Aggressive Nightmare achievement in Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Aggressive Nightmare

Survive aggressive nightmare mode.

Aggressive Nightmare-2.8
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How to unlock the Aggressive Nightmare achievement

  • Mr WhiteshirtMr Whiteshirt950,893
    01 Jan 2020 02 Jan 2020 03 Jan 2020
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    MemesNBeer's guide is fantastic, I was however able to use another strategy to finish aggressive nightmare mode. The video is all achievements and below that is the written guide I made up for it.

    This video is an all achievements playthrough of Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 performed on Xbox One. I am going to preface this walkthrough with the following: This game is a relatively easy 800 Gamerscore, however, if you want the completion it becomes significantly more challenging. This challenge comes in the form of aggressive nightmare mode. A single mistake during the night will likely cost you the run you are on, though not always. Let us begin the walkthrough!

    Firstly, the animatronics.

    Phantom Freddy, you can pretty much ignore him the entire game. If he starts walking by your office make sure you do not stop and stare at him or you will be jump scared and cause a ventilation malfunction.

    Phantom Foxy, shows up in your office randomly after spending time on the monitor. To find out if he has appeared in the office after lowering the monitor move the camera left enough that you can see him but not get jump scared. To make him leave pan right and bring up the monitor again.

    Phantom Balloon Boy, occasionally shows up on the camera while looking at the monitor. If you see him on a camera immediately switch to another camera to avoid his jump scare.

    Phantom Puppet, only shows up on CAM 08 if you spend too much time watching it. If you get caught by it you will be stunned in its animation for around 15 seconds. To avoid it’s abilities limit the time spent on CAM 08 as to not trigger it.

    Phantom Chica, only shows up on CAM 07 on the screen of the arcade machine. Much like the Phantom Puppet avoiding her is as simple as limiting the time spent on CAM 07.

    Phantom Mangle, Finished the entire achievement list spending roughly 30 or so hours doing so and did not know she was in the game. Appears on CAM 04 and behaves just like Phantom Puppet and Phantom Chica. CAM 04 is basically never looked at so she will not be a problem for you.

    Springtrap, the only one who can “kill” you. He has a relatively simple AI during nights 1-5, he will move from room to room (or the vents) and make his way towards your office during the night. You must use the camera and audio system to keep him occupied in other rooms to finish the night. Some interesting points about Springtrap:

    1) At the start of a night he spawns in CAM 07, 08, 09 or 10, look at these CAMs first to find his initial position.

    2) If he gets to CAMs 05, 04, 03 you will hear a tone indicating such.

    3) The tone from above gets noticeably louder when he enters CAMs 02 or 01.

    4) Springtrap only ever moves into adjacent cameras at a time. I.e. CAM 09 to either 08 or 10 but not from 09 to 07.

    5) On top of moving to adjacent rooms, he can also move into adjacent vents as well. I.e. CAM 09 to CAM 11 (the vent in the same room as CAM 09).

    6) Springtrap has two locations (except vents) he is visible in on each camera. I.e. on CAM 09 he can be seen full bodied in the back or up front where his eye is clearly visible.

    7) If he is visible in the window of your office quickly audio cue in CAM 02 then CAM 05 to move him away.

    8) If he is visible in the door way to the office audio cue in CAM 01 then CAM 02 and so on.

    9) On later nights moving him away from the office door is an unlikely strategy to work. However, if it is 5AM put your controller down and stare at him. You may be able to let the night end without him attacking you.

    Repairing Systems: When a system goes down, audio, cameras or ventilation fix them with the following priorities: audio, ventilation, cameras.
    If you have multiple systems down and you know where Springtrap is then you should audio cue him into a further away room and then fix one system, then audio cue again in the same room to keep him there. If your audio is down fix this first, then audio cue a room where he will go and continue fixing systems.
    This strategy applies to all nights, take note that you should not use the repair all function as this eats up precious time you do not have on later nights.

    The Nights.

    Night 1. Nothing happens here, learn the controls of the game and explore the layout.

    Night 2. Springtrap is now active, however he will move very minimally and is easy to manipulate this night. Find his initial position and track him as he moves. Try and keep him up by CAM 09 and 10 as this is a dead-end hallway. This night is very mild and most of the phantoms should not be problematic.

    Nights 3-5. This is where the game’s difficulty ramps up. More phantoms are active and Springtrap will start moving more and using vents. This this the first night where we will employ a strategy to beat the night. First find where Springtrap started i.e. CAMs 07, 08, 09, or 10. If he starts in CAM’s 08, or 09 lure him to CAM 10 and close the vent in that room (CAM 14). When he eventually moves into CAM 09 send him back to CAM 10. Pay attention to the sounds indicating Springtrap has entered a vent. If you hear this and know his last location check the associated vents first. If he is in it seal it if it is not already. If keeping him in the 08, 09, 10 hallway you only have two options as to which one he is in. If you know that one of them is already sealed immediately go to the one that is not first. Continue this process for the night.
    This strategy in combination with the tips I gave at the start will work for pretty much every night. The only things that change are the frequency that Springtrap moves, the frequency of phantoms to show up and the frequency that systems will fail.

    The Phantom Puppet will become active on night 4.

    Starting on night 5 and every higher difficulty night hereafter the audio system will fail after using it twice. This can make things difficult especially when Springtrap is closer to the office and you need to reboot it. Timing and efficient use of this system becomes incredibly crucial. If at any point you lose track of Springtrap, quickly go through each camera and find him and seal the nearest vent. Try to lure him back into the 08, 09, and 10 hallways afterwards.

    Night 6. This night is where we start to shift gears in how we deal with Springtrap and the phantoms as they become more aggressive. The same strategy from nights 3-5 can and should be employed for as long as possible. However, if Springtrap either escapes the hallway and gets to CAMs 07, 06, or 05 or he starts in CAM 07 we will employ a new strategy.

    The strategy: If Springtrap makes it to or starts at CAM 07 immediately seal the vent at CAM 12. We can not stay on CAM 07 for too long as Chica will eventually jump scare us. Ideally you will get to a point where Springtrap is at CAM 06 and this is where we can begin a loop where Springtrap basically walks in circles for the entire night. If he is at CAM 06 keep the monitor open and follow this pattern:

    If Springtrap moves and you hear the CAM 05, 04, and 03 sound, immediately audio cue in CAM 06 to bring him back.

    If he moves and you do not hear the noise, he has moved to CAM 07, this is what you want.

    If he moves to CAM 07 wait 3-4 seconds, if he comes back to CAM 06 sit there and wait until he moves again and repeat the cycle.

    If you wait 3-4 seconds and he has not come back, he is at CAM 08. Audio cue in CAM 07 quickly and return to CAM 06 as to not trigger Chica.

    Repeat these steps and make it through the night.

    On rare occasions he will go from CAM 08 to CAM 09 quite quickly, if this happens you have two options. Lure him back to CAM 08 and 07 and go back to your loop or proceed to use the night 3-5 strategy.

    It is 100% viable to keep using the 08, 09, 10 hallways to finish the night. I personally found that the combination of both the night 3-5 strategy and this one led to my success.

    Repair your systems as needed right after you use an audio cue to distract Springtrap. After repairing immediately audio cue the camera Springtrap was last seen/known in to keep him there. Pick up where you left off and continue the loop.

    Aggressive Nightmare. Oh boy here we go, the most difficult night of the game. I did this run only using the night 6 strategy of keeping Springtrap in the CAM 08, 07 ,06, and 05 loop. This run requires nearly no mistakes and absolutely no ventilation errors (also a wee bit of luck). The moment you have a ventilation error Springtrap comes for you as fast as he can. He once was at CAM 10 and I got caught by Phantom Foxy, by time I repaired the system he was staring into the office from the window (he will use vents insanely efficiently).

    Good luck!

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    RAREBORNwould the in game cheats block any of the achievements?
    Posted by RAREBORN on 27 Jan at 07:55
    Mr WhiteshirtThey do stop achievements from unlocking.
    Posted by Mr Whiteshirt on 27 Jan at 14:44
    RAREBORNI was hopping it wouldn't. I just need Aggressive Nightmare then I'm done
    Posted by RAREBORN on 27 Jan at 17:54
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  • MemesNBeerMemesNBeer198,679
    02 Dec 2019 05 Dec 2019 10 Jan 2020
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    After hours and hours of trying I finally got this achievement using my own strategy that I mixed with other I found online. It is important to remember though no matter what the strategy is, you will not get this done quickly. It will take MANY MANY attempts to finally beat this. Part of the issue is luck, which I will explain below.

    Before you start, make sure you have aggressive turned on in the cheat menu, then select nightmare mode at the main menu.

    The strategy is to keep springtrap at cam 9 or 10 for as long as possible. However luck comes into play the moment you start because he will either spawn in cam 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10. You ideally do not want him starting in 6 or 7, since that makes pushing him back to cam 9 more difficult. You will want to shut the cam 11 vent. If he leaves cam 9 check to see if he is in 10. If hes is in 10 let him stay there, but shut the vent at cam 14. If you hear him go in a vent, take the time to restart your audio system if you used it once since the last fix. This allows you to avoid being in a "must fix" scenario too soon. Let him stay there all he wants until he goes back to cam 9, when he is back, DO NOT BRING HIM BACK TO 10. Instead seal the vent at cam 11 again. If he leaves cam 9 and is not at 10, use an audio distraction at cam 9 to bring him back there from cam 8. Whenever you hear him enter a vent you know you have sealed, close the camera until you hear him come out of the vent, this reduces the chance of phantom foxy showing up in your office.

    *if you have bad luck, which will happen at times, springtrap may quickly go from cam 9 to 10 or vice versa, and enter the vent you do not have sealed while you are fixing a system.

    When using the audio distractions, you have to use it on a cam he is right next to. For example you can use audio in cam 8 to make him go there from cam 5, but you can't bring him there from cam 10. On this difficulty you can only use audio twice before you get an error. When dealing with errors you want to fix things with this priority.

    1. Audio
    2. Ventilation
    3. Cameras

    The reason Audio is the biggest priority is that even if cameras go down, you can use audio to keep him away right before you start fixing the cameras. Ventilation is the 2nd biggest because while you have the error and your vision fades to black, he is coming to you MUCH faster, use audio to push him back a bit before fixing ventilation. Cameras are important, but least important of the three since you can guess what general area is in and use audio to distract him while you fix them.

    Now it is almost certain he will get past you and reach cam 5. When he gets to at least cam 5 you will start to hear this creepy noise. It is important to remember that Freddy will cause this same noise to happen when he is walking behind the mirror in front of your office, so springtrap could be still way back. The close springtrap gets to your office, the louder the noise will get, if you do see him at cam 5, play audio at cam 8 to get him away. If you hear the audio getting louder, then he has gotten past cam 5. Play the audio at came 5 to get him back there, and seal the vent at cam 13.

    If he gets even further and see him behind the window in front of you, you have a VERY SMALL WINDOW (no pun intended) to play audio at cam 2 to get him away. After you do this IMMEDIATELY seal the vent at cam 15. If you do fail to make him leave the window and he runs to your left, at this point unless its 5 AM, you are screwed, you can play audio at cam 1 to get him away from your left door, but once you have an error with the audio, all you can do is stare down the left door and pray to god 6 AM comes before you get a ventilation error. I had 3 tries where I came within 20 seconds of winning, but the ventilation error happened causing him to attack me.

    Freddy: Just ignore him, keep your camera up or quickly look across the room to your other device as you play. He won't attack unless you stop and stare.

    Foxy: He shows up when you use the camera too much, if you look to your left a bit you can see if hes there, if you look back at your camera then shut it off and look to the left again, he will be gone.

    Chica: Shows up on the screen of an arcade machine at cam 7, if shes there then there is nothing you can do. Next time you look to the left of your office she will attack you and shut off your ventilation.

    BB: Can show up at any camera, you have to INSTANTLY change the camera you're viewing before putting down the camera or he will attack causing a ventilation error.

    Mangle: Only appears at cam 4. DO NOT EVER LOOK AT CAM 4. If Mangle does pop up, it will take down your audio systems.

    Puppet: Shows up only at cam 8. If he is there and you do not IMMEDIATELY change camera view, he will pop up in front of you causing your vision to rapidly fade black for 17 seconds, allowing springtrap to easily push towards your office. While this happens you can't open the system screen or camera screen. View cam 8 as little as possible, most of the time when the puppet gets in your office it will destroy any chance of you winning the night.


    1. If you lose complete track of where springtrap is and you do not hear the creepy audio playing, play audio at cam 8. Since it is connected to 3 rooms, there is a good chance he will go there. If you hear the creepy audio but it isn't loud check cam 5, he is probably there. If the audio is loud and he is not in front of your window, play audio at cam 5, he should show up there.

    2. Always have the vent he is closest to sealed. When trying to keep him at cam 9 or 10, on your camera view the vent you do not have sealed (that would be the vent that is in the other room from him) and go back to the map. That way if he quickly goes to the other room and enters the vent that is not sealed, you can simply press cn_A and will right away be viewing the vent is he entering, letting you right away seal it without scrambling to change your camera to that vent.

    3. When cameras get an error while you are looking in the room he is in. Keep looking in the room, although you can't see anything, you will see the camera get distorted when he leaves. When that happens play audio there to bring him back and then fix your cameras. This will stop him from approaching your office while you fix them.

    If your audio gets an error when you do this, fix the audio first then quickly go back to the cam you were just at and play ANOTHER audio distraction, then fix the cameras

    4. Do not panic, stay focused and calm, several of my failed attempts were because I panicked and did something stupid.

    5. Be patient, this took me 12+ hours to do, you gotta stay dedicated. You WILL eventually get this, but it will definitely be a gigantic pain in the ass.

    If you have any questions or suggestions to improve my guide, let me know. Good luck!

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    Brain5454Thank you for writing this man I really appreciate the strats u talked about they helped alot.(:
    Posted by Brain5454 on 03 Nov 20 at 02:53
  • CrazyWharf625CrazyWharf625277,197
    28 Mar 2020 28 Mar 2020 28 Mar 2020
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    Before you continue reading this guide, just note that I suck ass at aggressive and I just happened to get this out of pure luck.

    As you may have guessed, this is the hardest achievement in the game, and it can be a pain to obtain, but there are some strategies you can use. If you look at the map, you may notice that cam 5 connects to the most rooms, so what you want to do is keep Springtrap in cam 5 for as long as possible while also keeping vent 13 sealed. If you're camera footage is broken, the screen will become fuzzy when Springtrap moves. In order to tell where he went, listen for the ambience sound. If you can still hear it, that means he's moved to cam 4. If you don't hear it, he either went to cam 6 or 8. Either way, use the audio queue to call him back to cam 5. However, this will not always go your way. When I played through, I accidentally got caught by the puppet and that gave Springtrap the opportunity to get closer to me. The ventilation didn't go out though, so there was no need to reboot anything, which was EXTREMELY lucky for me since the next time I saw him was when he was at the window. If that ever happens, your last chance is to call him into cam 2. You have a very small window of time to do this, or else he'll move into your doorway. When in cam 2, be sure to seal 15. This happened to me at around 3 AM, so what I did was spam audio in cam 2 for as long as I could, so I wouldn't have to worry about sealing other vents. Normally, this would be a very bad strategy, but it was my last resort. The phantoms shouldn't give you much trouble since keeping him in cam 2 will never trigger phantom puppet, Phantom Chica, or phantom mangle, so you only need to worry about Phantom Freddy, BB, and foxy. Just hide behind the monitor when Phantom Freddy is near, and be sure to not fully turn around, or else phantom foxy will get you if he's there. Turn only halfway so you can see him without being jump scared, then reopen your monitor to get him to leave. Be sure to never click reboot all, because that gives Springtrap more time to get close to you. Remember, try your best to keep him in cam 5, watch out for the phantoms, and if all else fails, keep him in cam 2. Below will be the clip of me completing the game.
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    Brain5454Thank you for mentioning that when it statics he moves and thanks for the other info.(:
    Posted by Brain5454 on 03 Nov 20 at 02:52
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