Wicked Killington achievement in Darksiders Genesis

Wicked Killington

Face the Trickster himself, Wicked Killington.

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How to unlock the Wicked Killington achievement

  • RenattoooRenattooo394,939
    16 Aug 2020 19 Aug 2020 20 Aug 2020
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    To open the door to the Final Boss - Wicked Killington, first you have to open all 12 Trickster door in the game.

    I killed him with this setup:

    The "Wicked Killington" & "Jailer" major cores are useless against him, so you can change them for a + Attack/Health power Like Leviathan/Legion Boltsplitter or Legion Shieldbearer.

    You can get 2 EXTRA Major Core slots, if collected all parts of the Abyssal armor (5-5) for both characters. I got only one as you can see, there is the "Moloch" core. If you don't have any put this core to the "Jalier" slot.

    Most of the Major core should be at level 3. For Belial, Moloch (and Mammon >> see below) just simply play again their level (only a boss fight) and you will get 1 core for each win. For Hollowed Fiend core you can play the first level again, but that's a whole level... I couldn't get Moloch & Belial core elsewhere.

    If you want to farm souls you can do it on level 6 Mammon boss fight, it's around 1-2 mins and you can get 8-9k souls (2-3k souls + Mammon core >> 5-6k souls for it if you are on lvl 3 of that, but sometimes does not appear).
    For farming use these cores for extra souls:
    Minor core - Void Magus +5-15% souls
    Minor core - Ghoul +5-15% souls
    Major core - Mammon +2-8% souls

    Here is a video (it's faster because I'm almost 1500):

    So If you are ready for the boss fight - I recommend to try this at least 1300+ - here are my tips:

    Always run around.
    When hear the funny sound or see the Red/Yellow flashing on him immediately dash (evade) 2-3x.
    Use the clones (LB + X). Most of the time Wicked will attacks them, not you, so you can shoot him from the back. In my video he attacks me, but 10/9 he's not... If he attacks you, not the clones, just start again the fight, that way much easier.
    I bought the "Vessel of undying" 50k souls + 15 coins. It's an "auto-healer", just in case, if you have souls.
    For the secondary weapon the Static is quite good.
    If he's throwing his hat (75-50-25% health), he is invulnerable, don't waste your Anarchy form for this, so start after it or if you are on low health.

    So here is my video:

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  • SweptbackFlameSweptbackFlame441,400
    20 Dec 2020 20 Dec 2020 20 Dec 2020
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    Want to add a little cheese method to make things a little easier.

    When you are using Strife stay close to the edge while shooting him and when he attacks, evade 2 to 3 times and when he stands near the edge switch to War run up to Wicked K and use his Wrath ability with the spikes coming out of the ground to throw him off the edge. It will cause him to have considerable fall damage each time and takes less time to actually kill him.

    I beat him 2nd try after i figured out I could do this.

    You'll still have to fight him regardless even if you have all wrath slots used up. But still makes it a bit easier in the long run
  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade959,704
    28 Feb 2020 07 Mar 2020 07 Mar 2020
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    In this video guide I will show you how to defeat Wicked Killington. Before you attempt this I would recommend beating the game on Apocalyptic first. So you have some of your creature cores upgraded more. You will need pretty much most of your upgrades as well to make this easier. Finally I would say you need at least a power of 1,300 to make this not a complete headache.

    Now the trick to winning is to make sure you have Tidehunter Shamen core on and any other core that will help build Wrath, Hot Streak, Wrath Duration, and Hot Streak Duration. Other good ones would be Health Increase, Attack Increase, and ones that help out Strife. You will be using Strife and shooting from a distance to build up Hot Streak. Then use either Beam Shot or Charge Shot when Hot Streak is active. They seem to do the most damage on a single enemy. Keep doing this until you can use your ultimate ability. This will bring him down quite a bit. Now keep doing this until he is dead. Achievement will pop once he dies.

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    Rashaka1Is this achievement broken? Won't pop for some reason....
    Posted by Rashaka1 on 17 Aug 20 at 03:51
    SuperfineNose59nope i got it last night.
    Posted by SuperfineNose59 on 17 Aug 20 at 12:21
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