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The Eliminator

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The Eliminator

Heads Up achievement in Forza Horizon 4

Heads Up

Win a game of The Eliminator without acquiring any Car Drops.

Heads Up0
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This achievement may unlock after the requirements have been met or not at all.

How to unlock the Heads Up achievement

  • xDAKxxDAKx
    13 Dec 2019 13 Dec 2019 16 Jan 2021
    They have patched the original stragegy. An updated guide with some tips on how to do this post-update is below. The head-to-head bug has also been patched.

    Thanks to all the players who offered additional info/tips/experiences etc for the old guide. If was fun while it lasted ;)

    ****** Map ******

    I made a map cataloguing a number of start and end locations for the final showdown. It's colour coded and numbered to make it as accessible as possible for everyone.!AnF_pprqYcCrmYJccuPL_isMqAj7mg

    These aren't all locations, they are all that I could remember. Also to note, some aren't exact but still in the right general area.

    If you know where orange ends let me know and if you encounter one that isn't on the map let me know (XBL screen of the final arena/circle and showdown end point) and I can update it.

    In my experience these locations are set and do not have multiple end locations but I could be wrong. I even think head-to-heads have set end locations as well but are impossible to predict because of the many, many variables. I've had several head-to-heads ending in the exact same location.

    ****** 16/01/21 ******
    Important comment from x1001x Puppys

    "Just a comment about your map, they have changed a lot of the ending areas and finale locations. Out of the 20ish times I reached the finale, only #7 seems to still be 100% accurate (I got this twice, and used it to win, so big thank you for it). The rest are slightly different, and I had at least 10 unique finales."

    It seems that they've randomised it or added more end locations. Just try and keep end points in mind from where the final showdown starts.

    ****** New Strategy ******

    This method can be stacked with the "Last Car Standing" achievement.
    Forza Horizon 4Last Car StandingThe Last Car Standing achievement in Forza Horizon 4 worth 129 pointsWin a game of The Eliminator.

    This can also be stacked with Pacifist but it is much harder to do now and requires a lot more luck. Many players have achieved this post update.
    Forza Horizon 4PacifistThe Pacifist achievement in Forza Horizon 4 worth 62 pointsSurvive until the Final Showdown in a Level 1 car.


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    This achievement might still be a bit buggy post-update, if you completed the requirements and the achievement didn't unlock, try dashboarding and restarting Horizon 4, it's said that this will trigger the achievement to unlock.

    Just a side note, when this mode ends up dying, you could probably jump into a game with a super low population and get it then. Might be a viable alternative in the future if you're having trouble with it. Or maybe they'll actually support it and make it fun with fun limited events where everyone has the same car only or everyone gets level 10 cars or something. Fingers crossed they support it and have fun things like that. (But hopefully they don't add anymore achievements amirite?)


    These are the steps/flow to the game that I take to get to the Final Showdown, the final race to determine the winner.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    The Final Showdown

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Tips for unbreakable objects

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    If you're successful you'll have gotten probably now the hardest, achievements in this DLC.

    Tips and experiences from other players

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    I'd recommend still reading the tips and experiences of other players in the old guide and comments. There are still some relevant info there and some of their experiences might give you the confidence you need to do it and/or might give you an idea of your own to win this thing.

    ****** Old *Patched* Strategy ******
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Let me know how you go. If you've any comments/adjustments/questions for this guide add it to the comments and I'll try and answer any questions you have.

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    shadowninja25I got this just a couple of days ago and I found that searching later at night (10pm EST or later) resulted in getting smaller matches (anywhere between 6-20 people), whereas my one daytime match that I attempted found 26 people. MOST of them later at night end up being in the 12-16 range. No matter how many people are there at the start, and no matter how many people are in the final showdown, it's still highly luck based.
    Posted by shadowninja25 on 15 Jan at 18:33
    KaiserEnzo666It's insane how difficult this is, but i got it anyways. I've been non stop playing for around 4 hours straight and failed multiple showdowns. My biggest tip is that get at least a lvl 6 car as i did with the bowler exr or anything fast enough to maintain speed and tempo with the other players as they most likely have lvl 8-10 cars at this point. Maybe if youre good and lucky enough you can do this with the mini which also unlocks the Pacifist achievement. Anyways, biggest tip at the final showdown is to look at the final circle and assume the showdown destination is at the other side of the map.
    Posted by KaiserEnzo666 on 21 Jan at 07:54
    TheLungZNope. Achievements like this that will always prevent me from getting 100% completion.

    Edit; upvoting guide for your patience and willingness to help anyone crazy enough to do it!
    Posted by TheLungZ on 02 Apr at 22:41
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  • Dr MartyDr Marty
    10 May 2020 10 May 2020 14 Jul 2022
    Double Boxing strategy for that extra bit of power
    The following advice will only make this achievement a bit easier. It is not a fool proof way of getting this achievement. Sorry, there is no easy way to get this achievement.

    I was so close to winning the Eliminator many times, just to see a level 8-10 car pass me on the last stretch, while I was scooting along in a level 3. So I decided to double box this achievement.
    Of course, you can also have friends help you with this. The more people help you, the higher your chances of winning this awful achievement. It is not a sure win, but it will give you that extra edge.

    Here is what I did (and this worked on the second try):
    1. Join a convoy with your dummy.
    2. Search for Eliminator at the same time. There are never any full lobbies, so you will definitely end up in the same game.
    3. Spawn in close to each other. (Sometimes you can't see each other from the beginning of the round. However, trust me, you are in the same Eliminator game. I think it has to do with the game not showing you every single opponent from the start)
    4. Hide your main account. And hope that it will stay safe for a while. Usually, opponents are so scarce early on that no one will find you.
    5. Go car drop hunting with your secondary account. Get something nice, like a level 6-7. Car drops become more frequent as the round progresses. If you can't find a drop immediately, keep searching. They also contain better cars later on in the round.
    6. When you've acquired a nice car with your dummy, challenge your main account and lose on purpose. Voila, you have a level 6 and above car without much hassle.

    If you do this with a level 6 car and above you also unlock:
    Forza Horizon 4UnderdogDr MartyThe Underdog achievement in Forza Horizon 4 worth 79 pointsEliminate a car at least 5 levels higher than you in a Head-to-Head race.

    7. From this point on it depends again on luck and your driving skill. But mostly luck. >> You will have to survive until the end, guess the correct direction and win against the others. Hopefully they'll hug a few trees on the way and YOU ARE THE ELIMINATOR!

    Good luck! You will need it...
    Guys guys... I never said this would be easy. If you don't get it the first try, please try again. Lol
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    Dr MartyLike I said, car drops become more frequent and have better cars in them a bit later into the round. I found good level 5 and 6 cars with my dummy. The round that I actually got the achievement in, I found a level 7 car with my dummy.

    But you're completely right: This thing is still luck based, even after you get a good car.
    Posted by Dr Marty on 31 Mar 21 at 15:19
    ZaveGaming87Looking to get this terrible achievement it will most likely be the only achievement left that I need In the whole game. I will help anyone who is interested, if we can get a few people together to try get this it would be awesome. Message me on XBL gamertag TB x UNR34L

    Cmon guys let's get this done ✌
    Posted by ZaveGaming87 on 02 Oct 21 at 19:40
    Piyi PiyiEven with double box, I can't win. Now that most of the players play for win, it's more difficult than when the achievement went live.

    So unless the game has fewer players, I'll stop trying. But if someone else want to try, send me a message on Xbox (until mid march because game pass expires)
    Posted by Piyi Piyi on 01 Mar at 15:27
  • HTP ProXyHTP ProXy
    Locked 02 Oct 2021 02 Oct 2021
    Boosting strategy

    I already took place in some boosting sessions - most of them aren‘t really boosting sessions and everyone just tries to get this achievement the normal way. There is no need to do boosting sessions when you aren‘t really boosting!

    So here are a few advices to improve boosting. Please take care that I will ignore others achievements here, even if they can be combined with „Heads up“.

    - First of all: the are no private servers. You will have to get this achievement on the standard servers so you will have to race against other players. Try to avoid them as long as possible.
    - There is no way to ensure that everyone joins the same Eliminator session. The best way is to start searching for a Eliminator game at the same time. Communication is the key. Just compare the player count as soon as you found a game!
    - The best way is to boost one player per Eliminator game. This player should get a decent car to have better chances winning the final race - without getting a car from a car drop. Getting better cars by winning head to head is fine! So the best way is to „gift“ a decent car to this player doing head to head and let him win. Stay away from players that are not part of your boosting session!
    - All boosting players in the session should start near the same location, so they can start head to head with the boosted player quickly. It is recommend to start on one side of the map and avoid other players whenever possible. Right when the game starts everyone should look out for decent car drops (level 6 and above). If the boosted player finds a good drop he can still call another player in the boosting session to pick it up. As soon as one player got a decent car he should start doing head to head with the boosting player and let him win, after the race the car can be selected by the winner. After the race the boosted player should decide if he wants to stay with this car until the final race or get another one by doing more head to head races. This is where all other boosting players can help! Just start another head to head - every time the boosted player wins he is able to improve his car by getting a car at least one level above the current level (up to max level 10)
    - Each time the boosted player is doing a head to head he will have to leave the location where his boosting partners are. It is recommend that all other players try to stay near him, because he will most likely have to win more head to heads to improve his car - so try to stay together!
    - There will be other players in the game and most of them will try to race you. Try to avoid them as good as possible! You will be save when you are within a head to head with a partner, but do not try to stay in the race for too long or the game will drop players.
    - If the boosted player got a decent car for the final race everyone from the boosting session who is still alive, should try to stay alive. Try to hide and keep away from everyone! This way the number of real opponents in the final race can be kept as low as possible. When the final race starts the remaining boosting partners can still help by trying to slow other players down.

    Most times you will still get beaten by other players - do not worry and start the next Eliminator game. I recommend to boost another player after every game - no matter if he was successful or not.

    Good luck (and sorry for my bad english)
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    ZaveGaming87Looking to get this terrible achievement it will most likely be the only achievement left that I need In the whole game. I will help anyone who is interested, if we can get a few people together to try get this it would be awesome. Message me on XBL gamertag TB x UNR34L

    Cmon guys let's get this done ✌
    Posted by ZaveGaming87 on 02 Oct 21 at 19:37
    zecarecaThis achieve is more terrible that when u need just to win in a simple car..... MINI.....there is some player when race against whit lvl10 car and past a mini .....lolol i past a we need only the achive angry let the MINI win
    Posted by zecareca on 30 Nov 21 at 19:54
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