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Nothing Special

Survive a campaign with no Survivors taking damage from Special Infected.

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Achievement Guide for Nothing Special

  • xraySWANxraySWAN78,778
    18 Oct 2009 16 Oct 2009 11 Jun 2012
    114 7 33
    This is an easy one to get by yourself and *ONLY if you have the Crash Course campaign downloaded. Also note that this is a very cheap way to get this achievement and should only be done if you've tried getting this achievement for hours and hours and hours and days and days and you'd rather burn your house down than try for this achievement legit again.

    * According to Beer Pottz you can get this achievement in any campaign so give it a try if you want. Keep in mind that Crash Course is only 2 chapters so regardless it'll be quicker in that campaign.

    Here's what to do:
    Play a split screen versus match on the Crash Course campaign. Controller 1 is the account you want to get the achievement with, controller 2 is the guest. Play as the survivors on controller 1 and as the infected on controller 2. Never spawn the infected on controller 2 and blaze through chapter 1. When it's controller 1's turn to play as the infected, just kill off the survivors. End of round one.

    Do the same thing for chapter 2 and you're done. The finale can be a little tricky so if you want extra tips, please read on.

    When you start the finale, just destroy zombies like you were born to do. Eventually controller 2 will spawn as a tank. Grab the controller and walk the tank over to the survivors and then kill it with controller 1. When the tank dies, controller 2 will automatically spawn as an specially infected (more than likely it will be a boomer if you haven't spawned an infected yet). Move the specially infected somewhere out of sight and get a good sense of where that location is from controller 1's perspective. Eventually controller 2 will spawn as a tank again and the specially infected that it used to be will now be controlled by the computer.

    **This is where it can get tricky!**

    With controller 1, QUICKLY find that location where the specially infected was and kill it before it hits one of the survivors. Then grab controller 2 and walk the tank to the survivors and kill it with controller 1. If you take too long trying to kill that roaming specially infected, the tank's "not attacking" meter will go down and then it will be controlled by the computer. Then you got issues as the tank will more than likely hit one of the computer survivors as they don't seem to know how to avoid the tank as you are probably aware. Once you've killed the tank, power up the generator again if you haven't already and that should do it. Get in the truck and achievement unlocks.

    **Edit - It's been confirmed by several people that witches do not affect this achievement.
  • Xx NTAEndar xXXx NTAEndar xX71,234
    04 Jan 2009 04 Jan 2009 08 Jan 2012
    73 12 16
    You will need 4 good players total for this probably. (Most efficient) and play Easy.

    Play any campaign, one that you all want to practice.
    I believe Blood Harvest to be easiest.

    Rush, and move swiftly, whilst staying close together, especially when Hunters, Smokers, and Tanks are nearby.

    Spam melee when Hunters and Smokers are nearby to hit the hunter or your ally to release them quick enough to avoid damage.

    Smokers grabbing you, will not do damage until he is next to you or traps you against an object.

    Hunters don't do damage until a little bit after they pounce you.

    Boomers can only damage you by melee which doesn't happen often. NORMAL INFECTED DAMAGE AFTER BEING VOMITED/EXPLODED ONTO DOES NOT COUNT. That is commonly not known...

    Tanks damage you by melee or thrown objects. Kill them by everyone shooting him quickly. Molotovs help. Make sure to use pipebombs and molotovs to keep infected away or else they will flank you and trap you so the tank will hit you.

    Witches can be avoided or killed with shotgun, your parties choice. When they run past someone and stun them, it does not count. Apparently witch damage doesn't count. I'm not sure if this was always this way or in an update. Let us know if it works for you even when getting hit by a witch.

    UPDATE: This can also be done on the DLC map Crash Course. It is much easier since there are only 2 chapters.
  • x Mikey xx Mikey x105,663
    18 Jun 2009 18 Jun 2009 11 Mar 2012
    61 3 35
    Dead Air

    Play through taking special damage if you want, when you get to Chapter 5 (start of chapter 5 in safe room) return to lobby and start the game again on Chapter 5, then play through Chapter 5 taking no damage from the special infected

    Guarunteed to work, not sure if it only works on Dead Air or can be done on other campaigns..
  • AnsarumAnsarum36,772
    14 Feb 2009 10 Apr 2009 09 Jul 2009
    51 5 4
    you need 4 decent players to try doing this! and do it on easy... the special infected just stand there waiting to be killed!

    YOU HAVE TO DO IT IN A SINGLE RUN 1-5 NO SPECIAL DAMAGE! if you happen to get hit vote to return to lobby and start over

    Blood harvest is the best campaign to try it on because of the open spaces and not many hiding spots for the infected.

    Full captions is your best friend when doing this achievement. when you see a special pop up on your screen everyone huddle up and look for it. If your using the AI trick with bill then gather around him. Other then that rush through hordes and stick together as if you were on advanced or even expert (aka KEEP EVERYONE IN SIGHT AT ALL TIMES!!!!!)

    Bill is a special killing machine so if you have a "noob" (or the weakest player) on your team make him bill and "take a break" MAKE DAMN SURE he has an assault rifle/smg or he wont pick off specials... also make sure that someone is watching the AI... if they start to do something stupid correct them then go back to "take a break" mode DO NOT AI ANYONE ELSE THEY WILL KILL REGULAR INFECTED BEFORE SPECIALS!!!

    Another big thing with the AI "take a break" is that they are RETARDED with tanks and witch. MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE GAME WHEN A TANK OR WITCH COMES UP

    you preferably want this set up: 2 smg(bill), 2 shotty but when upgraded: 1 hunting, 2 shottys, 1 assault(bill)

    when a tank pops up everyone shoot it... its easy so if everyone gets a shot in its D.E.D dead. For people who dont understand the Tank AI just stand about 20 feet away at all times he cant punch you and wont throw. he only goes after the one that is causing him the most pain so if that's you, run AND shoot, everyone else take your time and aim until he comes after you.

    a witch in your path is easy... if you have an auto shotty then CrOwn her and move on... but if you don't have the balls to do that or you didnt listen to me above use a Molotov and run like hell! he will only stay alive for 10 seconds and full captions will tell you when she is dead. no Molotov? If you can do it right you can use a pipe bomb... it stuns her for 3 seconds so everyone can unload on her and not take damage but its a little risky.

    Chapter 1: Woods
    MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 2 OF EACH WEAPON. After you run up the hill and take care of the zombies there are usually a few specials next to the fallen log on the right. Hunters and smokers love being there. So gather up and wait for them to show up smokers are usually to the right...hunters could be anywhere but after that there is usually a boomer before the bridge and some specials just outside of the "ammo trailer" its pretty straight forward. but if you would like to see the first video shows where they usually show up.

    Chapter 2: the tunnel
    make sure to check the back of the first hall for supplies like in the second video. Use the first door because the boomer may be in the other room and if you go out the window he will try to catch up making it an easy kill. just before the emergency door there might be a tank... just stay up top and shoot him. If you need to get off the platform use the shelves below to jump off, just stay away from the forklift and the pallet jack if you do go to the floor. if you do check for supplies DO NOT SEPARATE. If you upgrade weapons make sure you get the upgraded setup (1 hunting, 2 shottys, 1 assault(bill))Then go to the alarm door and get bill out of AI and gather onto the generator and melee... if all but 1 crouch you can shoot the specials as they come. also 1 PERSON PUNCH STRAIGHT DOWN!! The hunter can and will still pounce so if one person punches straight down the hunter cant do any damage. Its best to go up because the witch loves the door, and if shes there ohh well you avoid her. and SMOKERS CAN PULL THROUGH THE GRATE. So look below if yo see a smoker alert on full caps. when going through the tunnel use the right...not like in the 2nd video. Just make sure all specials are dead before jumping off... but the small area makes the specials come to you. if there is a tank like in the video just run backwards all together and gun him down.

    Chapter 3: the bridge
    go right and check the room for supplies when your outside check above for smokers and hug the left side of the map. The video explains why. If there is a tank here RUN TO HIM this way he wont use the tree as a projectile. The video was lucky. When you get into the train yard hold out in the barn to the right. Then make you way to the house and EVERYONE go to pull the switch... once that is set quickly make your way to the bridge and hold out on the bridge very close together... specials come out a lot on this part then safe room. there may be a witch at the top but that's why you make a stand on the bridge if you do hear a witch moaning then stay at the bottom half. once you get up to the top be very careful of specials they love the safe room.

    Chapter 4: the train station
    watch to the right for specials and IGNORE THE BARN if you have been playing well you wont need anything from there if a tank does appear then head in the direction of the safe room so that the tank doesn't use a tree that is next to the train station. once you see the dead cow watch for specials this is the first point they like. if you get a tank on the train then just run and gun... this is why the hunting rifle should be the last to jump. the train station is another place specials love to be so use caution. DO NOT GO INTO THE TRAIN STATION. its just another trap and you have plenty of equipment. the house on the right is a good place to look though. once you get to the 3 story house you have 2 options 1) go through the house OR 2) jump over the rail and hug the left side of the map... its a little trick i learned from friends. 2 is a better option if there is a witch nearby. After the house you should be home free just keep a watch on your back because there my be hunters or a smoker.

    Chapter 5: farmhouse finale
    good job for making it this far. This is the bitch though, leave the room and watch for specials behind the train then climb up. if you get a tank just run and gun back. watch around the corner because a lot of specials like being there. and then the dreaded corn field. make sure to try and piss of the tank BEFORE you drop in if you get one. if someone does get in and then sets off the tank throw a Molotov, the fire will help everyone see where he is. Once everyone is down run to the left of the map. There is a straight view and no corn! once you get to the house STOCK UP! use med packs, get pills and grenades. EVERYONE needs either a HUNTING RIFLE OR SHOTGUN i suggest 2 and 2. Once everyone has everything push the button the first time. Then head to the barn on the left of the house. It has ammo and a big spotlight on the front. Once everyone is there call the rescue and join them. Special infected will use the ladder and the hole in the side. Those are the ONLY 2 spots if you stay to the left of the hay bails. Shotguns should take care of the regulars and hunting rifles watch for specials and melee. When tank music starts reload and wait once you see him FIRE with hunting rifles and shottys you should take him down before he can swing once. Just STAY AWAY FROM THE EDGES when he comes its usually where the ladder is but where the horde climbs. repeat for the second tank and horde. after the second tank hold out in the barn still the truck will park right outside the front. Jump out the top and into the truck.

    ka thunk achievement unlocked!
  • hsBEATNGU36hsBEATNGU3661,440
    14 Jul 2009 14 Jul 2009 20 Jul 2009
    30 10 12
    This and Stomach upset are not as hard as they sound. Set up Dead Air on easy play until you get to the begining of chapter 5. ( In safe room, Dont open safe room door.) Return to lobby. All prior special attacks are gone. Start at chapter 5. Don't get hit by any special and you will get Stomach Upset and Nothing special. To ensure you do not get hit, Hide behind the plane you board at the end, on the hump, on the border of the map. When the tanks come move foward, right agaianst the plane and it will get stuck,(shoot them from under the plane) get on the plane after the 2nd tank and bam, two achievements easy.

    Message me on xbox if you want me to help you, free of charge.
  • o SeduLOUs oo SeduLOUs o512,347
    15 Jun 2009 10 Feb 2011 11 Apr 2011
    20 0 2
    A solution that uses the glitch but doesn't need four players:

    Play on Dead Air in a multiplayer lobby but set it to private and play up to the last chapter without worrying about taking damage from Specials.

    Once the last safe room loads up, before opening the door to go to the plane vote to return to lobby.

    Without leaving the lobby reload the game on the last chapter.

    Take all the AIs up the ramp behind the plane and don't take any damage from specials from this point onwards. The AIs are pretty good at taking out the specials from a distance, so nothing should get anywhere near you up the ramp. If you move down towards the front of the plane at tank spawn time it will more than likely get stuck on the other side and you can crouch and shoot it. If it does find it's way round just keep your distance and take it out easily on easy difficulty.

    I popped it like this on first attempt when doing it for a friend.
  • LX1967LX1967120,498
    16 Mar 2011 16 Mar 2011
    13 1 4
    Easy get it, playing Versus off line.

    Yesterday, I was trying to do the 4 kills with tank, with two controlers on a Versus Crash Course, and, when playing the survivals, at the end i get the achivement.

    Just don't spawn with the infected during the game, and when you get control of the tank, simply put him in front of the survivers to kill him, avoiding his loss of control.
  • GWS ZedmanGWS Zedman122,676
    08 Sep 2010 08 Sep 2010
    12 0 0
    Not really a full solution but just a tip for the people who are doing it the versus way with another controller. If you don't feel comfortable Cr0wning the witches, just spawn the special infected next to the witch and punch her for a little bit. This should at least weaken her to the point where you can cap her with a regular shotgun and not make it as difficult to cap her. I noticed that the AI director does a pretty good job with spawning the witches directly in your path so this may make things a little easier.

    Good luck!
  • ToxicPancake 88ToxicPancake 8860,759
    12 Sep 2010 16 Mar 2011 17 Mar 2011
    14 3 5
    There is a really easy way to get this on your own in about 30 minuites:

    1) load up an easy game for dead air

    2) play through as normal untill you reach part 5

    3) When in the safe-room before the finale on part 5 call a vote to return to lobby

    4) change the map to part 5 again and load it up taking a hunting rifle

    5) now from here on you need to be careful, head to the plane and set it off being careful for the SI

    6) after setting it off head up behind the plan on the hill, the AI will take care of the horde, stay back and keep a look out on the wall to your left for smokers, hunters and boomers shuld be no problem

    7) when the tank back up to the top of the hill and open fire on him with your rifle, on easy he should die no problem and the tail section of the plain will block his rock throw attack

    8) keep doing this untill the plane opens and *beep boop* achievement unlocked

    NOTE this trick will also work with unlocking many other campaign achievements like "Stomach Upset" "Safety First" "Unbreakable" etc so if you want to unlock these legit I recomend saving this "Nothing Special" trick till last ;)

    heres my own personal video linked if you want to see it in action
  • Sons O AnarchySons O Anarchy69,091
    26 May 2011 27 May 2011
    11 0 0
    For this solution you will need:
    1. Crash course campaign DLC
    2. 2 Controllers
    Make a friends only game and have the account which you want the achievement pick human. Start up the game and rush to the safe house. When it switches to the guest account, just use him to kill all the survivors and make it quicker for you to play again. (Because you have a second player on the infected side, no special infected will spawn except for you) Eventually you will reach the finale. Here you CAN get hit by a tank. This is what you have to do.

    When the guest account becomes the tank, try running as far away as possible so that when you lose control he will take a long time to get back to you, or, rush to the survivors and let them kill you before you lose control and the CPU takes over. You will have to do this twice before the van comes down. Camp with the minigun and make sure your survivors stay alive and you will get the achievement! Good luck!
  • Doctor RedstoneDoctor Redstone111,791
    23 Aug 2010 23 Aug 2010 20 Dec 2010
    11 1 0
    I did this on Dead Air using a glitch in splitscreen.

    You play it through normally, (on easy) and when you get to the finale return to lobby (dont open the safe room door).You then quickly load the finale back up and don't get hurt by special infected.

    This works by the game for some reason getting rid of all the damage done to you and giving you a clean slate.All you have to do is endure that slate for 1 level for the acheivement.

    Because I was in splitscreen I changed the difficulty to expert and killed the AI survivors.I then changed it back to easy. Me and my friend then did a glitch to get on top of the plane and camped it out on there.It's a Jesus Spot so tanks cant spawn and all that.When the second tank had died we waited ten seconds and threw a pipe bomb.We then walked on to the bit to can fall through and we had finished dead air. Ka-Ching! acheivement unlocked, as easy as that!

    Getting on the plane: (this isn't mine)
  • Zonf86Zonf86147,755
    08 Oct 2009 09 Oct 2009
    12 3 3
    Play a private versus match on crash course with a friend/additional controller on the opposite team.

    Play through until the finale - which is now easy as no special infected will attack you (i.e. specials controlled by second player).

    Only thing to watch out for is when the player becomes a tank, as AI will take over whichever special infected they were.
  • Tony SopranoTony Soprano202,078
    25 Sep 2009 24 Nov 2009
    14 5 1
    As far as i know and the only way i could get it was on versus mode on split-screen, simply tell the other person not to attack during the whole campaign, sound easy right? but you have to be very careful on the finale and the player infected must kill himself immediately after re spawn otherwise when he becomes the tank the infected will be a computer and it will attack you and ruin everything.
    I got hit by a tank and a witch and still got the achievement.
    you can get this achievement and stomach upset at the same time.
  • Cky616craig1Cky616craig1535,578
    25 Apr 2011 25 Apr 2011 07 May 2011
    9 2 0
    Play versus with another control, have the other control be the infected but never spawn, the player will be the only infected to spawn in the whole campaign, I got this plus 5 other achievements at the same time!

    Note: if other control becomes tank, make him kill himself otherwise the ai will take him over!
  • Hazman UKHazman UK317,848
    25 May 2011 25 May 2011
    8 2 0
    Just done this achievement and had to share how. You NEED the Crash course expansion pack for this. Start a VS match with yourself and another controller. Then start the match and never spawn your second "infected" controller. The only tricky bit is towards the end with the tanks (as you lose control of the tank if you do not attack survivours) plant gas cans on the ground and have the infected controller run over and stand on them, shoot the gas can, set the tank on fire. Rince and repeat for the second tank then leg it for the truck. And you'll have your achievement. Need help? Just ask.
  • uT XanatosuT Xanatos183,570
    04 Mar 2012 05 Mar 2012 16 Apr 2012
    5 0 0
    Everyone's solution seems to be a non-legit way using second controllers, which is a totally viable option; but for those who prefer to get it legitimately, here's how I got it, and it was really quite easy.

    You MUST have the Crash Course DLC for this method.

    I played it alone, on easy mode, and on the Crash Course DLC playing as Louis. It took me a total of 5 attempts; about an hour and a half to two hours. I recommend you play with captions/subtitles on.

    The first map NEVER seems to have a tank, and witches are rare; this makes it a very simple map, really. Stay extremely close to your three AI players at all times. Keep moving forward during breaks, preferably quickly, and stopping for special infected and you should very easily make it to the safe room.

    The second map is a bit more difficult; there is a possibility of a tank appearing about halfway through. My method for tanks was to RUSH him (after catching him on fire if a molotov/gas tank is available) to be sure that he chased me rather than the AI. Once he came after me, I turned and RAN away; if you turn a corner and the AI stop shooting, turn around and finish him off, but do NOT stop moving: just keep walking backwards and shooting. They die quickly in easy; stay alert and try to always know where the tanks are. Avoid witches unless you're skilled at crowning them.

    Once you reach the finale area, search for molotovs and trash then start the generator and go to the balcony that sticks out of the warehouse; the AI will take care of most of the zombies. Help them out a little, but if you hear a smoker, get right up in the AI's business and punch constant. Methods for the tank remain the same, but I recommend staying on the balcony until he comes; the AI may make "ammo runs," despite their unlimited ammo, which you shouldn't worry too much about. Once the tank comes, own him. Start the generator ASAP when it shuts off, that way you can take out the second tank with the lights; they help more than you would think. When the second tank dies, GET THE HELL IN THE VEHICLE!

    Hopefully this will help someone; and hopefully it will inspire more people to get this achievement legitimately, because its really not too tough if you have Crash Course. Just remember to move slowly through the maps and unleash your rage on the tanks. They require very little shooting in easy, but don't forget that one punch is enough to ruin the achievement. Get him chasing you then RUN like a noob. If you have trouble, there's no shame in the two controller method! Do what you gotta do!
  • Our AfflictionsOur Afflictions283,576
    17 Mar 2012 19 Mar 2012
    5 0 0
    I did this on Dead Air with a friend.
    Load the game on easy, play the first 4 chapters normally, it's OK to get hit by specials. When you get to the finale, return to lobby, and re-load the game, this time starting on the finale. Make sure one of you are playing as bill, with the Assault Rifle (this is how I found it easiest to do it. When the horde comes, have Bill go idle. He'll kill the infected before they get to you. When the tank comes, go out of idle and stay on the opposite side of the plane that the tank is on. The tank will get glitched behind the plane. Make sure someone watches for specials during this part to.
    Just keep doing this until the plane opens, then get on, and it should pop.
    If you get hit during the finale, you can return to lobby and start again on the finale, and still get the achievement.
  • Muskrat MorrisMuskrat Morris231,187
    03 May 2012 03 May 2012
    4 0 0
    One more guide wont hurt.

    I got this earlier today along with Stomach Upset and Safety First. I played the blood harvest campaign in versus with 2 controllers. I lost control of the tank and it came and hit me. Also, the bots alerted all the witches, and Louis even got killed by one. So I continued to get the other two achievements. However, to my surprise, at the end, they all 3 popped. So, I'm guessing the tank and witch do not count as special damage. Maybe the tank doesn't count if he was controlled by human and then the computer.

    May have just been a lucky glitch. Please let me know if it did or didn't work for you.
    06 Nov 2015 06 Nov 2015
    0 0 0
    Its ok even if you get Hit By a Rock By a Tank it does not count it looks like a stun for him just as long as you dont Get hit by his Punch
  • ObeseMosquitoObeseMosquito541,981
    01 Oct 2009 29 Mar 2011
    4 4 0
    This is achievement is all about luck and speed. I got it with two people running through on Death Toll, using the rock in the corner of the map for the finale. Blood Harvest is also a good map to use, but basically run through the map and be careful at parts you know will be tough.
  • tota5tota545,621
    18 Aug 2009 18 Aug 2009
    2 2 1
    OR, play the campaign on easy till u arrive on the stage 5, dont leave the safe house, vote to go to the lobby instead, this will reset ur damage records BUT not your progress in the current campaign, so just select stage 5 again and restart the game and beat this last stage. Avoid getting hit by special zombies just on this final act and ull get the achievement.
    If u get hit, return to the lobby and restart the game again.

    This works to get the expert campaigns, witch achievs, or any achiev related to finishing the campaign.

    This is the easy way...i recomend u to do it the hard way, like the comment above, to reach a true achievement feeling, but i like to expose all the avaible opitions.
  • Robster80Robster80283,911
    04 Mar 2012 04 Mar 2012 04 Mar 2012
    3 4 0
    I know this achievement has a lot of guides for it, but I wanted to throw in my 2 cents for getting "Nothing Special" after several tries in co-op. In the end, I got it in a versus match using a 2nd controller.

    The campaign you want is Crash Course; it's the first DLC for Left 4 Dead. If you don't have it, get it - it's worth it because it's the shortest campaign for the game (Only 2 chapters long). It's only worth 560 Microsoft points.

    Here's how you set it up: At the game's main menu, turn on your 2nd controller and hit start. Log in as a guest (or another account if you got one on your Xbox 360. Whichever works). Once you do this, go into versus under friends-only and set it up for Crash Course. Your 2nd controller should be the infected and your 1st any survivor you like to play as.

    Once the match starts, here's the key - do NOT touch the 2nd controller at all! Don't spawn any special infected; Just take the survivors through the course and make it to the safe room. If you do this, no special infected will appear at all, and none will be forced to appear if by chance your 2nd controller's player turns into the tank. If the tank spawns, have it come out into the open and have all the survivors shoot it up until it dies.

    When you take over as the survivors for the 2nd controller's team, I just went around and took enough damage to get killed so it sped things up.

    Note: Some say witches do not count for this achievement, others say different. My advice - don't take any chances. Give any witches a wide berth and move on.

    Now for the finale... what i did was, after I turned on the generator, I ducked into the garage and into the long shed that's right inside, all the way into the back. The good part of this is the AI will follow you. The bad part is there are 2 sections where the horde will break through and attack. Just watch the walls on the right (if you face the open doorway leading in/out of the shed. One advantage of this happening is you can easily see the tank once it spawns, and once the rescue vehicle is ready, you can just exit out the sides and get in the truck.

    Another note: in Versus mode on Crash Course, the generator will not shut off and force you to restart it, so no need to worry about going out amongst zombie hordes and trying to turn it back on. If you're trying to get the "Quick Power" achievement, you have to play the campaign. Sorry.

    Once you make it into the rescue vehicle, as the cinematic shows the escape and your scores are tallied, the achievement should pop up, and you're 30 gamerscore points richer.
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