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101 Cremations

Set 101 Infected on fire.

101 Cremations+0.1
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Achievement Guide for 101 Cremations

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    This achievment can be completed easily, it may take a couple tries however as 101 cremations with 1 molotov is unlikely.
    It is easier to get more kills with molotovs when there are a large number of hordes around. In particular:
    ~After calling a rescue
    ~After being vomited on
    ~ Setting a car alarm off
    ~ or at a stage where a sound is set off or motion which attracts the horde.
    To kill them you can use either a molotov or petrol can; (found lying around - throw and shoot to explode) or shooting gas tanks. These all emit fire which are deadly to the infected and are most effective when the horde are alerted.
  • ExtraLargeEggsExtraLargeEggs35,061
    21 Apr 2009 22 Apr 2009
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    It's fairly simple to get this. One way is go into Survival mode, and do the campaign mission "Last Stand" Once someone throws the switch in the basement, a whole bunch of zombies will start coming. Go onto the roof of the building, then climb antoher ladder to get you to the highest point. There will be a bunch of molotovs. When you see a pack of zombies, throw 1 molotov, then pick up another one. Rinse and repeat. Redo this level about 3-6 times doing this and you'll get the acheivment.
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    You can follow this video or play survival on the lighthouse and through Molotov's which are on top of the lighthouse and gas cans which are in front of the lighthouse.
  • xXxbIgSaLaMixXxxXxbIgSaLaMixXxThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    17 Jul 2009
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    basically what you need to do is whenever you see a molotov pick it up.
    when you reach a crescendo action
    like calling rescue as the horde closes in throw the molotov in the center of the horde.
    do this over and over.
    You will NOT get this achievement with ONE molotov
  • PerdiptPerdipt116,740
    23 Oct 2010 06 Feb 2011
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    You can use multiple Molotov's for this achievement. Just shoot a car and then wait for the horde of zombies to come. Throw a Molotov at the horde and they'll all burn. Rinse and repeat a few more times to obtain this achievement.
  • jjbmarksmanjjbmarksman123,338
    04 Aug 2011 13 Aug 2011
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    ok, this is a very easy achievment just load up no mercy , the finale and pick up the pipe bomb chuck next to the safe room then chuck a molotov on them and u should at least get around 15 kills a time just quit and repaet till you get it.
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    i got this achievement around the begining of the third campaign. just whenever you see a molotov pick it up, if there are multiples pick one up and throw it then pick the other up.
    using molotovs on rescues, boomer vomits, or an incoming attack, seem to be the best times to use them.
    if you're playing with someone else have them throw a pipe bomb and before it goes off throw a molotov
    really easy achievement.
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