unlock the Skunked achievement

  • LethalPenguin26LethalPenguin26358,995
    04 Dec 2019 05 Dec 2019 07 Dec 2019
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    **Edited Dec. 6 2019 to include map info and clarify which team is defending**

    At the time of the MCC: Reach launch, the traditional Invasion mode is located exclusively in a competitive matchmade playlist. It is a 6 v 6 gametype with the one team defending two generators in phase 1 and the other team trying to capture/destroy one of those generators.

    To earn the achievement you must win the round in the first phase, which is only possible as the defending team. Two of the maps have the Spartan team defending (Boneyard and Breakpoint) and one map has the Covenant defending (Spire). (The playlist also currently has some Forge World levels, in which either team could be defending.)

    If you don't start the game as a defender, don't worry - each team plays one round as the Covenant, and one round as Spartans, switching roles.

    Each generator has a 20 second countdown timer associated with it, meaning that the attacking players will have to stand in the small zone surrounding one of the generators for 20 seconds. That time is cumulative, so they can keep coming back to chip away at the timer. Your job as a defender is to keep them off that point so they don't capture/destroy either generator for the entire first phase, which lasts 4 minutes.

    The best way to get this is to coordinate with a couple other friends or create a session here to play with some other competent Halo players. It might take a few games, but it isn't too bad. I got lucky and had a good team, in addition to having one of the other team's players quit, which made this pretty simple.

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    Alchemist xPTKxIt appears the achievement just locked on me. I've fulfilled the requirements multiple times and think I'm just completely unlucky. Will delete all data and try again but I might forever be 1 achievement away from finishing this game
    Posted by Alchemist xPTKx on 20 Mar 20 at 19:13
    TarvuOn PC the population for this is non-existent. If you're looking to get this message me, trying to get enough people to queue for it.
    Posted by Tarvu on 22 May 20 at 11:36
    RegnumSolipsiUnfortunately this achievement is locked for me, as well. It gave the popup when I completed the match and it says it's unlocked here on TA, but my list won't update to reflect it on the Xbox itself. Tried completing it again to see if it took, but nothing has worked so far.

    Edit: Literally updated and fixed itself as I was typing this. Seems to have simply updated and gone through on it's own. If yours is stuck, give it a few days and just open the achievement list and linger on it for a few minute or so. I unlocked mine 3 days ago.
    Posted by RegnumSolipsi on 30 Sep 20 at 21:55
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  • oxitranoxitran267,164
    04 Dec 2019 12 Dec 2019 12 Dec 2019
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    *All directions given in the guide are oriented from the elite's perspective*

    This is easiest to do on the spire map. I got this achievement in my first game of invasion using the roll elite guide below.

    When you get a game and start your turn to defend as the elites you have two options, a camo elite or roll elite, I think the easiest to get this achievement is with the roll elite.

    Roll elite:
    Spawn in and grab a needle rifle from around either area you defend, then make your way to the road in the middle of both areas. You want to wait around the area on the left. Here you will use your roll to scope out the road left of the area, the area itself, and the middle road. Doing this will give you great intel into what is happening in terms of the enemy attack route, allows you to stay alive, and allows you to grab the ammo from the needle rifle that spawns at the rock on the left side of the entrance of the area. If the enemy attacks the other area, you check for enemies near your area, stay and defend if you have bad teammates, or are alone on this side, if not, then go through the tunnel to defend. This works best with a decent team, decent partner, a bad opposing team, but also if you spawn on the left side. *Stay behind the left area, never push forwards, only side to side for sights, and through the tunnel to the right area.*

    Camo elite:
    Only do this if you spawn on the right side. On the right side of the map is a cliff with a big rock, this rock has a tunnel in it that spartans use to come through or go around on the cliffside. You want to wait on the rock in the middle of the tunnel and the outer route standing still or crouched to hide your radar. When spartans show on radar activate your camo. Make sure to follow the spartans red dots on the radar and don't get confused by your own camo's shield jammer.
    If you are good enough and sneaky enough, you can get lots of assassinations, disrupt the spartan attack by back shots or confusion from the shield jamming. You and your partner alone can usually hold the right side alone if he cleans up from on-site with a needle rifle. Once your team sees you are holding the right on your own they usually pile onto the other site and can usually hold it.

    Counters to these strats:
    -Spartans are aware of the camo strat and some players will attempt to counter you at all cost, but this usually means they cant really push the area effectively unless they kill you early, or they all pile on the one side.
    -Some spartans will sit on top of the camo rock and fire into the area with their pistol and will have their partner spawn and attack continually from that spot. If you are camoing below you may not see this on the radar, and cannot counter this player, your team needs to needle rifle them or hide on-site, which leaves you isolated and vulnerable to the spartans strat above.

    External image

    If this fails, you can always create a session here and get a good group together to try and get this. My guide was mainly for solo players or two-player groups. If you make a session here then breakpoint is probably going to be the easiest map. Boneyard needs a good team to defend the start against even decent players as the forward partner spawn of the attackers is very strong on this map, and basically doesn't exist on breakpoint.
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    LightningTBGTrying to get this on PC. If anyone needs people be sure to message me. There is literally no one in this playlist nowadays. I love not being to get an achievement through no fault of my own.
    Posted by LightningTBG on 30 May 20 at 18:19
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