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How to unlock the Zombie Genocidest achievement

  • TuronelTuronel219,424
    01 Jan 2009 01 Jan 2009 09 Nov 2013
    322 20 149
    There is an easy way to get this:

    Start up a campaign of No Mercy on the final chapter on EXPERT. Start by killing off your AI teammates and then grab a pipe bomb. Leave the safe room run up the stairs and into the hallway. Immediately throw a pipe bomb down the hall and then run back to the safe room. After the pipe bomb blows up run back up the stairs into the hallway. Next run back to the safe room and close the door behind you.

    A boomer, smoker, and hunter should spawn. Stand a good 3 or 4 steps back from the door and rubberband your controller's left trigger down. The boomer will constantly puke on you from the stairs summoning a horde of zombies every 45 seconds. you will melee them all to death.

    I rubberbanded my controller and left it on all night and got around 30k kills in one night. Did it again the 2nd night and got the achievement. Send me a msg if you have any questions :D Happy Hunting!

    Note: Be sure to go all the way back to main menu before quitting to dashboard. There are reports of people losing kills while quitting to dashboard from the loading screen.

    *Still works as of November 2013*

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    NaywynJThis still works as of 2019.
    If you're playing on Xbox One just plug in the controller via USB and it should still stay on.

    Another tip i have is that taping or rubber banding your triggers could ruin the springs in the triggers making them loose so what i would recommend is to change controller preset in the settings to "Config 3" which moves the melee button to RB and then you can just tape down the RB button and leave it on for the night until you earn the achievement.
    Posted by NaywynJ on 12 Jun 19 at 19:15
    Old ZengunnerAwesome solution! Thanks for the great time-saver!!
    Posted by Old Zengunner on 04 Dec 19 at 19:58
    xNewFieBoixI am currently working on this achievement now and using this method.Seems to be working as of right now, stay tuned for an update. I currently have 47 000 kills.

    Stay tuned for an update later today!!
    Posted by xNewFieBoix on 01 Jan at 20:15
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  • Cheezy CheezesCheezy Cheezes486,311
    03 Feb 2010 04 Feb 2010 12 Jan 2012
    51 5 3
    This is what i did,after the crash course dlc came out. You can also get the littlest genocide achievement on the way too. Using this method i racked up almost 2000 kills in an hour, and is i think way faster than the boomer trick in No Mercy. Just keep in mind you can only do this with the Crash Course dlc.

    1. first I signed in 2 controllers in the main menu.(my account and then you can sign in just a guest.)

    2. go into split screen versus, and choose crash course truck depot FINALE. Have your account as a survivor and the guest account as infected.

    3. First, kill all other survivors.(Note: you can do this either in the beginning of the level or wait to kill them when you reach the generator. personally i just killed them in the beginning, just to get more kills through the level and also to keep all 4 health packs by the generator at the end of the level, otherwise they will take the packs if you choose to kill them by the generator.) anyways proceed through the level as you normally would until you get to the generator. as for the other controller, DO NOT spawn as an infected. This makes things alot easier to where you can just rack up kills without worrying about specials. just let the contoller sit there beside you.

    4. Once you get to the generator and stocked up on health and ammo by the truck, only restart the generator ONCE ONLY, after that camp out at he other generator that is by the warehouse. (see video if youre unsure where this is) Now once you start the generator, 2 tanks will spawn, but do not worry, because the other controller is what is controlling the tanks. so when the spawn, grab the controller and take the tank over to where you are so that you can kill it without it attacking. you HAVE to do this rather quickly since you will notice that the controller will lose control of the tank if it does not attack within a certain time limit, but its plenty of time once you get the hang of it. do this for both tanks. after that the game will say to restart the generator. DO NOT do it. just camp at your corner and kill the horde that come to you. This is where you really rack up on kills. Each horde will consist of about 25-30 zombies and will come about every ten seconds, which gives you time to restock on ammo and health by the truck in front of you if you need. just keep doing this until you nab the achievement.

    i put up a link to a video to show what im talking about camping on top of the other generator. Notice how the zombies don't attack from your left side, They come around and try to climb the right side only. This funneling of zombies will make it easier to not get hit. Just shoot them and while you reload,melee to keep them off the generator. Once you get the hang of it, you wont need health for awhile, but if you do its in front of you by the truck.

    Saved me alot of time. hope this helps. credit for the video goes to cbkste.
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    Kez001Semi-idle boosting works here by holding an assault rifle (I got hit too much with pistols, didn't try the other rifles) and holding down the left trigger...occasionally you'll get punched, but on easy, it's only 1 damage. It's been a very handy spot so far while working on homework. Every 30 minutes or so, I check to see how my health looks and use a heal if needed.
    Posted by Kez001 on 11 Jun 13 at 16:17
    DrahkatNo longer works, when you get to end of the level in versus mode, the generator doesn't turn off for you to restart. It stays on until the car descends and so it doesn't work.
    Posted by Drahkat on 25 Mar 17 at 00:12
  • LAFTALAFTA541,512
    27 Feb 2011 27 Feb 2011 27 Feb 2011
    43 2 22
    This method only works if you have the Crash Course DLC (and a 2nd controller)

    This was the easiest method I found to get the kills quickly without actually having to play or tape down buttons etc... You just have to leave your xbox on for a few hours. Obviously you can also get
    Left 4 DeadThe Littlest GenocideThe The Littlest Genocide achievement in Left 4 Dead worth 67 pointsKill 5,359 Infected in the Crash Course campaign.

    Load up a versus match on the Crash Course finale, with yourself on the survivors and your second controller infected. Just rush through to the generator section with your main profile. Now you want to practice climbing the generator a few times. You just have to stand under the light bulbs and jump up the pole. Keep jumping until the bulbs/light itself is at eye level.

    Once you can confidently climb the generator, turn the power on and get climbing. Your second controller will soon be given control of the tank, ensure you walk it over to the survivors and get killed before you lose control. This will happen once more before the generator dies.

    Jump down when it's as clear as possible and re-start the generator, and get climbing again (quickly!). Now the 2nd controller will be given a tank again, this time go and kill the AI survivors, who by this stage should be in the back of the van. Once they are dead just stand the tank near enough to your main profile, so you don't lose control.

    Now the horde will just continously spawn and attempt to attack you, if you are positioned correctly ( you may have to play around with this a little bit, dead center seems to be best) they will fall over as they try and climb towards you, although you aren't killing them, they do count towards the achievement. Now just put your controller down and go to sleep or watch TV or whatever (watch the screen for a while just to make sure you aren't being hit). I'd estimate about 6 or 7 hours maximum, it may actually be much much quicker than that.
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    Assassin CorvoGreat guide-Best by far! Still works as of April '15 clap
    Posted by Assassin Corvo on 11 Apr 15 at 18:13
    LAFTACheers man.
    Posted by LAFTA on 12 Apr 15 at 02:15
    PunkRawkSoldierThis works like gangbusters. Also, if you spawn as a Boomer after the Tanks, you can get into position and puke on the survivor to draw more Infected in. Just a tip, don't do this in offline system link. I lost 10,000 kills when I had signed back into Live even though I had finished the level. In any case, great guide. This is definitely the fastest way to get the kills.
    Posted by PunkRawkSoldier on 13 Aug 15 at 02:58
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