Billionaire's Club achievement in DEMON'S TILT

Billionaire's Club

Break a billion points in one game.

Billionaire's Club-3.5
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How to unlock the Billionaire's Club achievement

  • CheshireMulishaCheshireMulisha958,399
    02 Jan 2020 02 Jan 2020 02 Jan 2020
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    This achievement requires skill, some luck and patience (Will probably take at least 30 mins to hit 1billion)

    I'm not a pinball god but I was able to get this through practise and I'll share few tips.

    Practise your shots
    Most of the ramps, rituals etc. can all be hit by cradling the balls with your flippers and lining them up. Practising this will prevent a lot of stress.

    Keep the ball high up the table!
    Seriously I can't stress this enough! You can't lose your ball if its high up the table. Try to keep the ball in the tier 3 area as much as possible.
    The easiest way to get the ball into the T3 table from T2 is to use the "secret passage" at the top right of the T2 board by cradling the ball with the right flipper (You can also hit it with the left but I found that to be less accurate)
    When my ball would drop into the T1 area I would cradle it with which ever flipper it landed on and hitting the ball into the claw (left side under the hammer)
    When the claw spits the ball out let it hit your right flipper and then cradle it with the left and repeat until the claw unlocks the green portal under the flippers which will take the ball back up to tier 2.

    Don't be afraid to slow it down
    Better to take it slow and steady then hitting balls randomly around the table and losing control. Cradle the ball and line up your shots. Also cradle the ball and wait for any of the pink bullets to disappear so they don't impact your shots.

    Complete the rituals
    I actually hit 1 billion just before I completed the last ritual but my score shot up by about 3-400million quite quickly after activating wizard mode. (With 99mx)
    To complete each ritual:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    But keeping the ball high up the table is still more important than completing the rituals. I completed most of the T1 rituals during multiballs when everything is a bit more hectic.

    Firstly I recommend pausing the game and changing the multiball zoom setting so you can see more of the table (It defaults to just showing you the area with the lowest ball)
    Multiball is both a blessing and a curse. With a high multiplier you can rack up a lot of score but on the flip side everything is a bit more hectic and you can't line up your shots as easy. Its very easy to lose all your balls 1 after another if you're not paying attention. I spammed the flippers trying to keep the balls high whilst trying to keep count on how many balls I had left. As soon as you are down to the last ball cradle it, take a breath and then get the ball back up the table.

    You can use the right stick to tilt the table. I did't use this excessively but it can certainly keep your run alive if you think a ball is going to drain.

    Ignore the T1 bosses
    You'll probably kill them all throughout your run but don't focus on them. When your ball drops into that area just focus on getting it back up the table.

    Things won't always go your way, the timing of your shot's might be off slightly if so just take a break and come back to it later.

    I watched this video on youtube by pinballwiz45b which helped me by seeing how a good pinball player lines up their shots etc. If it helps you give his vid a thumbs up and check out his twitch channel!

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    eeysiThank you the cradling really helped a lot
    Great solution guide!
    Posted by eeysi on 01 May at 19:11
    MonheganSlowing down and waiting for the pink bullets to go away is a great tip from above.
    Posted by Monhegan on 07 May at 08:00
    MonheganSlowing down and waiting for the pink bullets to go away is a great tip from above.
    Posted by Monhegan on 07 May at 14:28
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  • Miojo666Miojo666278,136
    08 May 2020 08 May 2020 08 May 2020
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    Just wanted to add to the good solution posted above. One thing that really helped me was spelling the tier 1 word first thing in the run. At least 4 or 5 letters of it. That way I didn't need to play tier 1 after I completed the tier 2 and 3 words (the last 1 or 2 letters came during multiball). If you lose a ball restart, since you'll be in the very beginning of your run it won't hurt.
    In my 1b run I actually lucked out and locked my 3rd scorpio ball during wizard multiball so I had a ton of balls on the table. So, locking 2 balls and leaving the 3rd opened to locking when you're about to get wizard might be a good idea too. But I don't think this is really necessary to get 1b.
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