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Loot at least one of each Regular, Premium, Tactical and Royale freezers in one battle

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Achievement Guide for Hoarder

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    Dumbest achievement award for the decade goes to...

    Regardless, I can offer a few tips that may make this achievement a little easier to get.
    One thing to note prior to reading this is YOU must be the one to open all the fridges. I don't know if you have to be the one to completely open a fridge or if you need to open it once. I wouldn't risk testing it so open it completely if possible.

    To provide some context as to what you are looking for, here are some descriptions of the fridges required for the achievement.
    Regular Fridge
    - The most common fridge. It is all white and drops mainly plated foods.
    Premium Fridge
    - All red fridge. Rarer than the Regular fridge, but offers similar loot of much higher quality.
    Tactical Fridge
    - I have heard debates as to which fridge is rarer, the Tactical or the Royale. I honestly can't tell you which one I've seen more or less. But with that said, they both are exceedingly rare. You can go multiple games without finding either of them. This fridge has a green camouflage pattern. Typically, it'll drop a great weapon and high tier armor.
    Royale Fridge
    - This fridge presents itself as black and gold. It drops often times an uberpan, big meals, sometimes weapons, and utility items.

    There is also and orbital fridge, however it appears the devs have offered some mercy as you do not need this fridge for the achievement.

    As for tips, I only have a few ideas for you to go off with, but I hope that they help in some way.

    - Don't go for all the fridges every single match. You will make the game unbearably frustrating to play and then burn yourself out on it. This along with the 100 hours of playtime achievement make this game more of an endurance test then a testament to skill. So have as much fun as you possibly can with the game!

    - I said that you shouldn't go for fridges every game. So the matches to go for fridges are ones where you find a Tactical or Royale fridge within the beginning stages of a match. I also would suggest to go for fridges if you are the first team to spawn into the match. This gives you the best chance out of anybody in the lobby to find the fridges.

    - Play squads. About every achievement in this game is easier in squad matches and this is no different. I don't think that the rate of fridge spawns differs from solos in any way, but in squads you can have a whole squad helping you look for fridges rather than just yourself. If you are playing with randoms or a looking for group, I would simply tell your team mates that you are going for the fridge challenge and so if they find a fridge shout it out so you can open it and they can have all the loot.

    - This should be one that everyone to assume, but for the sack of having it in this guide: STAY FOR THE WHOLE GAME AND DO NOT LEAVE IT EARLY! Only leave if you die or win. Don't manually leave mid-game.

    This is all I have for you at the moment, sorry! Of course this achievement is more RNG than anything, but I do believe that you can most definitely have this before the 100 hours of playtime. Lastly, if you do this achievement and it doesn't unlock upon the match ending, simply restart the game. Sometimes the tracker doesn't work correctly and resetting it fixes it. If you did it then check your challenges in game to make sure that you truly have done it.

    Best of luck!
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