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How to unlock the Nowhere to run achievement

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    Hey all.

    This will cover all 4 endings until more guides arrive.

    Having completed this I have a couple of pointers I'm sure you will appreciate before embarking on a very enjoyable/dark/strange adventure. Hopefully you see this before diving in. It's got some mild spoiler content. Before we get on to the endings.... we must first discuss...


    There are some 'collects' in the game called Transformers in the electrical power sense, which tie directly into what type of ending you will get.
    Usually seen in game as little terminals which require you to complete a puzzle to disable it. They are all like this except two of them. One of which is crushed by dropping a container onto it. And another you straight up shoot with your machine gun robot about half way through the game (it's located above eye level attached to a pipe)....

    These track in the data menu and are saved real time so be careful on that shooting one...

    Hard Drives!
    These are usually in plain sight or just sneakily off screen. You hold down a button to download the hard drive info. Now the reason I mention these are, 2 of the HDD's are exclusive to alternative playthrough types.

    Final 1 and Final 2 ending you snag HDD 10 which if I remember correctly is when you take control of the orange ball robot when you are in prison, you wheel to the right or left and it's there.
    Final 3 and Final 4 you can get HDD 11 after escaping the large walking ED-209 type thing and going through a couple of grates in the floor it is located to your right.

    Deep breath...

    ENDINGS Complete in this order!

    Playthrough 1. (Final 1)
    You should play through the entirety of the game avoiding all possible Transformers apart from story progression one which I believe appeared in chapter 34 (need to check this)

    Once you escape the prison cell, you must complete the remainder of the game without being spotted by searchlights. If they spot you they go red. There are only a few and if you get spotted. Pause, load game and reload chapter 46

    (Final 2)
    No need to restart a new game. Chapter select to 46 making sure to only have that 1 story transformer.
    This time you must be spotted by a search light and continue to the end of the game.

    Now those are out of the way you can use chapter select to your hearts content. I tried a few times to get the next couple of endings but it doesn't kick in until you have around 7 transformers collected. Just go ahead and grab these.

    (Final 3)
    You should have all transformers by now.. Load to Chapter 42 which is where the server/hacking/firewall puzzle is. You should disconnect block B-038 which is right down the bottom of the 'server' stacks below where the firewall and other ones are and then continue the story.

    (Final 4)
    You should have all transformers by now.. Load to Chapter 42 which is where the server/hacking/firewall puzzle is. Make sure block B-038 is connected/plugged in and then continue the story.


    You will be able to identify which of the two story lines you are on when you ascend the elevator in C45 (Hide), and complete the keycard puzzle to disable the room of hanging robots. An elevator to the left is where you will be heading. Options here are....
    Final 1 + 2 you will get blasted to the floor and then put in prison.
    Final 3 + 4 you will progress into the elevator and ascend unhindered.

    Apologies for the inane ramblings. It will make sense when you see this stuff in game and you'll hopefully avoid another full playthrough like what I had to do. Although it was a pleasure playing it both times. Really enjoyed this one.

    Any questions, please fire away in the comments and I'll try to help.
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    geordiedeviantAlso please let me know if I ballsed any of the chapter numbers up. This is all from memory and I'm suspicious I got the HDD numbers the wrong way around. Thx
    Posted by geordiedeviant on 23 Jan at 22:06
    LyzyrdI got Final 3 on my first run through, does that mean I have to do a completely new playthrough to get Final 1?
    Posted by Lyzyrd on 26 Jan at 21:29
    geordiedeviantI also got Final 3 on my first PT and I was unable to trigger 1+2 without starting again because of how many transformers I completed/destroyed. As I have written it out, I think once you get into a state of popping Final 3+4, it's not possible to reverse it to get the others.
    Posted by geordiedeviant on 26 Jan at 23:48
    JORDANQUAKE4so have to start a new playthrough if you hit any out of order?
    Posted by JORDANQUAKE4 on 13 May at 06:41
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