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War Machine

Get at least one hit with each weapon in one battle: rifle, assault rifle, SMG, shotgun, semi-auto

War Machine+16.5
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    War Machine

    This achievement requires you to get one hit marker (x) with each weapon type in the game.

    Things to note:

    MG42, Browning LMG don't count towards hits.
    Pistols as far as I'm aware do NOT count as a Semi-auto weapon. Must be done with one of the Semi-auto rifles.

    You can hit the same enemy with different guns.

    This achievement is very RNG based as gun spawn locations change every new match.
    The gun I'd get out of the way first would be the bolt-action manual rifle as it can be a pain in the ass to hit someone. Another way to get an easy kill with this is to down an enemy player then shoot them while they are crawling.

    Don't forget to check dead enemies bodies as they may be carrying a gun you need.

    Defiantly possible solo. But done better with a squad. In squads you can have team mates loot for the guns you need and keep hold of them for you until you need a hit with the next gun. For example if you find a shotgun and SMG, get your team member to find a semi-auto and Assault rifle etc. Then when you get your hits, swap weapons

    Assault rifles are by far the most difficult to come across. These can be found in small numbers around the map. Mexico map (Desert) is by far the best map for these assault rifles as of the last update they added M1A1s and AKMs to the battlefield.

    Etza on the Mexico map is a great place to find a chunk of these weapons. I'd only head there if your close. A tactical fridge has a chance of spawning on one of the larger pyramids in Etza. Tactical fridges usually have assault rifles inside them.

    On the Normandy map (snow) I found assault rifles spawned more commonly in bunkers in certain locations around the map.


    Assault rifles:
    M4A1 carbine
    Steyer AUG A1 (Tactical/Orbital Fridge only)

    Winchester Model 1912
    M30 luftwaffle drilling
    Browning auto 5
    Ithaca 37

    Submachine guns:
    M3 SMG
    Beretta M38
    Sten Mk II
    PPD 34/38
    HK UMP45
    M1A1 Thompson
    MP 35
    MP 40

    Rifles (Manuals):
    m1903 Springfield
    M1917 Enfield
    Mosina M91

    Semi-auto rifles:
    Gewehr 41
    AVS 36
    SVT 40
    M1941 Johnson rifle
    M1 Garand
    M1 carbine

    New guns (Not sure what these class as):
    PTRS 41
    pzb 39
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