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One Final Firefight achievement in Halo MCC

One Final Firefight

Halo: Reach: Achieve a score of 150,000 points on Lone Wolf.

One Final Firefight+0.1
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How to unlock the One Final Firefight achievement

  • T00 ExhaustedT00 Exhausted699,625
    05 Dec 2019 05 Dec 2019 24 Aug 2020
    59 18 49
    Difficulty: Easy
    All Skulls but blind (Kind of handy just to see your shields)

    At start find a nice open area and kill the grunts with DMR headshots run to the elite/s melee once then try to get behind him and assassinate him(get used to doing this)
    keep doing this to every elite that comes up to you until the General Elites start coming(Yellow big fellas)
    Once these Generals show up just keep trying to chain assassinations and get one of their swords, keep an eye on your shields if they are low just get a hit or two in with the sword and then continue with the assassinating.
    This method will take a while so maybe have a small break here and there and after you have over 150,000 points let the elites....

    Good Luck

    edit: there are barrels around the place so you the area you have chose has them... stand back and shoot them a couple of times or it could be you also restarting because of them.

    note: you can try it on normal for more score but I found the elite ultras would be able to down your shields a little bit too fast to be able to melee them for shields.... might've been a little drunk to handle them at the time.

    Here is a video if you need, shouts to the General, go and check out some of his other vids while you're at itsmile

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    JihzNapkinI’ll Venmo someone $10 if they can confidently help me get this
    Posted by JihzNapkin on 15 Oct at 12:23
    zamacgod303/\ what he said , I'll do 25.00
    Posted by zamacgod303 on 16 Oct at 10:16
    The Pie PieperI too found this strat to be super useful. I went from only lasting 3-4k to completing it with no issues. My only tweak was to fight under the platform with the 2 mounted LGMs, I think thats where you spawn. It wasn't too crazy and the only real threat were the wraiths. You never have to fight more then 6-7 elites at most, usually only 4-5. I ignored swords and only used the concussion rifle. The concussion rifle was great because it would split up the packs of elites and remove the nads on the ground.
    Your bubble is your best friend. It allows you to kill the sword elites and keeps you safe from the wraith shots. If you see more than 4-5 elites together, split them up and work on them one by one. Same with sword elite, they aren't too bad but can be a pain when they are grouped up. Usually only see 2 sword elites spawn at the same time.
    Take your time and just stay calm. You may get overwhelmed by 4 or 5 elites but keep swinging, you'll get one eventually. If you get low run and pop your bubble.
    Only other note is this strat took me about 1hr 12min to get 155k. The video may have a faster stream of enemies but fighting under the 2 mounted LMGs seemed safer for me.
    Remember, its on easy. You can take a few hits and nad explosions before having to be concerned.
    Posted by The Pie Pieper on 03 Nov at 04:44
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  • xsvxsv223,637
    08 Dec 2019 08 Dec 2019 08 Dec 2019
    25 4 2
    Easy - all skulls on, EXCEPT blind - mythic - cowbell

    This is a guide if you re going at it Solo. (added a video since there wasnt one)
    * Off the spawn grab the drop shield.
    * Kill covenant until Gold elites start spawning
    * Get a sword and use just swords for the remainder of the mission
    * Treat this mission as if its a Doom game. Always keep moving and dealing damage. Keep meleeing even if your sword is depleted (until you pick up another one)
    * If a sword elite is present, you kill him FIRST
    * If your shields are below 60%, dont risk it, pop a bubble and let them rush you
    * Dont forget to clear the plasma nades on the ground. I almost died halfway into the mission.
    * Keep a concussion as a secondary so that you dont accidentaly pick them up instead of swords.
    * The initial spawn area is elevated, therefore imho a pretty good area to stay and fight. Just clear any explosives first.

    With a little bit of patience you will complete this in about an hour. I took small breaks during the run. Pausing was a big plus.

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    YoDzThis guide is great. I used the same area and followed your guide and got the achievement in 1 hour and 8 minutes.
    Posted by YoDz on 09 Dec 19 at 01:39
    Posted by xsv on 09 Dec 19 at 06:41
  • Sev22suffSev22suff210,125 210,125 GamerScore
    07 Dec 2019 07 Dec 2019
    21 3 2
    Both guides above are very good and useful but seeing how it is still very tough to get I thought I would share how I got it. Easy difficulty with all skulls except blind and cowbell. At the start you need to destroy the two turrets near the start point to prevent the elites from getting on them. After you do that head towards the drop shield, along the way blow up all the exploding barrels to prevent a needless death from happening. As for where you will be setting up and getting the kills, I used the area directly beneath the turrets as I was only shot at by the wraiths when I jumped up or got to far away from the area. Before the elite generals show up your goal is to kill every grunt you can to prevent them from turning into suicide ones and blowing up directly on top of you while you are in the middle of getting kills. Once you run out of ammo pick up a plasma pistol as I tried using the sword and other weapons but couldn’t get hits fast enough. The spot also limits the amount of elites rushing you to about maybe six at a time which will take longer but it is a lot safer. Took me over a hour but did it first try doing it this method. Keep trying and you will get it.
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    Watts EffectExcellent, excellent! Thank you for sharing what you did 😊. This strategy is terrific to use.
    Posted by Watts Effect on 08 Dec 19 at 02:54
    FQXAlthough I'm first reading this after getting the achievement, this is definitely the safest area to go for this achievement. I personally set my sensitivities to 10 to make it easier to assassinate, as you're constantly getting aim assist slowdown on all the elites. I didn't use a sword in my entire run as it felt more dangerous, and didn't drop below half shield until moving to a different area after I hit the 150k points
    Posted by FQX on 12 Dec 19 at 05:10
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