The Eliminator

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The Eliminator

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Collect 100 Car Drops in The Eliminator.

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Achievement Guide for Scavenger

  • FireWheels58FireWheels58104,094
    18 Dec 2019 13 Dec 2019 14 Dec 2019
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    Car Drops are random points that appear in the world in different locations from game to game and each drop can be only used once per game so make sure you get to them quickly before someone else steals them from you. A Car Drop is identified by three blue flares, three drones and three banners. Driving up to a Car Drop and pressing cn_X will change your car into the one shown. Cqr Drops may either give you a better car or a worse car, so unless you just want the achievement, don't bother going for the worse ones. The achievement will pop up eventually after you play more of The Eliminator and go for other achievements and rewards. Depending on your luck you may get 0-2 per game, maybe more, using 100 of these will unlock the achievement.

    According to HomelyBumRocket, some notable areas where you might expect to find car drops are:
    • Mudkickers
    • Mortimer Gardens
    • Quarry
    • Bamburgh Castle
  • Wylaf BeulbeWylaf Beulbe619,285
    15 Dec 2019 17 Dec 2019 17 Jan 2020
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    A couple of tips for easy grind:
    1. Drops are much more likely to spawn near paved roads, so at the beginning of the event the long stretch of road near the beach has the potential of at least 3-4 drops.
    2. Know where the barn finds locations are? well there seems to be at least 1 drop right in front of a barn find location.
    3. The town where your first house is located often has 1 drop
    4. On the wind farm right below the huge wind towers, there is a chance of random drops, they are quite visible from a distance.
    5. Anywhere there is a little village (like near the left side lake) there is a high chance of single or double drops.
    6. At any of the playground arenas (quarry, train yard, muddy stunt park, beach arena) there is a high chance of a drop.
    7. once there are less than 30 players the circle becomes much narrower and the chances of drop finds lower significantly, so farm until less than 30 then choose to get into a new game or continue to the final race, its up to you.
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