Legends of the Sea

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Legends of the Sea

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Tome of Fire Collector

Sell all 5 Tomes of Fire.

Tome of Fire Collector-5.2
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How to unlock the Tome of Fire Collector achievement

  • xxDAMRONxxxxDAMRONxx609,277
    05 Feb 2020 09 Mar 2020 09 Mar 2020
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    Ahoy Maties! The Dawn of Don has an excellent text guide above, so refer to that for a lot of details, but I want to share with you a way to get ALL of the Ashen Tomes (Resurrection, Fire, Curses, and Power) in an hour or two for FREE. With the new Chests of Rage update you can now purchase Ashen Key and Ashen Chest voyages, which many of you probably already know.

    BUT if you do this on a galleon (getting 4 for the price of 1), the amount of doubloons you gain will essentially make your net cost of getting these voyages free, and you can sit at an outpost with a galleon and three other players to grind these tombs at no cost!!!! Check the video for more details!

    Cheers! -Damron Out

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  • The Dawn of DonThe Dawn of Don335,038
    22 Jan 2020 23 Jan 2020 29 Mar 2020
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    Tomes are obtainable via Ashen Chest which require an Ashen Key to open. The tome(s) you get from a single chest are random with the exception of tomes of resurrection that you can get for completing the Molten Sands skeleton fort during the February 2020 update. There are two ways about procuring any Ashen Chest and Key.

    You can get chests from Skeleton Fleets or as a random drop from Meg or the Kraken, or some other things escaping my memory currently, and you can get keys from fishing, but I am concentrating on the ones you can farm with the smallest amount of waiting time between islands/events.

    Easy & Fast
    If you have doubloons and/or gold to spare you can go to Duke in any of the taverns in the world and purchase an Ashen Chest Stash and Ashen Key Stash voyages. These will give you a X marks the spot map for the outpost you're currently located. Dig them up and role the RNG dice.

    Check Duke's prices for yourself on the Stash voyages as Rare has been changing the price between updates as of this solution edit.
    Hard & Time Consuming
    If you want/need to save your doubloons and/or gold then sail around the world looking for skeleton captains. These will be either Ashen Guardians or Ashen Key Masters.

    Guardians drop a riddle order that you will have to complete to obtain the Ashen Chest while the Key Master drop an X marks order for the spot for the Ashen Key. The orders drop next to the Villainous Skull from the skeleton if you are having trouble locating it. Typically the orders are for the island you are located on.

    Time Saving Tips
    1. Ashen Guardians hold swords while Ashen Key Masters hold flintlock pistols. If you need keys because you have lots of chests (or vice versa) then this will let you utilize your spyglass to save you time from having to anchor or jumping off the boat to determine which Ashen captain you're looking at.

    2. Ashen Guardians and Key Masters spawn in predetermined locations on every island. The complete list of these spawn locations for each island is a long list and this text heavy solution is enough of a read as it is, so I will give one as an example.

    Cannon cove has a beach on the east side. The Ashen captain will spawn on this beach towards the south stretch of the beach.

    2.5 This is something I noticed while doing the Thieves Haven Athena Run voyage and sitting on Thieves Haven while my crew sailed to the riddle islands for 7 hours one day. The longer you remain on an island the more locations on an island Ashen and regular captains will spawn on an island. The spawns are always close or on a beach.

    3. Rare keeps changing things in the game (mostly for optimization and visual continuity between the Xbox console and PC) and at one time the Ashen Captains glowed red. Recently they seem to have removed this, or created a bug that removed this. So while you can use your spyglass to see what the skeleton on the shore is holding for a weapon, it might be a named captain or an ashen. The red glow could return in a future update.
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    21 Jan 2020 21 Jan 2020 21 Feb 2020
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    They got rid of the key voyages (hopefully they re-add them). These are RNG so it may take a while. The quickest way to get keys as of now is to sail around small islands to see if there’s a key master on shore (not to be confused with the guardian), another good way is to fish for them as the rates aren’t too bad (preferably with more people). Was able to get about 8 keys in around 1.5-2 hours (2 man sloop).

    2/20/20 Edit: they added key voyages back, as well as a key stash which you can do at an outpost for 90 doubloons , so if you have the currency, you and a squad can load up a game at any outpost and continuously buy Chest and key voyages to dig up on the same outpost , just beware there’s even more tomes now so the chances are lower and could be a heavy investment.
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