Pantomime achievement in Cold Silence


On "easy", run from chapter 1 to the end. No damage. No heals.

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How to unlock the Pantomime achievement

  • AnubsethAnubseth985,040
    24 Jun 2020 24 Jun 2020 22 Apr 2021
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    To get Panomime there are a few things you have to do.
    1. Finish the game on Easy (to unlock Ch. 6 you need to kill all of the previous chapters bosses);
    2. Learn where the journal is located (I have just posted a solution for "Notes" that explains exactly where to find the journal);
    3. Starting in Ch.1 and killing the Ch.6 boss without losing health AND without picking up any healing items;
    3.1 You don't have to kill all the other chapter bosses. In reality you can't do that because after defeating a boss the game kicks you back to the main menu and this achievement requires a continuous run;

    So, how to do this? It may seem too hard and time consuming but you can get this in 10 minutes. In my opinion there are only 2 hard parts in the entire run: a drop from Ch.2 to Ch.3 and the Ch. 6 boss. The game has a face appear on your lower left corner indicating that the achievement is still valid. If during any point that face goes away it means that you either picked a healing item or took damage and need to restart the run.

    The drop from Ch. 2 is the one right in front of the boss door, that you need to complete to access Ch. 3. You'll need to drop by the sides to avoid the spikes but at both sides are hearts so you quickly need to hug the center wall. Thankfully this is quite early.
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  • FejerFejer1,329,579
    29 Jul 2021 29 Jul 2021 27 Feb 2022
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    There is a somewhat easy way thanks to the new Title Update to get this achievement but it requires a few preconditions:

    1. You should have finished the game at least on "Easy" - that way you would get a better feeling for the game's location layout.
    2. You need to unlock the "Heartblood" factor. It makes your character invulnerable to any damage when you press down (cn_down) on the gamepad. You can follow MMMDI's guide to finish the new Title update DLC and once you beat the boss of the title update you unlock the "Heartblood" factor.
    3. Select the "Hearblood" factor on the main menu and start the game again on the "Easy" difficulty.
    4. Once you are able to jump, press down (cn_down) on the gamepad (you have a movement-tutorial at the beginning where movement is limited and you cannot activate the invulnerability).
    5. You need to be careful with the invulnerability: you need to deactivate it whenever you want to use the shotgun. It also automatically deactivates when you use a grenade. Also avoid endless pits.
    6. Play the game again from chapter 1 through to 4. In chapter 2 you will find the boots and the antenna cable, in chapter 3 the shotgun, in chapter 4 the grenades.
    7. Since you should have the 5 journal pages if you previously finished the game, you can skip all bosses and head from chapter 4's grenade location right back to the hidden area in chapter 1 where you can enter chapter 6. The path is described here :
    Cold SilenceNotesThe Notes achievement in Cold Silence worth 26 pointsFind the journal.

    8. Run through chapter 6 (I used the lower-path shortcut) and defeat the last boss without taking any damage. Once you defeat the boss you will unlock the achievement after the short cut scene.

    You can get through the game without fearing any damage. The modifier also makes sure that you don't pick up any healing items. If you already finished the game on "Easy" then you should be familiar with the layout. Like Anubseth mentioned in his guide, keep an eye on the smiley face in the lower left corner of the screen indicating that the achievement is still valid. It took me around 20-30 minutes to get through this playthrough.
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    naoya0831Just got this one. It’s very easy with the Heartblood factor :)
    Posted by naoya0831 on 26 Feb at 02:25
  • Sol76Sol761,119,114
    23 Dec 2020 23 Dec 2020 23 Jan 2021
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    It looks like the achievement values have been reversed for this achievement to its old state , making it much more dificult to unlock and making this guide useless. WestTigers2005 states that the whole game needs to be completed without any damage or healing.
    However , until there comes a new guide with a new way to unlock this achievement , I'll leave the old one here.

    Just play the introductory chapter 1 and jump over the (only) two healing items at the very end of that chapter. That way you don’t “heal” yourself and you unlock the achievement.
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    GuyPandemoniumAchievement has now become next to impossible.
    Posted by GuyPandemonium on 31 Mar 21 at 22:17
    j wiziteWhen going for the no damage, no heals achievement when you get to the graveyard on ch 5 do you kill Fear and then load up chapter 6 from the menu? Bc other then that the game is continuous through chapter 5 unless I’m missing something
    Posted by j wizite on 22 Apr 21 at 01:50
    lI Majora Il@j wizite - you can actually go through the wall in one of those outpost areas to get in behind Fear to the entrance to Chapter 6. No need to fight any bosses for this achievement other than the Radio
    Posted by lI Majora Il on 24 Apr 21 at 00:01
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