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Halo Reach: Campaign

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Classic Completion

Halo: Reach: Complete Exodus without using any armour abilities.

Classic Completion-235.0
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Achievement Guide for Classic Completion

  • KeebyMKKeebyMK357,566
    04 Dec 2019 04 Dec 2019
    22 5 1 New
    This achievement sounds fairly tricky, but if you have two players (or two controllers), it's actually incredibly easy. Load up the mission on your preferred difficulty (I'll recommend Easy just for the achievement) and have the other player/controller blast through the mission as normal. The achievement should unlock at the end (it did for me). If the other player wants the achievement, just do it again and switch roles.

    I don't have a guide for doing this solo, but this is by far and away the easiest method.
  • tknologytknology794,857
    06 Dec 2019 06 Dec 2019
    16 1 3 New
    For those of you who want/need to complete this solo I've made a video depicting an easy route through the only section that seems like it requires an armor ability - the jetpack section. Make sure you do not accidentally use your sprint ability.

    There is no commentary for the video so a couple of things to note ahead of time:
    1. This can be done on Easy difficulty, so I recommend taking advantage of that.
    2. Make sure you pick up a gravity hammer from one of the two brutes in the area with the elevator. You will be needing to use it 6 times (or more if you mess up a jump) so make sure that you save at least 30% ammo as each use costs 5%.
    3. For jumps using the gravity hammer, swing the hammer right BEFORE jumping.
    4. For jumps using frag grenades, jump just BEFORE the grenade explodes and swing the hammer while you still have upward momentum.

  • SilverScorpion4SilverScorpion4100,002
    06 Dec 2019
    3 1 0 New

  • DarkWingSpartanDarkWingSpartan288,429
    Yesterday Yesterday
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    In addition to the solutions mentioned above, there is a third method that I discovered accidentally while working on a different achievement. If you start the game on the PC version with the anti-cheat feature disabled (which enables you to use mods, although none are required for this method), do the following:
    *Enable scoring or the timer and start the mission from the beginning (any difficulty should work, I was on Normal).
    *Play to the end of the level normally, using whatever abilities you want.
    *During the ending cutscene, press cn_start to bring up the menu (this will pause the cutscene, you don't want to skip it), and select Save/Quit.
    *Close the game and relaunch it with anti-cheat enabled (the only mode where you can earn achievements).
    *Select "Resume"
    Once the level loads, you should be taken to the postgame carnage report (which is why you need scoring enabled), and the achievement should unlock here. Playing the level in "mod mode" (as I call it) means you skip all the flags that would void the achievement, so you can sprint and jetpack around to your heart's content. Simple as that.
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