You Tampered achievement in Five Nights at Freddy's 2

You Tampered

Complete the custom night with all AIs set to 20.

You Tampered+1.0
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How to unlock the You Tampered achievement

  • MadMikeForeverMadMikeForever1,886,840
    29 Oct 2020 29 Oct 2020 29 Oct 2020
    42 6 22
    Found a way to skip nights! Can only be done on pc, but what you do is load up the night, while In that night move over to the left side with the toy Freddy poster, keep clicking on his nose till you hear a noise (the hit box is very tiny) leave your mouse on the nose then on your key board push D,C and +! It’s that simple! It will skip the night and you will have your achievements! Hope this helps anyone struggling with this achievement! And happy hunting y’all!

    Also keep in mind that for some weird reason the game won’t let you start up custom night After doing this for the other nights (at least it did for me anyway) so what I did was connected a controller to my pc to be able to actually start the nightmare , then quickly disconnected it so I could still use the exploit!

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    Archer Spenseprotip: if the + on the numbpad isn't working on your laptop/PC keyboard, find and press the 'num lock' key once and see if it starts working.
    Posted by Archer Spense on 26 Jan 21 at 15:18
    OneLonelyBagel6It works on Xbox aswell if you have a keyboard connected
    Posted by OneLonelyBagel6 on 03 Jan at 14:39
    The NegaterWhat OnelonelyBagel6 said.
    Posted by The Negater on 14 Jan at 15:08
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  • NickFury PlayerNickFury Player800,733
    27 Jun 2020 27 Jun 2020 27 Jun 2020
    13 0 11
    If you are looking for a solution or an easy method I'm sorry this is not it but I just wanted to show a run from illogicalJason which got me the achievement.

    Here's the link:

    After spending hours with my own methods I decided to change a little and as hard as it seems I managed to get the perfect night on my third try so I really recommend you to dissect every aspect of that and then try it for yourself

    Happy Hunting and good luck you will need it.
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    NickFury PlayerWell if you are limited to console and want to do it the hard way yes hours and hours to complete
    Posted by NickFury Player on 05 Nov 20 at 10:17
    Archer SpenseI have no idea how you managed to pull this off. I legit tried for @ 30 minutes and can count on one hand the number of times I made it to 1am. Never made it to 2 am. I'd quickly get overwhelmed by too many puppets at once and get killed by a Foxy I couldn't flashlight or the jack in the box ran out and got me. I'm impressed anyone can get this, but it seems way more luck than skill
    Posted by Archer Spense on 26 Jan 21 at 03:09
    NickFury PlayerSeriously trust me, skill is required to a perfection level in order to not having to deal with situations you can't get out of. But yes there is good amount of runs that can't be won because of the pattern that the animatronics move making you stuck with no way out.
    Posted by NickFury Player on 26 Jan 21 at 10:45
    21 Nov 2020 21 Nov 2020 21 Nov 2020
    8 2 0
    None of the solutions spell this out explicitly: for this achievement you need to select "Golden Freddy" at the bottom before you start the custom night. By default it says 20/20/20/20.
  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi3,088,423
    30 Oct 2020 30 Oct 2020 30 Oct 2020
  • k1r1llkak1r1llka793,545
    27 Aug 2021 31 Aug 2021 31 Aug 2021
    0 0 0
    Hello TA Sorry for the Google Translate, but i think my text clear enough. All the same, I passed that night. Passed after a strong dismoral. Why? Because I had an almost perfect attempt a couple of days ago, but due to the fact that the Khrenov hare did not want to get out of the pipe for almost 5 seconds, I did not manage to charge the box and the puppet blocked me in 2! Seconds to 6:00 (video below). There, I certainly did not light up in the camera, but I doubt that it would have saved me. But this is not about that.

    A successful attempt was today, On the 60th minute of the stream (Not the first of course). What conclusions and advice can I draw on the outcome of all trails that took exactly 20 hours.

    1. Random. Here, unlike the first part, he really is, and very strong. Foxy can jump out even if you do everything perfectly. In such cases, when he attacks you in several games in a row for no apparent objective reason, it is better to restart the game, you can even several times. It helped me a lot, after that the number of Foxy's random attacks dropped sharply.

    2. Charge the box. According to my observations, the higher the charge of the box, the less often you are attacked, especially the small ones from the ventilation. It happened that I kept the charge almost at maximum, no one attacked me 3-4 times in a row. The video will show it, especially in the last hour. Hence point 3.

    3. Holding a high charge. Through much trial and error, I found out that for each run you need to charge a little more than half of the CURRENT CHARGE, i.e. if you currently have a charge of about 3 (by analogy with a wristwatch), then you need to charge up to about 10. (Initially, I charged exactly half, but in some video I saw that the chelik charges more and it works). And they won't let you charge any more, because any animatronic from such impudence attacks when you leave the camera. But you need a little training to understand the balance, because if you spend more time in the cell you will get in the face, as I said, and even if you are lucky and no one will kill, then after removing the mask, Foxy will fly in. And if you sit for less, then there is a chance that a double attack will no longer allow you to recover (this does not apply to attacks when you are thrown out of the camera).

    4. Control of ventilation. The biggest problems for me were caused by the little freaks (not counting the barbecue with interference), because it is almost impossible to determine their departure by the sound (except for the same barbecue), if you overexpose the mask, you snatch it from Foxy, and if you do not hold it, then you have to put it on again, and this gives a reason to attack and Foxy for a long inactive or a hare and deprive you of the opportunity to charge the box.
    So, what methods I just didn’t try and listened to the sound and quickly counted to 30, and slowly to 5, times a Mississippi, two Mississippi. But only then it dawned on me that it was enough to turn on the stopwatch on the phone (and I checked to how many I can count in 5 seconds using the stopwatch, and why I didn't think of using the stopwatch right away) Maybe a coincidence, but how did I start using the stopwatch I did not have a single miss with the departure of small ones, yes, what can I say, I went through that night 3 times after that.
    So you see a yellow face or a balunboy, put on a mask, immediately hop your eyes on the stopwatch (let it work for you without stopping). 5 seconds have passed, remove the mask.

    Bottom line. In general, these tips are not a panacea, and it happens that enemies attack in such a composition that it is simply unrealistic to fight back, but nevertheless they minimize unforced errors and reduce the time to a successful attempt.

    Full stream with a successful attempt (Victory from 53:13) -

    Fail 2 seconds before the end of the night -
  • FaultyshadowFaultyshadow338,925
    06 Nov 2020 06 Nov 2020 06 Nov 2020
    3 3 2
    This achievement is fairly easy on PC, I’m going to assume you know the skip night trick that requires pc. Unlike what every YouTube guide so far claims, you do not have to plug your Xbox controller in to hit ready. Hit detection is terrible on FNAF2 so you have to click in between ready and extreme as seen in my video below.
  • sCoRpTanKsCoRpTanK475,025
    30 Oct 2020 30 Oct 2020 30 Oct 2020
    5 5 1
    There seems to be an Hitbox issue with the "Enter/Start" button. I wasn't able to start the game. Just Click around the "Enter" Button until you find the spot that actually click it. What worked for me is to go full screen and I had to click on the dark side of the screen like 1-2 inch to the right of "Enter"

    On PC, there is an Easter Egg that allow you to skip level with a simple Command.

    1 - Start the game
    2 - Put your Mouse on the left eye of Freddy's Poster
    3 - Hold "C" and "D" on your keyboard then press "+" symbol.

    Et voilà

    TLDR :
  • lucasgodfalllucasgodfall204,030 204,030 GamerScore
    08 Nov 2020 08 Nov 2020 08 Nov 2020
    2 3 0
    Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (WINDOWS-1O) - 100% Full Game Walkthrough.

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