What Are You Trying to Prove? achievement in Left 4 Dead

What Are You Trying to Prove?

Survive all campaigns on Expert.

What Are You Trying to Prove?0
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How to unlock the What Are You Trying to Prove? achievement

  • ChOpSy DGChOpSy DG224,118
    08 Dec 2011 09 Dec 2011 01 May 2015
    141 5 69
    *Still works on April 2015, on all stages!

    My solution is inspired by two gamers who have a cheat for achievement " Untouchables ". It's very easy !

    Works with the latest game update !

    - To begin, start the campaign from chapter 1 on easy mode, and go to the last safe room.
    - When the last chapter is loaded, the gamer who want the achievement must return to the main menu. More than one player can get it at the same time, as long as the host stays in the game.
    - The host must call the emergency vehicle for the first time, the other players must then quickly join the game and as soon as their gamertag appears on screen, the host must call the emergency vehicle again. This step has to be done as fast as possible for it to count !
    - The host play the finale alone with AI bots, and when the second Tank is killed, the host must change the difficulty to expert.
    - As soon as the vote is passed, all players must push RT to appear, go to the vehicle and Oubaaah! Achievement unlocked !!!

    Excuse me for my language, i'm french, and i bet that if we get the achievement to unlock that way, i write on TA ^_^ special thanx for my friends Wicelow!

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    MidnitePizzamonCareful not to go in too early or it won’t pop. Dying also kept me from getting the progress on one campaign.
    Posted by MidnitePizzamon on 02 May 20 at 03:16
    fez34still works as of may 2020
    Posted by fez34 on 28 May 20 at 00:00
    KimiHeBaStTSBSAnyone up for these achievements?
    Posted by KimiHeBaStTSBS on 10 Nov 20 at 07:16
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  • QuarantaneQuarantane134,105
    04 Jul 2009 02 Jul 2009 09 Mar 2014
    111 16 48
    For those who want to use a glitch for this, the dashboard glitch has been patched.

    HOWEVER there is a new glitch that will make things alot easier, and is similar to the glitch.

    EDIT: This glitch still works as of March 10th, 2014. Thanks MiserlyPluto459 for telling me about that.

    I would suggest at least trying this legit, although you should plan at least 3 hours+ for each mission to do it legit. My average time for doing it legit was 2-4 hours with my record times still being 1-3 hours so it will take some time, but it is rewarding to know you got one of the most difficult achievements legit. I would post my tips and a guide for doing it legit, but there are already several guides for that.

    To do the glitch you must:

    1) Start whichever level you need for the achievement at the start on EASY.
    EDIT: You MUST be in the game lobby for this to work. I had someone join during the second chapter of No Mercy, and he did not get the achievements.

    2) Rush as fast as you can until you get to the final saferoom (the start of the finale). Do NOT take the bar off the saferoom, or even open the door.
    EDIT: Some people have told me that opening the saferoom door does not effect the glitch, but every time I have used it I have left the bar on the door.

    3) Vote to Return to Lobby

    4) Start the FINALE of the same level you ran through on EXPERT.

    5) Beat the Finale, get on the rescue vehicle.
    EDIT: In order to get the achievement you MUST make it onto the rescue vehicle, if someone gets in and you miss it you will have to start the entire process over again, meaning you cannot simply reselect the finale, you will have to run through the whole time.

    Achievement won.

    This glitch works for anything that the dashboard glitch worked on, and any achievement that requires you to play the entire campaign.

    Achievements that you can win using this glitch (but you do need to go through the finale and earn these):

    Do not Disturb
    Stomach Upset
    Akimbo Assassin
    Stand Tall
    Safety First
    Nothing Special
    Zombicidal Maniac
    What are You Trying to Prove

    EDIT: Sorry for those who would like help from me but I can't run through these achievements anymore. But if you need any further explanation send me a message.

    GT: Quarantane
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    LuminousOrdoI made a 10 step guide to do a glitch that's similar to The Dashboard Glitch and it still works so check it out. Its by far the easiest glitch to do.
    (*I'm not claiming to be the one that came up with the glitch*)
    Posted by LuminousOrdo on 12 Mar 14 at 05:57
    LuminousOrdoThe guide works using Two, Three or Four players. If your brother or someone you know has a Xbox you can get two copy's of the game and do it by yourself.
    Posted by LuminousOrdo on 12 Mar 14 at 16:52
    Golden Hawk255This still works as of 8 Feb 2015
    Posted by Golden Hawk255 on 10 Feb 15 at 20:46
  • Doctor CaligariDoctor Caligari88,560
    25 Apr 2009 07 May 2009
    58 2 11
    Since the finales are the hardest I will cover those. But first some basic tips for expert:

    a.) Watch Your Fire, Francis!: If you find yourself friendly firing constantly or even on occasin, simply take a deep breath and take your finger off of the trigger. Find other ways to dispatch zombies when your friends are in your field of view. Meleeing when a zombie is close to some one is always advantageous to shooting.

    b.) Peelz! Always stock up on any health that you can find. A good strategy at the end of any level is to kill anyone still standing that has below fifty percent health, as they will come back with fifty. If you kill them in the safe room you will be able to keep molotovs/pipebombs, etc.

    c.) I hear a hunter!: Keep full captions on, they alert you to any incoming special infected as well as incoming hoards.

    Now onto those finales:

    1. No Mercy: Using the "Jesus Room" is your best bet, from here (once the last tank dies) rush to the helicopter pad and shoot anything that moves until you can board.

    2. Death Toll: Using the "Jesus Rock" is another (almost) guaranteed bet. You will have to get lucky with the tanks, or you can pump them full of lead and hope for the best. One thing about this strategy is to conserve ammo since the next nearest stash will pretty much always get you killed. Have one person watch from the rock into the water, which is where most smokers come from. When the boat arrives, hightail it to the dock and wait for the boat to fully pull into harbor.

    3. Dead Air: By far the hardest finale (but I did it with 2 bots and an unknown). Holding out by the closet is a good strategy, as it offers great lines of sight and good room for kiting the tank when he comes. A good place to kite the tank is on the crashed airplane infront of you. Have one or a couple of people have the tank chase them as the others shoot. One downside to this place is the trek back to the airplane after the last tank, but if you run as soon as the tank dies and everyone is in decent condition you'll make it no problem.

    4. Blood Harvest: A great camp spot is in the barn. It has ammo and sometimes other goodies. But before the group heads over make sure to scavange the house for anything(normally there isn't anything). Once in the barn go to the second story and go in the back right corner as you get off the ladder. By having two people cover the whole in the wall and the other two covering the rafters and the ladder you will cut through anything that comes at you. Just call out and get ammo whenever you run low. For tanks have your crew hang tight and have ONE person run onto the left rafter. This person needs to kill any remaining special infected and can be equipped with any weapon type. By having one person do this it glitches the tank and he will run in tiny circles on the first floor. The person on the rafter can unload and kill both tanks with ease. When the vehicle comes just jump through the whole to your right and walk right up the ramp.

    Hope this helps anyone.
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    I have beaten death toll, dead air, and no mercy. I just need blood harvest. If anyone is interested please please please find me on xbox live or send a message. My friends are getting tired of trying blood harvest. I can get to the finale, around the second tank, but just can't cash in. I just need to survive that campaign and rack up 9,000 more kills for genocidest.

    Posted on 21 Jan 10 at 07:54
    QuarantaneI don't know if you have heard or not but there is a "Jesus" spot on Blood Harvest that has been discovered, it is behind a tree in the back.

    As with waiting in the hero closet of Dead Air it is a bit of a walk to the rescue vehicle, but I just did it with someone I didn't even know who asked for my help.
    Posted by Quarantane on 23 Jul 10 at 00:04
    AverageZombie90Doing Blood Harvest solo is a pain, but using what Doctor said it is manageable. Go into the barn and sit by the hole in the barn. eventually an A.I. will come take over and you watch the ladder and rafters. They are usually good about taking care of the common infected. You must watch the ladder a little closer because all the special infected will climb it, except a hunter on occasion will come through the hole. When the tank comes I found it best to stay put and look for him. You can usually shoot him from a distance, however, as soon as he climbs the ladder or is going to come through the hole in the wall RUN! Once he is dead usually you arn't too far from the barn and can get back in position before the next wave. Once the rescue vehicle comes stay up top until the common start getting up there, by that time the rescue vehicle should be there. just jump through the door and walk right on in. I recommend you use the auto shotgun for this finale.
    Posted by AverageZombie90 on 01 Oct 11 at 14:57
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