Zombie Genocidest achievement in Left 4 Dead

Zombie Genocidest

Kill 53,595 Infected.

Zombie Genocidest0
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How to unlock the Zombie Genocidest achievement

  • TuronelTuronel224,965
    01 Jan 2009 01 Jan 2009 09 Nov 2013
    340 20 160
    There is an easy way to get this:

    Start up a campaign of No Mercy on the final chapter on EXPERT. Start by killing off your AI teammates and then grab a pipe bomb. Leave the safe room run up the stairs and into the hallway. Immediately throw a pipe bomb down the hall and then run back to the safe room. After the pipe bomb blows up run back up the stairs into the hallway. Next run back to the safe room and close the door behind you.

    A boomer, smoker, and hunter should spawn. Stand a good 3 or 4 steps back from the door and rubberband your controller's left trigger down. The boomer will constantly puke on you from the stairs summoning a horde of zombies every 45 seconds. you will melee them all to death.

    I rubberbanded my controller and left it on all night and got around 30k kills in one night. Did it again the 2nd night and got the achievement. Send me a msg if you have any questions :D Happy Hunting!

    Note: Be sure to go all the way back to main menu before quitting to dashboard. There are reports of people losing kills while quitting to dashboard from the loading screen.

    *Still works as of November 2013*

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    DefancinManBest method, can still do this in a couple of days as of 3/18/2022.
    Posted by DefancinMan on 18 Mar at 21:58
    PrioritiessStill works as of 3/20/2022
    Posted by Prioritiess on 21 Mar at 00:33
    FreakyROBig Ell, this still works as of 9/7/22.
    Posted by FreakyRO on 10 Jul at 18:17
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  • Cheezy CheezesCheezy Cheezes587,541
    03 Feb 2010 04 Feb 2010 12 Jan 2012
    61 5 5
    This is what i did,after the crash course dlc came out. You can also get the littlest genocide achievement on the way too. Using this method i racked up almost 2000 kills in an hour, and is i think way faster than the boomer trick in No Mercy. Just keep in mind you can only do this with the Crash Course dlc.

    1. first I signed in 2 controllers in the main menu.(my account and then you can sign in just a guest.)

    2. go into split screen versus, and choose crash course truck depot FINALE. Have your account as a survivor and the guest account as infected.

    3. First, kill all other survivors.(Note: you can do this either in the beginning of the level or wait to kill them when you reach the generator. personally i just killed them in the beginning, just to get more kills through the level and also to keep all 4 health packs by the generator at the end of the level, otherwise they will take the packs if you choose to kill them by the generator.) anyways proceed through the level as you normally would until you get to the generator. as for the other controller, DO NOT spawn as an infected. This makes things alot easier to where you can just rack up kills without worrying about specials. just let the contoller sit there beside you.

    4. Once you get to the generator and stocked up on health and ammo by the truck, only restart the generator ONCE ONLY, after that camp out at he other generator that is by the warehouse. (see video if youre unsure where this is) Now once you start the generator, 2 tanks will spawn, but do not worry, because the other controller is what is controlling the tanks. so when the spawn, grab the controller and take the tank over to where you are so that you can kill it without it attacking. you HAVE to do this rather quickly since you will notice that the controller will lose control of the tank if it does not attack within a certain time limit, but its plenty of time once you get the hang of it. do this for both tanks. after that the game will say to restart the generator. DO NOT do it. just camp at your corner and kill the horde that come to you. This is where you really rack up on kills. Each horde will consist of about 25-30 zombies and will come about every ten seconds, which gives you time to restock on ammo and health by the truck in front of you if you need. just keep doing this until you nab the achievement.

    i put up a link to a video to show what im talking about camping on top of the other generator. Notice how the zombies don't attack from your left side, They come around and try to climb the right side only. This funneling of zombies will make it easier to not get hit. Just shoot them and while you reload,melee to keep them off the generator. Once you get the hang of it, you wont need health for awhile, but if you do its in front of you by the truck.

    Saved me alot of time. hope this helps. credit for the video goes to cbkste.
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    DrahkatNo longer works, when you get to end of the level in versus mode, the generator doesn't turn off for you to restart. It stays on until the car descends and so it doesn't work.
    Posted by Drahkat on 25 Mar 17 at 00:12
    Afr Geo BlazeI do remember finding this same solution on my own, but I did it solo on easy.

    If I remember well, once you powered the generator and killed your teamates, you can use the spot to take down the hunter and smoker on your own.
    Once the boomer is down too, and if your IA teamates are dead (not just downed), the trio doesn't respawn, and the Tank doesn't appear as well, so you can melee the waves of infected without interruption after the generator is off.
    Posted by Afr Geo Blaze on 16 Jul 20 at 17:05
    XxLukzillaxXBest method! Still works on Oct 2020. But I did this on Solo. I rubberbanded my controller and left it on all day. No Smokers, Hunters or Boomers, only hordes. Thumbs up!
    Posted by XxLukzillaxX on 03 Oct 20 at 15:53
  • LAFTALAFTA554,981
    27 Feb 2011 27 Feb 2011 27 Feb 2011
    51 3 22
    This method only works if you have the Crash Course DLC (and a 2nd controller)

    This was the easiest method I found to get the kills quickly without actually having to play or tape down buttons etc... You just have to leave your xbox on for a few hours. Obviously you can also get
    Left 4 DeadThe Littlest GenocideThe The Littlest Genocide achievement in Left 4 Dead worth 69 pointsKill 5,359 Infected in the Crash Course campaign.

    Load up a versus match on the Crash Course finale, with yourself on the survivors and your second controller infected. Just rush through to the generator section with your main profile. Now you want to practice climbing the generator a few times. You just have to stand under the light bulbs and jump up the pole. Keep jumping until the bulbs/light itself is at eye level.

    Once you can confidently climb the generator, turn the power on and get climbing. Your second controller will soon be given control of the tank, ensure you walk it over to the survivors and get killed before you lose control. This will happen once more before the generator dies.

    Jump down when it's as clear as possible and re-start the generator, and get climbing again (quickly!). Now the 2nd controller will be given a tank again, this time go and kill the AI survivors, who by this stage should be in the back of the van. Once they are dead just stand the tank near enough to your main profile, so you don't lose control.

    Now the horde will just continously spawn and attempt to attack you, if you are positioned correctly ( you may have to play around with this a little bit, dead center seems to be best) they will fall over as they try and climb towards you, although you aren't killing them, they do count towards the achievement. Now just put your controller down and go to sleep or watch TV or whatever (watch the screen for a while just to make sure you aren't being hit). I'd estimate about 6 or 7 hours maximum, it may actually be much much quicker than that.
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    Assassin CorvoGreat guide-Best by far! Still works as of April '15 clap
    Posted by Assassin Corvo on 11 Apr 15 at 18:13
    LAFTACheers man.
    Posted by LAFTA on 12 Apr 15 at 02:15
    PunkRawkSoldierThis works like gangbusters. Also, if you spawn as a Boomer after the Tanks, you can get into position and puke on the survivor to draw more Infected in. Just a tip, don't do this in offline system link. I lost 10,000 kills when I had signed back into Live even though I had finished the level. In any case, great guide. This is definitely the fastest way to get the kills.
    Posted by PunkRawkSoldier on 13 Aug 15 at 02:58
  • Brenin WatsonBrenin Watson707,390
    27 Sep 2010 22 Jun 2010 07 Jan 2011
    37 4 0
    Chapters by kills-

    No Mercy- 550+
    Death Toll- 650+
    Dead Air- 800+
    Blood Harvest- 500+
    Crash Course- 250+
    The Sacrifice- 300+ (I just noticed it said "The Passing" Sorry about that.)

    [EDIT:] This is based off of three playthroughs for each map and I rounded them together.

    Dead Air is the best choice for kills because it has more moments that cause more zombies, such as metal detectors and stuff.
  • KARMAgoesHARDKARMAgoesHARD1,409,221
    05 May 2009 11 Jul 2009
    33 1 2
    There are two GREAT ways to get this, and a few longer ways. My first suggestion is:

    No Mercy Finale: Play on expert, and kill your teammates. Then switch it back to easy and clear the hallway above. Now go back to the saferoom, stand a foot or so away from the door, and melee. You can also use your play and charge kit + a rubberband and work on this overnight.

    Second suggestion:

    Survival Mode: You can download survival mode free off of the marketplace. For those who don't know what survival mode is a mode where endless zombies attack you. So start up a game with bots and play. Since you are playing with bots, you won't last a long time, so use all your healthpacks and molotovs/pipe bombs early to take out the zombies! You can probably get a few hundred every ten minutes or so. This can also be done with friends online- but if you are going for survival mode time don't use all your equipment right away ;).

    Third Suggestion(Mediocre one, the first two were the best):

    Play the finales over and over. Each finale only last fifteen minutes or so, usually less, and you can easily net around 100 kills in this time. Just play like you normally would, except die before going in the rescue vehicle. Stay out and fight, so you can net extra kills then restart the levelw ithout going back to the menu. The best levels for this would be Dead Air or No Mercy.
  • ST0RMTR00PER321ST0RMTR00PER321237,106
    17 Mar 2011 23 Jan 2011 24 Jan 2011
    34 3 6
    the easiest way to get this legit is to go to the sacrifice go to the last level and go to the bridge but DON"T RAISE IT, there will be infinite horde and special infected spawn, but no tank and they bottle neck. I got about 600+ kills from just doing this. hope this helps
    EDIT:I got 906 kills in 22 minutes so if this is a faster way give me a positive
  • The SharkopathThe Sharkopath660,052
    27 Jul 2009 26 Jul 2009 26 Jul 2009
    35 4 9
    Ok here's what I did. It appears to be the fastest way to get this achievement. I read what peeps above me wrote and i did a mix of all. I'll try to make it clear as possible. Here's the steps:
    1.) Play expert on No Mercy Rooftop Finale

    2.) Once game starts kill other survivors

    3.) Pick up a pipe bomb (and maybe auto shotgun to kill close up)

    4.) Go upstairs and throw the pipe bomb down the hall about half way.

    5.) Go back to safe room and get the other pipe bomb and repeat step 4.

    6.) Run back into the safe room and shut the door

    7.) Wait until you see the smoker and hunter that spawn and kill them, but NOT the boomer.

    8.) Sit back far enough away from the door so the boomer can't claw you, but can vomit on you.

    9.) Face the bars on the door and rubber-band the Left trigger on your controller down so you continuously melee the bars of the door.

    10.) Finally just chill. The boomer will vomit on you every 45 seconds or so and a horde of about 15 will show up. Basically by the time you melee the horde to death, the boomer will vomit again bringing more to you. And as long as you don't leave the room the smoker and hunter shouldn't reappear but they have on me before, so just kill them again and they shouldn't come back.

    ***Be sure to check it periodically because the boomer may move to a bad spot and unable to vomit you or something else may happen. I tried leaving it running all night and get the achievement that way but when I checked it in the mourning i was on the start menu and lost ALL my kills and was back at 10,000. Even though your character is swinging away the game thinks your not playing after so long of repetitive actions. So just move your player around every few hours or so and you wont run into that problem. Plus you may want to quit to main menu after you get a lot of kills so it saves where your at. I got it done from about 10,000 kills in around 16 hours of doing this method if you wondering. You get about a couple thousand every 30 min. If any questions message me and I'll try and help out. Hope this helps yall : )
  • JakeNificentJakeNificent218,163
    14 Mar 2011 18 Mar 2011 22 Mar 2011
    24 0 6
    I got this achievement by playing The Sacrifice. My father discovered this trick and by using it we got between 2k-6k zombie kills per hour.

    1) Load The Sacrifice Chapter 3 on easy or normal in single player

    2) Play normally. Activate the generators and kill the tanks. Take an M16, Pipe Bomb, another pistol and a Med-Kit. Scout the area for more Pipe Bombs, Med-kits, Pills, gas cans and ammo. There should be ammo and Med-kits near the generator in the courtyard.

    3) When the bridge lowers DO NOT RAISE IT! Raising it will cause tanks to spawn and your fun is over. Crouch down with the M16 and kill the never-ending hordes of standard infected that swarm you. If you placed gas cans, ignite them to save ammo. Special Infected will spawn and try to kill you so keep an eye out for them.

    4) When getting ammo, use the duel pistols and watch for the Specials (you can stun unters in mid-pounce with a well timed melee) they will tongue/pounce you if they can and the AI on the bridge are reluctant to leave to help. Boomers aren't an issue if you can kill them fast enough. If there are more Pie Bombs nearby, use the one you've got to make this step easier. After restocking run back to the bridge and repeat.

    Tips: Only heal if your health is yellow.
    Pain pills when your heath is red, the AI will heal you
    Burst-fire the M16 to save ammo and be the most accurate.
    The AI will eventually run out of primary and be forced to use their pistols, more kills for you as the range is shorter.
    I played Zoey as Bill and Louis are Special killing machines.

    I hope the guide helps.
  • leoth3b3a5tleoth3b3a5t49,513
    09 Dec 2009 11 Jan 2011
    21 0 1
    give this a try.
    1) start the no mercy finale
    2) play as usual with friends or alone your choice of difficulty
    3) once you summon the rescue vehicle, go into the jesus room
    4) go into the left corner facing the doorway and go idle
    5) after a few seconds this will then teleport you back to the safe room!

    a friend and i basically just grabbed two sniper rifles and picked off any and all infected that came down the hall. you do get more kills while doing this alone. and since the a.i. cant make their way back, its unlimited kills for you! (however long you last). now you will get tanks and other specials but luckily you can do this on easy and save hours of frustration.

    ALSO!: if you have trouble teleporting, try turning the flashlight off or looking down. if this has been patched in any way please let me know.
  • poochz0rzpoochz0rz260,792
    14 Jul 2010 14 Jul 2010
    27 7 1
    I was playing earlier, and found a somewhat of a solution to the achievement.

    Start a single player campaign. You're going to do No Mercy on Expert, on the rooftop finale. Once it loads up, grab a shotgun and kill off your fellow survivors. Expert makes them killable in 2 or 3 hits, so just start on there. You can now boot up the start menu and call a vote to change the difficulty to easy. You may need to change back if you end up messing up, which I found easy to do. Grab a pipebomb, shoot any zombies blocking you to the top of the steps. Chuck the pipebomb down the hallway. It'll kill all those zombies, and should trigger an attack/swarm, along with a Smoker, Hunter and Boomer. Go in the safe room and shut the door. Kill off all the common infected, and the Smoker and Hunter. Now, all you have left is a Boomer who will vomit on you, causing successive infected attacks.
    The trick is to have the Boomer either not or barely visible, as shown in this picture:
    External image

    Just make sure you're just close enough to the ammo to be able to restock without moving and you should be golden.
    It may take several tries. Sometimes the boomer comes up all the way the door and tries to smack you. Kill it, and new special infected will spawn eventually. All you do is wait for the swarm to show up, and blast the pump shotgun like four times across the door to wipe them all out. Rinse and repeat many, many times.
    I found the majority of my swarms to be 28 common infected, and sometimes 27. It'll still take a long time to get this achievement either way. It's very boring to use the same method for so long, but it can help a little. Hope this helps.

    I'm currently on 26,000 kills and bored out of my mind. :P
  • Doc ChopperDoc Chopper74,245
    17 Feb 2012 10 Feb 2012
    18 2 1
    Ok, first things first. This is not a solution, its an important note.

    After more than 3 years since release of the game i had built up my killcount up to about 38k kills in a legit way. But i recently cleared the chache of my harddrive in the Xbox system settings.

    Besides removing updates (on any game), this reseted the ingame kill counter. So i have to start all over again. Other ingame counters are effected on ths too by the way.

    Just wanted you to know.
  • BTipsBTips229,058
    27 Jun 2011 23 Jun 2011
    17 1 0
    Here's a solution I learned from the various solutions above me.

    Make sure to have a second controller for this. Have your second controller be the infected.

    Start Versus mode on the Crash Course level on Depot Finale and make it to the generator. Grab a weapon (preferably an assault rifle since it's more accurate) and another pistol so you have 2.

    As the human player, survive until the generator blows out. Make sure to guide your Tank 2nd controller toward the survivors so they can kill it.

    When the generator dies, run over and restart it and immediately begin jumping up the front of the generator until your right under the light. You'll be high enough up so that it will take the horde awhile to reach you.

    Now here's the crucial part: The Tank (your second controller) will need to be near a survivor or else it will turn into an AI Tank. Have your Tank placed behind the generator so that the bar won't go down. As long as you don't get off the generator the bar won't go down.

    Your AI partners will end up being inside of the truck so if you wish to kill them quickly with your Tank by attacking the side of the escape vehicle for the Wipefest achievement then go ahead but the survivors shouldn't be a burden since they'll be sitting in the truck.

    Now use your pistols and just keep hammering away at the zombies as they come. They will attack one and a while if your not fast enough but they only do 1-2 damage.

    I made the mistake of jumping off the generator to grab more assault rifle ammo when I didn't need it and I died from both the horde and the AI Tank.

    In about 5 minutes I managed to net about 200-300 kills using the pistols so it won't take long if your about 10k-15k left.
  • YOOPER 906YOOPER 906983,338
    02 Jul 2010 28 Apr 2015 28 Apr 2015
    10 0 0
    You can always try the Dead Air campaign. I don't remember which safe room it is, but one of them has a boomer inside. Now if you have a friend or a 2nd controller, have them go into the safe room with the boomer and close the door. Have him go up the ladder and all the way in the back right. The boomer will follow but he can't harm the other player. Now facing the safe room door on the outside, go left and crouch in the corner right next to the door. Every 15-20 seconds I had a group of about 20 run in towards the door. They rarely ran after me. The boomer will puke on the player spawning a group of zombies that will want to attack him. There will also be random groups of zombies that will run to the door. I don't remember if the ammo is inside the safe room or around the corner to your right. If it is in the safe room, only go and get it once you have killed the group of zombies. Quickly open the door, grab ammo, and close the door and go back in your corner. I believe it is a faster method then the No Mercy finale safe room, but it requires you to be active.
  • Marcus PigeonMarcus Pigeon446,395
    02 Dec 2011 28 Nov 2014
    10 0 0
    There is an alternative method to the boomer glitch mentioned by Turonel A47. It may not be as effective because there isn't a boomer constantly attracting zombies but it is easier to set up.

    Follow as I do in my video. (and do a better job of staying alive) sorry about the bad quality of the video
  • ZleekZleek457,375
    25 Jun 2014 12 Jul 2014
    10 0 0
    Hey guys, just wanted to upload my video guide. It's in a new series I've got where I take old(er) games and achievements and give you HD guides with in depth commentary on how to get some achievements. Feedback and requests are super helpful, thanks!
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