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One Night at Freddy's achievement in Five Nights at Freddy's

One Night at Freddy's

Survive the 1st night.

One Night at Freddy's0
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How to unlock the One Night at Freddy's achievement

  • Mr WhiteshirtMr Whiteshirt956,726
    02 Dec 2019 04 Dec 2019 04 Dec 2019
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    Here is a full video playthrough of the game

    And here is a write up for each night, I hope this helps!

    Night 1) Use this night to learn the controls: use the left stick to look left or right, LB brings up the monitor screen, A interacts with the lights on either door, B opens and closes the doors. Not much happens during the night, Foxy might show up at Pirates Cove at around 3:00 am so check there often. Bonnie (the rabbit) and Chico (the duck) will be active so check both doors regularly by turning on the door lights, if they are there quickly close the door. You can check if they are still outside by turning on the light while the door is closed. Bonnie (left door) will have an outline and Chico (right) will be standing outside the window. If they are there do not open the door. If they have left you are safe to open the doors to conserve power.

    Night 2) Much like night 1 so follow the same strategy as the previous night. The animatronics are only slightly more active so just keep your guard up and you will be fine.

    Night 3) This is where the game ramps up it's difficulty. Freddy (the bear) is now active this night. He follows a set path each night and is extremely predictable. CAM 1A to CAM 1B to CAM 7 to CAM 6 (audio only camera) to CAM 4A to CAM 4B then to your office. Looking at Freddy on the camera stops his movement into another room for a short time so always keep an eye on him in between checking door lights. As well as Freddy you need to look out for Foxy as well at Pirates Cove, much like Freddy looking at Foxy will stop him from moving to you. The strategy here to is check both doors (closing them if Bonnie or Chica are there) then check the monitors to look at Pirates Cove and Stage Show to keep Foxy and Freddy locked into their respective rooms. Rinse and repeat and you should end the night alive.

    Night 4) Much like night 3, however all of the animatronics are significantly more active during this night. There is an additional achievement here for making sure Foxy does not leave Pirates Cove, however if you follow the same strategy as night 3 both Freddy and Foxy will be stuck in their respective rooms.

    Night 5) Again, same strategy as nights 3 and 4. Check Pirates Cove and the Stage Show, check both doors (close when needed) and then repeat. The power will drain quicker during this night so you may run out if you are not careful or get really bad RNG. There is an additional achievement here for making sure Freddy does not reach CAMS 4A or 4B, this should be easy if you use the above strategy.

    Night 6) Once again using the same strategy as nights 3,4,5 you can get to the end. You may however run out of power part way through 5:00 am, this is okay just put down your controller and let the game play out. If you are far enough into the night you will complete the night before Freddy kills you.

    Night 7 (20/20/20/20 mode) This night is brutal, however there is an almost sure fire strategy you can use. Once the game loads in immediately go to the monitor and move it to CAM 4B. Do not move the camera from this location or you will fail the run. After moving the camera check both doors (close when needed) then check the monitor 3 times in a row quickly. Check each door once again and rinse and repeat for the next 9 minutes to survive the night. This achievement is extremely hard but if you keep trying you will get it.

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    LUCASLUNEEWORDdia 14/11/2020 o glicth de fechar a porta com B + o botao home/ start nao funciona mais.
    Posted by LUCASLUNEEWORD on 14 Nov 20 at 15:41
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  • LividMilkshakeLividMilkshake248,476
    29 Nov 2019 29 Nov 2019
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    Note - nothing majorly happens until 3am. Keep camera on the stage (to see when Bonnie and Chica are out to find you!) and pirate cove (Foxy did appear in mine and my friends play through!)

    Just make sure you utilise the door lights and door closings when needed!
  • Ø81chazØ81chaz220,382
    30 Oct 2020 30 Oct 2020 30 Oct 2020
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    Now if you don't want to play legit, I understand and this guide will help you clear all nights (1-7) with ease.
    When you start a new game, you want to look left and right with the left analog stick. The controls are very simple, with when looking at a door, cn_B is to close the door and cn_A is to turn on the door light. Now that you know the controls, here are the instructions.
    Look either left or right to either door and press B. Now as soon as you press B, immediately press the Home button on your controller. You will now see that the door is open and the pause menu is brought up. You will know the door is closed when the door light is green, not red. Do this for the other side and then wait out the hours and rinse and repeat for all the other nights and 20/20/20/20.
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    CheevohntingThis still works as of now
    Posted by Cheevohnting on 31 Oct 20 at 03:39
    Sneaky G WizardThis is maybe the worst game I have ever played. I just don't get what the fuss is about but I supoose that's how it is with cult followings
    Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 31 Oct 20 at 18:45
    HEYOOOSadly this has been patched and no longer works
    Posted by HEYOOO on 01 Jan at 16:46
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