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Title Update 17 - Patch 4.7

Try this one, Geoff achievement in Gems of War

Try this one, Geoff

Use Medals to upgrade 100 Troops to the Gold Elite Level

Try this one, Geoff0
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How to unlock the Try this one, Geoff achievement

  • RadicalSniper99RadicalSniper991,700,215
    25 Aug 2020 11 Dec 2019 11 Aug 2020
    71 0 86
    I'm going to do a quick way to describe this one to give everyone an idea what they're getting into.

    Here's the minimum requirement:
    - 300 Medals - 1 Medal per rank (bronze, silver, gold) for 100 troops
    - 6 Million Souls - 60k souls per troop (10k, 20k, 30k for bronze, silver gold)

    Here's the complications to those numbers - Medals.

    In terms of the medals, you'll want to focus on maximizing the upgrade percent chance. Using lower tiered medals will have a decreased chance of upgrading troops. Additionally, medal tiers matching the base rarity of a troop will have a reduced chance to upgrade at the silver and gold ranks. For example:

    Common Troop and Medal of Gaard - 100% Bronze, 50% Silver, 33.33% Gold

    For the Silver and Gold ranks, you could use 2 or 3 medals of Gaard at the same time in order to boost the upgrade chances to 100.

    If we use a medal of a higher rarity on a lower base rarity troop, it will however have a 100% upgrade chance for all 3 tiers. I have included a rough percentage from why I'm seeing. I'll try to update it as I play more and the numbers can be better pinpointed.

    At Explore Level 12 - I'm averaging 2.5 tokens per Mythic Boss victory.

    Medal Rarity:
    Common - Gaard - 20%
    Rare - Yasmine - 22%
    Ultra Rare - Cedric - 40%
    Epic - Aranaea - 10%
    Legendary - Anu - 5%
    Mythic - Nysha - 3%

    In general, you'll have a lot more of the first 4 types than the last two. In general, you'll barely be getting Nysha or Anu medals so upgrading your Legendary or Mythic troops will be a lot less likely. As such, you'll want to focus on the upgrading low rarity troops (Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Epic).

    If you care about doing well in the game, I'd recommend keep at least the following of each type of medal for equip purposes:
    Gaard - 3
    Yasmine - 3
    Cedric - 3
    Aranaea - 3
    Anu - 1
    Nysha - 3

    UPDATE - 2020-08-11 - Given the addition of the Medal of Seasons, the value on Medals of Aranaea is arguable at best. You might be able to get rid of all of your Aranaea and keep 3 Seasons at all times instead.

    Obviously getting 3 Nysha will take forever, so don't really consider it. The reason we only want to keep 1 Anu is that extra ones do NOT grant extra starting mana. Only the first one will give 20%.

    Either way, this is going to be a long one. The medals will take a while, but combined with the soul requirement, this grind explodes. In comparison to other soul grinds, this is 6 times worse than Dawnbringer and about 12 times worse than Xathenos was.

    Keep in mind that to upgrade troops to Gold, they will need to be fully upgraded:
    - Mythic Rarity
    - 3 Traits Unlocked
    - Level 20

    I will update more as we go. Depending on changes to the overall game, we could get more tokens in the future, but until then, this is going to be a while.

    Token Grind Rough Math
    2.5 tokens per Level 12 Explore Run (with a Mythic Boss battle). Roughly 90% of Explore Runs end with a Mythic Boss if you're doing Level 12 always with the Bonus Kingdoms (20% extra Mythstones). If you do not do the bonus kingdom each time, you will see that 90% go down further and thus result in more runs.

    2.5 tokens * 90% = 2.25 tokens per run
    9 tokens = 1 medal
    300 medals = 2700 tokens

    2700 tokens/2.25 tokens per run = 1200 Level 12 Explore Runs (or 7k battles roughly).

    This is probably being kind as well and doesn't reflect the grind for souls.

    Grinding Level 12 Explore
    There are a lot of teams people will tell you to use for Level 12. I'm not sure mine is necessarily the best, but here's what I use:
    Cedric Sparklesack
    Skeleton Key
    Egg Thief
    Thanks to everyone who posts teams in the comments. It's very much a personal approach thing though. I'm going with this team mostly because I want more gold.

    I've switched up my team recently. It's a very specialized team with Mythics most people don't use a lot, but it's very effective against teams without resistance to poison:
    - Mountain Crusher (Titan Class - focus on Brown Mana)
    - Scorpius
    - Scorpius
    _ Euryali
    Focus on casting MC. Fill up both of your Scorps. Get a 4/5 in a row and then you can cast the Scrops to instantly kill the team as long as everything is poisoned (some kingdoms are better than others for this so you might not be able to focus on the bonus locations).

    It does lose on occasion (sometimes the gems/skulls just don't line up), but in general as long as you're keeping Egg Thief filled and casting to place a Dragon Egg up front, you can use Skeleton Key to get through the fight. I also cast Cedric every so often at the beginning (as long as it lives) and the charm damage does help a bunch.

    UPDATE: 2020-08-11

    Given the addition of the Shade of Kurandara and Kurandara (soon), the Scorpius method is likely not as clear cut to win with. As such, besides the teams listed in the comments, here is one I've begun to use. It's not the quickest at times, but it's a safe team to run with and relatively efficient.
    - Mountain Crusher (quickest with Titan, but other classes can still win if you want to gain class XP_
    - Forest Troll
    - King Gobtruffle
    - King Gobtruffle

    This team all you need to do is get Gob going to refill Troll and then Troll refills Gob. Mountain Crusher can get the ball rollings as well pretty quickly.

    Guide not helping? View 2 more guides for this achievement.

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    Hampshire VeganDon't talk crazy, haha
    Posted by Hampshire Vegan on 26 Nov 20 at 14:12
    TXsportsGamer83Are the medals kingdom specific?
    Posted by TXsportsGamer83 on 27 Mar at 06:06
    DrSchlepensteinNo. They are just random for whatever one you get it.
    Posted by DrSchlepenstein on 27 Mar at 13:17
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  • Madd FrostMadd Frost1,639
    18 May 2020 18 May 2020
    21 0 1
    I know this is late but most people still don't have this achievement (Well...I'm only 7% as I type this) so I'm just going to throw some teams out there.

    Level 12 Explore Medal Farming Team:

    Shield of Urskaya
    Fully Traited Harpy Mage (Thrall is better if you have 3 Nysha Medals)
    Fully Traited Leprechaun
    Primal Rift Banner if you're using Thrall | Wild Plains Banner if you're using Harpy Mage
    Class doesn't matter too much but if you have the 3rd trait on Tidecaller, using that may be slightly faster because of the bonus blue mana explosions for Rowanne.
    3x Gaard OR 3x Nysha Medals
    Fights with this team rarely ever take more than 30 seconds and works on any kingdom so try to focus on Arcanes you have least of as you will be getting a 100% chance of that kingdoms Arcane from every Mini and Mythic Boss.

    Level 1 Explore Soul Farming Team:

    +9 Phylactery
    Fully Traited Leprechaun
    Fully Traited Pharos-Ra
    Merlantis Banner
    Class does not matter, use what you want.
    Any Medal Setup
    Celestial Armor - Costs 500 Gems
    Fights with this team take about 10 seconds and you will be maxing soul potential with 1 cast of Phylactery. I get 255 souls per fight and as I'm only VIP 3 I'm not earning any bonus souls from real money.
    Showing only comment.
    CheshireMulishaThe medal farming team is pretty efficient, although it probably takes me closer to a minute to win. I changed the banner to a green and brown banner as I found sometimes it could be slow getting the Shield filled (Even after casting Harpy & Leprachaun)
    I've been using this team to farm medals and to unlock my remaining class weapons and haven't lost a boss battle yet.
    Posted by CheshireMulisha on 09 Jun 20 at 08:33
  • DonTrombone7704DonTrombone7704225,579
    09 Jan 2021 09 Jan 2021
    1 2 0
    A side-note to getting the medals necessary to unlock this achievement:

    A way to make it much easier to get through a level 12 explore is to have a team comprised of troops that can convert gems of a given color to skulls or doomskulls.

    If you have Kurandara, this becomes much easier to do. It doesn't necessarily speed up getting the souls needed but in terms of getting the tokens, upgraded through badges and finally medals, this becomes much easier to do.

    The team I use is as follows:

    Glaycion (turns red gems to doomskulls)
    Kurandara (turns yellow gems to doomskulls)
    Moira Cragheart (turns green gems to doomskulls)
    Forest Guardian (turns purple gems to regular skulls)

    This method works wonders in getting through high-level explore runs. I've been able to get through more than half of all level 12 explore runs with this team as the doomskulls unleash devastation on the enemy team. If you can get multiple 4-skull matchups, the damage is devastating. Sometimes, you might even clear over 90% of the entire board just from multiple 4-plus-doomskull matches. This has often gotten me through many level 12 explore battles.

    If level 12 is still too much, you can still at least play explore runs on the highest difficult you feel you can handle (I usually play at level 10) and earn enough mythstones to play and beat the mythic boss battles to get the medals necessary.

    However, as RadicalSniper99 says earlier, this doesn't guarantee a 100% chance at winning. You'll occasionally find yourself in situations where the gems and skulls just don't line up right. Be prepared for the rare but infuriating case where a mythical boss battle is lost because of a bad lineup of gems skulls. angry

    If you don't have Kurandara, you can use any other combination of troops that converts gems to skulls or doomskulls.

    Good luck
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