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Winter Wonderland 2019

Threepeat achievement in Overwatch: Origins Edition


Kill 3 enemies without reloading or dying in Snowball Deathmatch.

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How to unlock the Threepeat achievement

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    About the game mode
    This achievement is exclusive to the Winter Wonderland event in december (every year). Might turn up in the Anniversary event (different random events every day in May). It can be found in the Arcade menu, it is the 8 player FFA mode not the 6v6.

    Rules of snowball fight
    Everyone plays Mei who has her wall and ice cube abilities from the main game. However she can only shoot icicles with a limited range and ammunition. One hit kills, the one who gets 15 kills first wins the game. Every player starts with 1 ammo and can get more by picking up (hold cn_RT or cn_X) piles of snow randomly appearing on the map (max 3). There is an important new ability by pressing the melee button cn_RS: if someone shoots at you and you activate melee you can grab the icicle in the air and load it into your weapon. The ultimate attack is different as well: for a few seconds you can shoot as many icicles as you want with a greater speed. After the ultimate ends your weapon will be fully loaded with 3 ammo as well.

    The achievement
    You start with 1 ammo. Pick up 2 more right away, then you have to kill 3 people without dying or picking up more ammo. Catching icicles is reloading so don't use melee. DoctorWho426 confirmed you can catch icicles and use those as ammo without voiding the achievement. Easiest way to ensure you won't miss is sneaking up on people who are picking up ammo or shooting at each other. The ultimate ability may work for this but I did it with normal shots and can't confirm it.
    AES0P and Dixxxxxon confirmed you can use your ultimate to get the achievement, you can even start with normal shot kills then finish it with the ult.
    The ultimate reloads your weapon when it ends so you have to get the third kill before.
    If you are sure you should've gotten the achievement but it isn't unlocking then follow the advice of Kroni: Press the Guide button, go to achievements and select "See all my achievements" then select Overwatch. Any stuck achievement should unlock in the game.
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    LuxuryLobbyLukeI have done the requirements for this achievement twice(once with ultimate and once with three shots) and I have not gotten it
    Posted by LuxuryLobbyLuke on 11 Dec 19 at 01:19
    DoctorWho426Can confirm the contrary.

    I caught 3 snowballs and killed 3 people and got the achievement. Reloading is only stopping at the snow piles and sucking it up.

    Catching is NOT reloading!
    Posted by DoctorWho426 on 11 Dec 19 at 05:51
    TekmoteYup, caught my snowballs too and thats how I got the cheevo
    Posted by Tekmote on 11 Dec 19 at 15:42
    KanchanaburiWhat i did was pick up my 3 snowballs, i shot all three and killed two people. Then i ran and hid up in the house while my ult charged up, jumped down and got a final kill with that.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 11 Dec 19 at 18:56
    KroniDid it multiple times without unlocking. Another user on the Breached achievement said to view the achievement list to unlock theirs. Just did the same and mine popped. Press the Guide button, navigate left to the achievements group, go to See all my achievements, select Overwatch.
    Posted by Kroni on 11 Dec 19 at 22:21
    Trist and SeaI can confirm that you will still get the achievement even if you get one of your 3 kills AFTER your ult ; I killed 2, didn't kill anybody with my ult (lol), but I then killed someone with my next snowball and the achievement popped.
    Posted by Trist and Sea on 13 Dec 19 at 19:31
    It's CadowCan you update your post to include Kroni’s comment?
    Posted by It's Cadow on 14 Dec 19 at 18:28
    HUN playmoreI put it in the solution but what he describes is just the general unlocking method for stuck achievements. It works for any game where you did the requirements of an achievement and it didn't pop. Just open the list in the all achievements menu. This doesn't help when the game is buggy, only when the system fails to unlock it.
    Posted by HUN playmore on 14 Dec 19 at 20:59
    PhantomLPThanks HUN playmore and Kroni 🙌🙌
    Posted by PhantomLP on 16 Dec 19 at 02:20
    CondaJust wanting to confirm that opening the achievement list (only after I had quit Overwatch) popped the achievement after I was sure I had unlocked it about 4 separate times.

    Quit the game > Open the guide > Achievements tab > See all my achievements > Overwatch - As soon as I did this the achievement popped.
    Posted by Conda on 17 Dec 19 at 17:59
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