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Combo Master

Attain a 30 hit combo

Combo Master+0.2
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How to unlock the Combo Master achievement

  • BillJones0302BillJones0302547,986
    03 Mar 2009 30 Mar 2009 30 Aug 2013
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    I experienced better results during Bolt's boss battle with Calico. Once you inflict enough damage on him, he will go to his healing machine (two on the level). Attack him while he is healing by repeatedly pressing X (3-5 times), then attack him with Bolt's laser vision (LB) and hold the button. He will push you away. Wait until he is healing again, rinse and repeat. The combo count will continue despite being hit and the achievement will unlock when your count reaches 30 (during the fight).

    Edit: "Go straight from hitting "X" to hitting "LB" and DO NOT land on the ground, it will take about 30 seconds". Special thanks to Im the Lorax

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    True DeliriousMight seem like it doesn't work but if you time when he jumps be ready for when he lands and start hitting him them for about 10X combo then press LB you'll be put of the way of his blast radious
    Posted by True Delirious on 09 Nov 19 at 23:02
    True DeliriousIncase anyone is needing a visual representation of the Calico method
    Posted by True Delirious on 09 Nov 19 at 23:03
    Brett Evans15Hey you guys, guess what. I use this level is Pound For Pound. I got a few tries to hit 30 combos but it takes a little couple minutes and finally, I got the achievement popped is Combo Master. It did worked for me. I got it finally for me.
    Posted by Brett Evans15 on 24 Jan at 03:50
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    08 Jul 2011 08 Jul 2011
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    Go the cheat options, tip on the digipad:

    left, left, up, right for Unlimited Laser Eyes (Don´t disable achivement)

    Then go to the level "Ruffin it" and then activate cheat in the pause menu. Run to the first enemy encounter and kill all enemys till a fat one with mines in his hands appear. Kill his two buddys and then:

    Attack him with "X" till he blocks, now use laser eyes with "LB" (or RB i forgot sry) and than you get a "hit" attack fast with "X" "X" again then "LB", then continue till you climb up to 30 hits. Sometimes Bolt fall of (glitchy attacks) and the counter go to zero. Don´t give up, it works.
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    MinorGropeWorked perfect! Thanks. I would like to add my rhythm was x,x instantly LB pause half a second then repeat.
    Posted by MinorGrope on 06 Sep 14 at 23:49
    twerkingcoyotesPerfect! This was literally the last achievement I was missing lmao
    Thank you so much for sharing this!
    Posted by twerkingcoyotes on 18 Oct 18 at 06:13
    SDREW44Worked 1st try! Thanks! smile
    Posted by SDREW44 on 21 Aug 19 at 07:10
  • Arsenal MegaArsenal Mega229,256
    04 Oct 2019 04 Oct 2019 04 Oct 2019
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    I want to clarify some aspects about the Calico Boss solution.

    The good thing is that if done right, you can get a 30x combo in the final Calico boss battle pretty easy. The bad thing though is that if you don't know what to do, it seems impossible and you ask yourself what the hell the others were thinking when they suggested Calico to get the 30x combo.

    I had trouble because the solutions were not specific enough and I could not make it work on my own. It only worked when I looked in the comments and Eric Filtro pointed out the key component of the solution. To save others a headache, I will write the strategy and how the solution by BillJones0302 is intended to work.
    And thanks do Eric Filtro, you saved my day with your 2 cents. =)

    The key to the strategy:

    After you destroy the machine Calico is standing on, you will fight him in person. Calico has the ability to heal himself when he receives enough damage, and he will do so.

    When he starts healing, he will kind of jump up high in the air (or vanish, whatever) and appear before a transformator (the machine with the blue rings or coils), there he pulls electricity from the machine to heal himself.

    The special thing about it is that for some reason, be it a developer oversight or not, your combo does not reset when he jumps up to heal. So if you manage to do a 9x combo and he jumps to heal, that 9x will stay and when you attack him again it will continue from 9x until you get hit again or touch the ground.

    It only works when Calico jumps to heal, and with nothing else. If you attack him and he jumps to heal himself, your combo is saved, even if you touch the ground! However, if you get hit or you touch the ground for an other reason than Calico jumping, your combo is lost.

    The strategy to get the achievement:
    We will exploit that little 'glitch' and do the following. We try to combine three sequences into one move and with that the achievement is yours. The three sequences are:

    1. You have to attack Calico in a way that he jumps for healing before he counters your strike. Look at his health bar and remember when he is about to jump. Then figure out how much damage you can do before you get countered by Calico.

    Damage him to a certain degree, then pull of a combo that should have about 13x. As a attack pattern I recommend attacking 3 times with cn_X and then switching to laser eyes with cn_LB. During your attack, you must stay in the air and can not touch the ground until Calico jumps away, so you must shoot your laser beams while Bolt is hanging in the air.

    If done right, you pull off a 13x combo and Calico jumps away to heal in the last moment. This way your combo is saved and Bolt lands on the ground without losing the combo.

    2. Calico jumps and turns his attention to the transformator to draw electricity. When he lands you attack immediately, don't wait!

    3. The moment he lands, attack him with 3 times cn_X again and than keep cn_LB pressed, while you are in the air of course, during the attack you can't touch the ground again. Bolt will shoot him with laser beams while Calico heals himself. Like this you can rack up the combo without Calico countering you until he is healed up again. You can get about an additional 20x combo like this.

    In short, attack Calico and do a 13x combo with cn_X and cn_LBuntil he jumps to heal. Then wait when he has landed in front of the transformator, and attack him again with cn_X then cn_LB fo additional 20x combo to get your 30x combo achievement.

    Test it out and you should figure out how the tactic is supposed to work.

    It is important to have enough combos in the first step, or else you will undershoot the 30x combo during your third step. In the third step you can do about 20x combos before Calico counters again, which resets your combo completely. So get enough combos in the first step and try again if you don't, the third step won't work when the first step is not done right.

    Good luck guys!
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