The Last Remnant achievement in The Last Remnant

The Last Remnant

You have defeated the Absolute Conqueror. Perhaps YOU are the Last Remnant...

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How to unlock the The Last Remnant achievement

  • Kev0222Kev0222154,879
    17 Apr 2009 19 May 2009
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    I was BR100 when I defeated him.

    Before you fight the main boss you have to deal with 2 sub-bosses at once. Attack the male boss first. The reason for this is that they both go beserk after a few rounds but the female one can only deadlock 1 union, so her beserk only kills on union. The male guys kills 3/4! So you'll want him dead before he goes beserk, or at least near death. Once he falls the female is easy. Just try to time it so all your unions are heathly just before she falls, because you don't get a break (or even a turn) before the Absolute Conqueror appears and attacks you instantly.

    I found a good tactic against the Absolute Conqueror is to have a couple of unions with just a single leader in. I used Rush (herbal healing) and Emmy (magic healing), Emmy turned out to be a bad choice, I should have used Pagus instead (herbal and magic healing) because it takes too long to charge up AP for the magic healing. Those two will be very resistant to the AC's area attacks that happen at the end of a lot of turns. So they can be used to heal and raise other unions and give you a 2nd chance if you make a mistake and get hit by an area attack unprepared. If they get charged by the AC he will kill them straight off though, so try to keep them out of trouble.

    Also he goes beserk at the start of some/all turns quite late in the battle. This will pretty much kill anything so don't send all your unions after him in one go once he starts going beserk. Send two, the first will die (hopefully doing at least some damage) the second will then get free hits and survive (you always get free hits when you engage an enemy union that just wiped out it's last deadlocked opponent). Next turn send another union in, the ones still in combat with die and the new union will get free hits again (rinse and repeat). Of course, sometimes he doesn't go beserk.

    Summons are brilliant too. He has a move called "War God" that got unleashed twice against me. It annihilated everyone except the summon (cyclops in my case) and one of my single leader unions. It would have been game over if the cyclops wasn't deadlocking the AC while Rush frantically raised everyone back to life. If you get a summon, keep his/her/their health up late in the battle. Raise them if they die (idially with magic like Kiss Of Life, but even getting them back with Vivication Tincture is good enough). You'll be glad when "War God" comes out.

    Good luck!

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    stefb42i found the formation trident helped a lot with this battle,combat arts +1 plus mega damage for front 3 in each group,just a shame you need to kill the lost to get it
    Posted by stefb42 on 31 Mar 11 at 20:47
    Pull ShapesJust did it on my 5th attempt!!! Managed to get about 4 hawkarangs, and Emmy's summon kept him occupied, especially after War God killed 2 of my unions and knocked the rest down to single figure health
    Posted by Pull Shapes on 05 Aug 11 at 14:35
    Lord Hanzo VIFirst try one round for the subs and 3 rounds for the main boss br 115

    Leaders i use Rush,Emmy,Torgal Caedmon
    Duke of Ghor and Baulson
    Posted by Lord Hanzo VI on 04 Jan 21 at 04:22
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  • DisguisedMikeDisguisedMike267,806
    18 Sep 2011 22 Sep 2011
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    This is a missable achievement. You need the achievement ''The Final Instance'' to face the Absolute Conqueror and unlock this one.

    I was BR121 when I defeated him.

    The method in the other guide almost worked for me but not quite. The reason why my BR was high is because I didn't really understand how to upgrade my skills until very late in the game. I think I learned my first weapon arts with Baulson and Jager between BR105-110.

    I was lucky but by using this method I got him on the first try.

    Single union method:

    The key here is to use characters that can use weapon arts, Remnants arts and Unique arts, you want a team composed of your five strongest leaders with a decent amount of HP. I had over 9000HP when I did it.

    Remember that when your are using unique arts (Omnistrike, Protection, Hundred Flowers), you have a very good chance to dodge every attacks. don't be afraid to use them even if your health is low, if you are lucky your team will dodge, but watch out for end of turn additional attacks, those can be still be dangerous, my health dropped below 500HP after one of those.

    My team was:

    Rush (Omnistrike, Protection), Dave (Ex Machina), Baulson (Heaven's Door), Emmy (Hundred Flowers), Jager (Beowulf, Schiavona)

    - Do not use summons, it might be a good tactic when using multiple unions but it's probably a bad idea to use it with a single union since it could trigger an additional attack that could hit your only union.

    Against the first two bosses, start with the big one. With the amount of HP and the strengh of your team, it shouldn't be a problem to take him out without having to heal yourself. Still if you see your HP getting low, just take a turn to ''Keep Your HP Up''. If you can, you should use this just before defeating the second boss to make sure you have enough HP for when the Absolute Conqueror arrives.

    Now time for the Absolute Conqueror, use weapons/remnants and unique arts each time you can. If your health is low be careful using weapons and remnants arts, you might be better off healing yourself before using those.

    Keep using your most powerful arts, if you don't get good options, use ''Play it by the ear''. Take time to heal yourself when you fear your HP is getting too low. Depending on the situation, if your HP is very low, you might want to get out of Deadlock to heal your team but try to avoid it so you don't lose an entire turn of attacks.

    If the Conqueror slams you with status ailments or kills someone in your union, clear your ailments as quickly as possible, unless you are given the chance to hit him with some of your most powerfull arts, then wait for the good opportunity to do it but be careful.

    When you are getting near the end of the battle, keep your HP as high as you can because you might have to absorb the Conqueror's berserk attacks and some other powerful attacks at the end of turn. A good way to avoid those is to use unique arts if you can.

    I think that while using this method, the Conqueror's most dangerous attack is probably Obliterate III, if it hits, your union will die. With some luck, he won't do this attack or you might be able to dodge this using a unique art like I did.

    Good luck!

    Here's a video (credits to TheJRPGgamer) using the single union method with a different team:
  • Bishamon11Bishamon1116,346
    11 Jan 2009 16 Feb 2009
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    The Last Remnant - 200

    For this you must beat the "Absolute Conqueror" which is the strongest form of the final boss in the game. To unlock this form you must complete every single side quest in the game (this unlocks the achievement "The Final Instance - 200"). So if you have already gotten that achievement, simply beat the AC at the end of the game and this achievement is yours.

    Here is a link of all the quests in chronological order which will help you immensely. I helped compile this list along with a few others on so enjoy.
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