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What About Bob? achievement in Halo MCC

What About Bob?

Halo: Reach: Find and eliminate one of the hidden Ranger Commander Elites.

What About Bob?-0.1
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How to unlock the What About Bob? achievement

  • Illusive BlueIllusive Blue91,817
    04 Dec 2019 04 Dec 2019 09 Oct 2020
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    This requires you to kill a golden-armored Ranger elite that spawns randomly within each level.

    I recommend the second mission Winter Contingency, and splatter him with your truck. This can be done on easy difficulty.

    NOTE: Only 1 BOB spawns every mission, and their location is random depending on its spawn points.

    Outdated guide:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    BOB in ONI Sword Base:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Update 2 (January 8th, 2020):
    Since the the channel who posted the two guides I've linked is unfortunately deleted, here's an alternative guide for finding a BOB in Winter Contingency.

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    LilYuriDeviLThanks guide worked well I had to get out of the truck tho.
    Since the elite didn't come out of the house.
    Also in the guide he said load of rally point alpha which am sure he meant to say ally point bravo.
    Posted by LilYuriDeviL on 03 Feb at 14:09
    GR34TD3STR0Y3RThis is bugged for me (win 10).
    I did this method, spawned the 2nd time for me. Didn't pop. Did Makka Guides method, first try. Didn't pop.

    Edit: I figured out how to fixed the bugged achievements for me. I had 2 that were 100% bugged, maybe 3, but 2 for sure. I played on PC and both were not pop. I could never get them to work on PC. I tried console and did not work, but the only fix I found worked, worked on console, and it worked both times.

    This is from "I'm sorry Dave" "try Vrruumm's suggestion: "I set my console to offline. Deleted my local save. Loaded up the game, then redid the ADS in a custom game. Turned my console back online. Connected to XBL. Closed out the game. Loaded the game back up. Critical! Loaded the older save. Achievement popped while syncing save. You might just have to delete the local save and resync it, but the way I explained is the way I got it to pop."

    I didn't know what he meant when he says load the older save. Close Halo down. You may need to do it twice or even reset the console. The first time I did this no choice popped for me and I had no idea what Vrruumm was talking about. When you log back into the Xbox live, close Halo down and load back up (maybe two or more times) you should get a choice which data to sync to with, newer or older. Choose older.
    Posted by GR34TD3STR0Y3R on 11 Mar at 08:57
    jimmyclutchmanSame with me I did this on pc not working I will try again tommorow on Xbox to see if it works
    Posted by jimmyclutchman on 10 Apr at 03:56
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  • jordan macitjordan macit245,114
    10 Dec 2019 10 Dec 2019 10 Dec 2019
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    I got this achievement on the level "ONI Sword Base" when you are returning to the area you first started in. The level progresses forward but instead the Elite will run back towards where you spawned. This does not have to be done on co-op and as you can see the achievement loads up for me later on in the level (was about 1-2 minutes later).

    I created a video to help:

    Hope this helps.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,457,652
    04 Dec 2019 19 Dec 2019 22 Dec 2019
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    For What About Bob, you must kill one of the game’s golden Ranger-class Elites, referred to as Bobs. These secret enemies spawn at random at certain locations throughout the game and immediately run away from the battle, disappearing after a few seconds. There are many in the game, with seven just in the Winter Contingency mission alone. Load up Winter Contingency - Rally Point Bravo on any difficulty (though I would suggest normal or higher). There are three that can spawn at the first settlement you reach after Rally Point Bravo (the one that you need to go into the building and clear out the Covenant), though only one of the three will spawn during any given playthrough. Starting from the rally point, hop into the transport vehicle and drive straight through the opening in between the buildings at this first encounter. Hop out of the vehicle and quickly go up the hill to the left so that you’re looking down over the rear exit. If any of these three Bobs spawned it will come running out the rear of the opening briefly after your arrival. Drop in behind it and assassinate it for the kill and the achievement.

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