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Survive 20/20/20/20 mode.

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How to unlock the 20/20/20/20 achievement

  • CaptainK0ala11CaptainK0ala11269,901
    05 Jan 2022 05 Jan 2022 05 Jan 2022
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    20/20/20/20 mode functions identically to nightmare mode, but amps up the difficulty, particularly in the difficulty of the Nightmare animatronic at 4-6 AM. I will discuss some tips on how to beat 20/20/20/20 mode, as not knowing a proper strategy will often leave players dying immediately to the Nightmare animatronic as soon as 4 AM rolls around.

    12 AM - 4 AM
    From 12 AM- 4 AM, you must be extremely proactive, particularly with keeping Foxy away from the closet for as long as you can. You will need to rotate between the left and right doors constantly in order to keep Chica and Bonnie at bay and to prevent Foxy from reaching the closet door. Foxy's footsteps are easily distinguishable from Chica's or Bonnie's, as they are extremely quick and light. You must assure that you check behind you frequently as well, otherwise Freddy will kill you. By running towards the door Foxy is being heard from, you can prevent him from entering the closet until 4 AM if you are extremely diligent and lucky. However, on most runs, I found that I could only keep Foxy at bay until around 3 AM. Foxy entering earlier than 3 AM is not necessarily terrible for your run, but it will force you to be much more conservative with the time you spend in each area.

    4 AM - 6 AM
    Starting from 4 AM, Nightmare will appear. Nightmare is extremely aggressive in 20/20/20/20 mode, and far more unforgiving than in Nightmare mode. Listen closely for Nightmare's footsteps, and make sure you wait for at least a second or two after his footsteps end to make sure he does not switch sides again. Do NOT flash your flashlight to confirm he is at the doors, as the time it takes to flash your light and then close the door will more often than not result in your death, as there is a very short time window for you to react. If you hear Nightmare laughing, do NOT immediately run to the closet or check the bed, as he will often 'fake laugh,' which is indicated with footsteps after the laugh. If there are footsteps after the laugh, it means you are being tricked and he is not at the closet or bed, he is actually at one of the doors. Laughter with no footsteps after, however, means he is in fact either in the closet or the bed behind you. To stop Nightmare when he is on the bed, just flash your flashlight until he disappears. When Nightmare is in the closet, you can afford to quickly flash just to confirm he is there and immediately close the closet door after, as the closet door has a faster closing animation than the doors. Good luck, and remember to be patient and keep at it; Nightmare killed me 5+ times at 5 AM before I got my winning run.

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    ScreenSingerXThis is driving me insane. I keep dying either right at 4AM, or deep enough into 5AM that I was likely seconds from winning. And it always happens in one of two ways. 1) He runs to the left door (specifically the left for some reason), I go and close the door, and as I'm waiting for his footsteps again I just die. This one often happens just seconds into 4AM. 2) He laughs with no footsteps after, and before I can turn around to check the bed or run to check the closet, I die. At one point, this happened before the sound effect for his laugh was even finished playing. This is the one that always happens toward the end of 5AM. Almost a dozen times now, I've been seconds from winning, only to have to spend the next half hour dicking with Foxy just so I can get back into position to lose all over again.

    It's especially frustrating because following this guide is what got me through Nightmare (specifically the part about not wasting time on the light). So it feels like I've got the skill down, but the RNG is just never going to be on my side.
    Posted by ScreenSingerX on 30 Apr at 12:40
    CaptainK0ala11Hello, trust me, I know the feeling, dying many times at 5 AM before I got my winning run. There is definitely an RNG component in this night, with Nightmare killing you for seemingly no reason sometimes. However, I will give you a couple of recommendations based on the problems you listed. For issue 1) I would recommend waiting for a second to make sure he is running to the left side before you run towards the door, as he might have had footsteps running to the right afterwards that you couldn't hear because of your own footsteps running. For issue 2) that seems like it is just one of Nightmare's RNG components that screwed you over. However, I recommend that if you have not heard footsteps for a while you should probably check your closet/bed as he is probably there waiting to laugh in just a second or two, that's what I usually did. Good luck, persistence in FNAF games is key, personally I struggled immensely with FNAF 3 aggressive nightmare, but again it just came down to trying over and over with a good strategy to win.
    Posted by CaptainK0ala11 on 01 May at 03:06
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  • grizzly861grizzly861400,959
    30 Apr 2022 01 May 2022 01 May 2022
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    The guide above is truly great for the actual "guide" to the night.
    I wanted to throw some tips into my own guide to perhaps help people with the "4-6AM" segment.
    The most important thing is I highly recommend a stopwatch on your phone or whatever you can use. Every night is 6 minutes in real time, bringing the hours to a minute each.
    The reason this is super helpful is for two reasons:
    1) Knowing how close to 4AM you are for when it switches over.
    2) Knowing whether or not you can allow Foxy in if you need to, assuming you're close to 4AM.
    As for the actual tips when it comes to 4AM onwards, I STRONGLY recommend taking a clip of the last 30 seconds before your death, this helped me very much. My friend and I were both doing it at the same time, and to be able to have a peer review your death or even just looking over it yourself, you can sometimes see why you died when you did.
    I found out I was just being too slow because of my controller not wanting to either run to the door or immediately close it. I have a solution.
    When running to a door keep tapping cn_B so your character closes the door immediately, and then hold it. The SECOND you hear footsteps away from the door run back to the bed by spamming cn_LB. Just repeat this and I managed to complete it.

    With this guide, I have completed the original four games starting in early December 2020. I completed FNAF 1 in around a week by 12/11/2020. I ran through the majority of FNAF 2 and 3 in December also but got stuck on 10/20 and Aggressive Nightmare for over a year and a half, until I completed FNAF 2 on 4/9/2022, then FNAF 3 on 4/23/2022. With this completed on 4/30/2022, I have finished this game also in under a week. I did write a guide for beating Ennard on Sister Location, and a guide on FNAF 2 10/20.
    Anyway, good luck everyone, and have a good day!
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