Dead Wreckening achievement in Left 4 Dead

Dead Wreckening

Dole out 5000 total Survivor damage as a Special Infected.

Dead Wreckening0
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How to unlock the Dead Wreckening achievement

  • TheRickMoranisTheRickMoranis111,688
    20 Jul 2009 20 Jul 2009 20 Jul 2009
    44 2 4
    A solution I made because for some reason using the Boomer strategy didn't work for me. I started this achievement today with around 400 damage already dealt and got it in a couple of hours. I also realized that you don't get up to 500 damage points per round as I say on the video; it's closer to 400, but that still takes at least 12.5 rounds

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    IceriftI think i'm gonna try both of these methods the next time I play. Thanks for the tip!
    Posted by Icerift on 04 Aug 10 at 23:42
    DeceptiveTenu need to vomit on the ai and it works. just did it 6/1/11 went from 0 to 1165
    Posted by DeceptiveTen on 02 Jun 11 at 05:04
    Brane311Looking 2 Boost pls add Brane311
    Posted by Brane311 on 15 Mar at 11:38
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  • CodsternationCodsternation493,813
    05 Jan 2009 19 Dec 2008
    48 6 2
    This will come in time if you spend enough time playing Versus.

    For the most part, boomers will get you the most amount of damage, especially if you hit 3 or 4 of the survivors with the bile.

    A few other tricks:

    As a smoker or hunter, stand near the alarmed cars and other like panic events. Most survivors'll see you and automatically fire at you, possibly hitting the vehicle. Quickly dodge behind the car or jump away as a hunter, the horde should swarm them, and then either tongue or pounce them. The attacks of the horde will gain you damage as you hold them down.

    Similarly, using teamwork, a player covered in bile makes for an easy grab, and if they're being swarmed by infected, any damage dealt will add to your total. I personally have dealt nearly 300 points worth of damage just from this tactic in a single grab on two seperate occasions.

    As always, look for stragglers or people who run ahead to get some damage in before the others can catch up. The infected take no damage from falling, so use that to fall from high heights and catch them from behind for a quick attack.
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    QuarantaneDoes the common infected really add to your total? I didn't have any idea it did this.

    I've gotten the achievement already, but I didn't know these kinds of things counted.
    Posted by Quarantane on 17 Oct 09 at 11:29
    x1001x PuppysI have tested the method of puking on the survivors, it does NOT count toward the achievement for those who still have questions about it. It only counts as an ASSIST
    Posted by x1001x Puppys on 09 May 10 at 05:21
  • x1001x Puppysx1001x Puppys964,113
    09 May 2010 09 May 2010
    31 0 3
    My Method is slightly similar to TheRickMoranis. It will net you 500 survivor damage in 7-10 minutes depending on how fast you are.

    Load up a split screen versus on No Mercy Finale. Start playing as your second controller (the one not getting achievements). Pick up a health pack in the beginning and make your way to the stairs out to the rooftop. Now before you go up the stairs, kill all your teammates. (if you bring the auto shotty it goes faster).

    After you have slaughtered your annoying team it is time to get to work. Call for help and fend off the first wave by yourself. When your main account is becoming the tank, put your survivor in the room with the health packs. Now you can punch the survivor as the tank 3 times (be careful not to down them) and heal...and repeat 5 times using the health packs on the wall. when they are out of health packs, punch them to your hearts content and the round will end. Call a vote to go back to the lobby and repeat!
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    WreaxGood solution. Thumbs up from me. What I did a little different was kill the survivors where the radio is stationed so you have an extra 3 medpacks to use making 8 total. I had just over 1,300 points this way.
    Posted by Wreax on 21 Jun 13 at 17:18
    RacxieThis definitely seems to be the fastest option, especially if you use Wreax's suggestion on top.
    Posted by Racxie on 19 Jul 15 at 14:34
    SPARTAN089 AceI could add, if you want your teammates to drop their med packs on death, focus on killing one at a time. Shoot them until they're down, reload, wait until they are reviving, down them again, etc... That way, there is never a moment anyone can use a medpack on them.
    Posted by SPARTAN089 Ace on 31 Jul 18 at 01:17
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