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The Eliminator

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Last Car Standing

Win a game of The Eliminator.

Last Car Standing-28.5
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    13 Dec 2019 13 Dec 2019 20 Dec 2019
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    So I won this achievement together with Ransacked - Collect 5 Car Drops within a single game of The Eliminator, in a level 3 Volvo V60 Polestar, and I placed 1/49. The trick is that when you are preparing for the final race (you cannot challenge other players anymore), you may want to bet for a 'right' direction, aka the finish point. At this time it's fine to drive out of the zone a little bit. If you bet right, you will have a perfect head start for this final stretch(this strategy is also suitable for the HEADS UP achievement, which I didn't get yet). The finish point is usually located at the middle of the map.
    This 2nd time I won I was in a Audi RS6 '03. As I said, try to guess for a direction and gun it when there's like 20 secs left. However, you may either win easily or come dead last...

    edit: since a hot fix is out now, this approach may not work anymore. After the final zone has been settled, drive out of it can be very dangerous cause the bar will go up really fast. A new possible way is that guess the final destination(as usual) and wait at the very edge of the zone. When the final countdown ended, just gun it.
  • SilentJay76SilentJay76447,078
    16 Dec 2019 27 Dec 2019 15 Jan 2020
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    I know the guide is a bit long, but it's hard to put this into bullet points. wink

    If you want this achievement, I'd suggest concentrating only on this. Ignore the other achievements (grinding head-to-head wins, car pickups) until you've managed to win a game. (Or the other way around.)

    Get to the final showdown:
    Pretty easy. Stay near the outside of the arena, just inside the circle, and let the other players battle it out in the middle of the map. Drive around near the edge of the circle and grab car upgrades you come across. (Off-road cars are usually your best bet.)

    Keep an eye on your mini-map. If you see someone coming towards you, try to avoid them by going off-road or into a forest. Keep in mind that head-to-heads usually finish towards the center of the arena from where you are. Face the right direction and be ready to race in case you do get challenged. (You won't always be able to avoid it.) If challenged, gun it immediately - don't wait until the destination pops up. If you're facing the right direction you'll almost always get a nice head-start on your opponent this way.

    With this strategy I make it to the final showdown at least 50% of the time (when not grinding car pickups or head-to-heads.)

    Final Showdown:
    Final Showdown starts when there are 12 players left (sometimes less, depending on circumstances.)

    When there are about 20 players left, open the map to see where the final ring will be. The finish is usually towards the center of the entire map from where the final circle is (with rare exceptions.) When there are about 15 players left, make your way to a road which lead towards the expected finish, but still avoid other players. (If the final ring is in the middle of the map, you'll just have to guess. But usually it'll be towards the edge somewhere.)

    When the countdown starts, make your way close to the edge of the arena (facing your expected finish.) With about 10 seconds to go, start accelerating towards the barrier and time it so that you break through it about 3-4 seconds before the countdown ends. You can survive outside of the ring for about 5 seconds - take advantage of it! Adjust your course once you can see the final destination and go for it.

    (If someone challenges you with 13 or 14 players left, remember that head-to-heads are cancelled when the countdown starts. Your best bet is to just ignore it, get in position for the final and hope that someone else gets eliminated before you. If you race a head-to-head at this point you'll likely be out of position with no chance of winning anyway! It's annoying but can happen. Remember that it doesn't matter whether you finish 13th or 2nd here. You have to win.)

    The rest is largely luck based, I'm afraid. But if you guessed the right direction you'll have a good chance! Keep in mind that supercars are terrible off-road. Stick to the streets if you can. In an off-road car, anything goes.

    Check the map occasionally if you can (on a straight road or field) and keep an eye on the best route, avoiding lakes etc.. Try not to hit any trees (or walls around towns, etc.) and you'll get that win eventually!

    Sometimes other people will also guess right, obviously. But I've been in final showdowns where no one else was even near me. They all tend to cluster together. With a little luck they're all on the other side of the arena and you get a massive head-start.

    Don't play this game mode when you're frustrated. It's a battle royale. People will try to eliminate you - that's the whole point of the game. Don't get too upset about it. Remember there are up to 71 other players who want to win (and don't know or care about your achievement hunting!)

    If you want the "Heads Up" achievement for winning without picking up any car drops, you can always try to challenge a higher level car early on, try to win, and then sit back and wait for the final. But it's probably going to make it a lot harder / more frustrating. Winning in the starting Mini is tough unless you get really lucky.

    Lastly, if there's anything I can do to improve the guide, please let me know in the comments. Please don't downvote just because you didn't win first time. This is simply a guide, not a guarantee. It will likely still take you several attempts to win a game.
  • vinzladouillevinzladouille231,409
    22 Dec 2019 22 Dec 2019
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    se 23/12/19 the time you can stay outside the area has been reduced and when you arrive in the last square (12 players) you can not leave the circle before the end of the countdown otherwise you are eliminated
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