Are You Not Entertained? achievement in Darksiders Genesis

Are You Not Entertained?

Achieve a score of 70,000 or higher in the arena.

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How to unlock the Are You Not Entertained? achievement

  • RenattoooRenattooo394,936
    17 Aug 2020 19 Aug 2020 03 Sep 2020
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    For this, You need to reach 70.000 points in Arena and it's only possible in Endless mode. To unlock this mode You need to finish Arena 16-20 maps first. If you reach 70.000 points you can "End Arena mission" in the menu WITH THE SCORE YOU HAVE!

    As at the comments at the other guide mentioned, the biggest problem is the game keep crashing. After several attempts and freeze, I made a hard reboot as "UnmatchedBrace" (hold power off button for ~10 secs) and as "Oathiel" recommended there, I turned off the "Blur" in the settings and the font size was on default for me. I did not reinstall the game.

    After those - at first try - I could reach 70.000+ points at wave 74.

    Luck or else?! I don't know, just want to tell how I got it finally... dance

    So for the waves and setup:

    You can get 2 EXTRA Major Core slots, if collected all parts of the Abyssal armor (5-5) for both characters. I got only one as you can see, there is the "Moloch" core. If you don't have any, you can put this to somewhere, but keep the "Match Bonus".

    Most of the Major core should be at level 3. For Belial, Moloch (and Mammon >> see below) just simply play again their level (only a boss fight) and you will get 1 core for each win. For Hollowed Fiend core you can play the first level again, but that's a whole level... I couldn't get Moloch & Belial core elsewhere.

    I killed Wicked Killington 3 times, so I got Wicked Willington core for lvl 3 and with this every killed enemy explodes with 6m radius with heavy damage. It helps a lot.

    You can check my guide for that here:

    Darksiders GenesisSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Darksiders Genesis worth 52 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    If you want to farm souls you, can do it on level 6 Mammon boss fight, it's around 1-2 mins and you can get 8-9k souls (2-3k souls + Mammon core >> 5-6k souls for it if you are on lvl 3 of that, but sometimes does not appear).
    For farming use these cores for extra souls:
    Minor core - Void Magus +5-15% souls
    Minor core - Ghoul +5-15% souls
    Major core - Mammon +2-8% souls

    Here is a video (it's faster because I'm almost 1500):

    So If you are ready for the Arena - I recommend to try this at least 1300+ - here are my tips:

    Always run around and dash (evade) if necessary.
    Use the clones (LB + X). They distract the enemy, so they attack them, not you, so you can attack them safely from behind.
    I bought the "Vessel of undying" 50k souls + 15 coins. It's an "auto-healer", just in case, if you have souls.
    For the secondary weapon the Static is quite good, mostly for hordes.
    Keep 1-2 wrath bar (clones for distract) and the Anarchy Form for the 5th rounds (5-10-15th...) those are Boss fights.
    While in Anarchy form use X or Y, not the gun. Because with X-Y you can hit more enemies at once.
    If you die with one character, with the other keep running around and try to stay alive for 20 seconds to revive the other character.

    Check these videos how it should work:

    Today I tried to go as far as I can - or as far as let me go without crash -, so I saved (a video for the records) after every 5th round. Unfortunately at 107 "dashboarded" me :( . Here is the last video:


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    Serge GoujonWhat do you mean by "I was saving the game every 5 waves"?! If you are really can save whenever you wish, I don't understand all the whining-commotion :) about how hard it is to get the achievement.

    I mean I did it in one sitting, just turned off motion blur as someone has suggested, but it did freeze on me three times in a row (wave 70 one time :) before that. But If I knew I can backout, saving the progress I would do the same Renatooo did. Awesome point!

    And you guys don't need any videos to beat this arena. Just get all Major orbs to level 3 and use them. I believe 1539 Power is the max at this moment. I think they wanted to do the DLC at some point, but still haven't made up their minds since.
    Posted by Serge Goujon on 03 Sep 20 at 09:13
    RenattoooSerge Goujon Sorry my mistake. Of course, you can not save! I meant to say saved a video after each 5th round. Thanks, fot the heads up, I change it in the text.
    Posted by Renattooo on 03 Sep 20 at 10:09
    Xbrax XwiroxWhat I also did was I lowered the gamespeed to 50% at the options!
    It's like playing in slow-motion, but I was able to reach 70.000 points without the game crashing!
    Posted by Xbrax Xwirox on 24 Jan at 07:41
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  • Sensei NeoSensei Neo1,254,994
    29 Feb 2020 29 Feb 2020 12 Aug 2020
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    *edit - can we please stop down-voting for the game crashing. That's slightly out of my control

    You can get 70k in the 'infinite / final' arena, which is unlocked by completing arenas 15-20 (no previous arenas are required).

    We got 70,000 on wave 74 and it wasn't hard. Took about 40mins i think.

    I expect its easier in co-op as if you die, you will respawn in 20 seconds as long as your partner is still alive.

    Hope this helps.
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    ElectricDemonicHey Everyone... the crashes happened to me 3 times and on the 4th time I lost power due to a lightning storm while at 68k. Turn off 'Motion Blur' under the graphic settings. I have not had any issues since and you can put it back after you get the achievement.
    Posted by ElectricDemonic on 08 Sep 20 at 02:24
    WhyattThrashElectricDemonic I had motion blur off the entire time, I don’t think that matters. Could be that your hard reset of the console due to the lightning storm freed up some memory somehow (the issue is likely a memory leak).
    Posted by WhyattThrash on 08 Sep 20 at 16:35
    Patt3rsonIf you're struggling to get this Achievement because the game keeps crashing on you, try playing it over xCloud (requires Game Pass Ultimate).

    I made several attempts on my Series X, and while turning off motion blur did seem to postpone the crash a little bit, it would still crash way before I got to 70,000 points.

    I unlocked the Achievement in my first xCloud attempt, getting above 70,000 around wave 73 and then choosing End Arena from the pause menu.
    Posted by Patt3rson on 08 Jan at 09:18
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