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Update 1.14.0: Buzzy Bees

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Update 1.14.0: Buzzy Bees

Sticky Situation achievement in Minecraft

Sticky Situation

Slide down a honey block to slow your fall.

Sticky Situation0
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How to unlock the Sticky Situation achievement

  • Ohhh DeclanOhhh Declan
    10 Dec 2019 10 Dec 2019 10 Dec 2019
    Hi guys this is my first guide! smile

    So basically here’s what you want to do!

    You’ll need to find a Beehive, usually will find these underneath the trees in plains biomes or birch biome! Then you’ll have to collect the honey in glasses, along with this you can get 2 other achievements. Anyhow you’ll need 4 empty bottles to fill up with honey once the beehive is full. Once you’ve got 4 bottles of honey you can make a honey block!

    Once you’ve got your honey block ... make a staircase of blocks about 6 tall and use the honey block one gap apart from the top of the stairs... then fall down the one block gap .. sliding onto the honey block then onto the ground!

    Then your achievement should pop! rock

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    XxCABOBxXYeah I've tried this dozens of times in different ways, followed every guide I could find, just not popping for some reason. Tried deleting my local save on my xbox even, cause sometimes that helps some achievements. No luck. The target block one also won't work for me.

    Update: Found out absolutely all my remaining achievements for this game are not tracking or popping at all so it may just be an issue with xbox live.
    Posted by XxCABOBxX On 01 Sep 21 at 03:43
    Leo Deo NeoStill have an achievement world for anyone who’s needing help with achievements. GT: Leo Deo Neo
    Posted by Leo Deo Neo On 02 Jan at 16:12
    Nightboi17use seed 4009
    Posted by Nightboi17 On 17 Jan at 15:12
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  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m3
    10 Dec 2019 10 Dec 2019 11 Dec 2019
    These 3 achievements in the bee update are really easy to get.
    Credits to BulletLukey for getting the set up done. All 3 achievements can be earned in less than a minute in this world.

    Get over to the area for update 1.14. Retrieve a glass bottle from the first chest and use it on the beehive which is above the campfire. Then get some bee nests from the 2nd chest and place them on the floor. Then move over to the wall of honey blocks, stand next to it and jump a few times. By now, all 3 achievements should unlock!

    You can download the world here, or join my realm:

    For those unfamiliar with how realms work, it is a 24/7 hosted world, which you can join anytime you want, as long as the owner (me) has a subscription. The current end date is planned to be June 8th, 2020.

    You can join the realm with this link or with the invite code
    Invite code: 4_FRkZ3uo_M
    Version 1.14 required Beta versions can NOT connect.

    For those interested in getting the set up done themselves, the Minecraft Gamepedia does a great job:
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    buttmudBrooksTrueraider81 I have seen people with Androids posting screenshots of this achievement realm. I am using my iOS version in it currently and of course the X1 edition (the one on Game Pass) works. The only Minecraft I know doesn't work in this world is the original Xbox one version (and of course 360).
    Posted by buttmudBrooks On 10 Mar 20 at 17:01
    Leo Deo NeoIf anyone is needing help with any achievements for minecraft, I’ve created a world specifically for achievements, few free to message me what one you need help with and I’ll gladly help when I can.

    GT: Leo Deo Neo
    Posted by Leo Deo Neo On 04 Aug 20 at 18:53
    LMNX QuantumI downloaded this world but the feeling Ill achievement is bugged the eggs just ain’t there?
    Posted by LMNX Quantum On 19 Jan 21 at 21:38
  • UtG MistUtG Mist
    10 Dec 2019 11 Dec 2019
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    irisfireGreat minecraft videos. Have followed very easily today for a few achievements. Thank you 👍
    Posted by irisfire On 31 Dec 20 at 17:40
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