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Left Behind achievement in Halo MCC

Left Behind

Halo: Reach: Achieve a score of 30,000 points on Lone Wolf.

Left Behind0
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How to unlock the Left Behind achievement

  • nomadicvicenomadicvice143,988
    08 Dec 2019 08 Dec 2019 08 Dec 2019
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    For those individuals going for the One Final Firefight achievement, the same tips apply here: easy difficulty, all skulls except Blind (unless you really want to!), and keep assassinating Elites, preferably with a sword once the generals begin to spawn.

    Something I would like to note here that I haven't seen elsewhere is that this achievement seems to pop after you have died and gotten to the scoreboard after the mission ends. Don't be like me and panic that the achievement is bugged!

    Halo: The Master Chief CollectionOne Final FirefightThe One Final Firefight achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 140 pointsHalo: Reach: Achieve a score of 150,000 points on Lone Wolf.

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    SiphonicGravy28DO NOT GO OUT OF BOUNDS TRYING TO GET THIS ACHIEVEMENT. I wasted 30 minutes getting to 30k, then decided to try and hijack a wraith. I died immediately for going out of bounds, which caused the mission to restart instead of going to the end cutscene. fuck my life and fuck this shitty game
    Posted by SiphonicGravy28 on 04 Aug 20 at 00:10
    Sneaky G WizardJust unlocked the 30k achievement, and the 15k achievement didn't stack...
    Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 30 Aug at 04:05
    LORDOFDOOKIE69Man I can barely get 1,000 lol. Within 2 minutes I'm being overwhelmed and ganged up on by 10-15 elites while I'm trying to playing musical chairs meleeing. Whoever decided the melee button should be B should never work in the industry again. I'll try another time after changing the button layout and see if that works.
    Posted by LORDOFDOOKIE69 on 01 Oct at 05:41
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  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,647,965
    08 Dec 2019 19 Dec 2019
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    The best way to do this is on Easy difficulty with all scoring skulls on except for Blind, so you can see your health. There are two health packs in the area, one in the building and one down by the pipes in front of it. Try to resist the urge to grab one unless your health gets down to low yellow or red. From the start kill off all the Grunts and start meleeing Elites. You will likely need to turn your look sensitivity up to 7 or higher so you can punch them in the face then circle strafe around behind them for a beatdown or assassination.

    They will die faster if you can do the assassination as you dont need to drop their shields, but the game is awful finnicky. Even if you hold down your melee button from behind them, sometimes it will only do a melee. After a while, golden Elite Ultras will show up. Some will have Concussion Rifles, while one or two at a time will have Energy Swords. Focus on the sword ones first. As long as you keep your sword ammo replenished by killing sword guys and picking up a new one when the current one runs out, this grind is relatively easy if somewhat tedious. The easiest way to assasinate the gold ones is to punch their face and wait for them to do the roundhouse kick animation. While they are doing this spinning kick, strafe to YOUR left (their right) so that you are behind them and facing their right shoulder. Press and hold melee to assassinate. 

    You are mostly safe inside the building at the map's raised center as Wraith blasts won't be a worry. However make sure to move away from your current fighting spot and throw a grenade into it once or twice to detonate all the grenades scattered about from your killing frenzy on the Elites. It took me 95 minutes to reach 189,000 doing this method. It may seem daunting at first but once you get a feel for it, it's quite easy to go on killing forever.

  • SilverScorpion4SilverScorpion4119,797
    08 Dec 2019 01 Jan 2020
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